June 27, 2013

Demographic features of Andhra Pradesh - Group 1 Mains

Demographic features of Andhra Pradesh with a view into Natural and Social Advantages
Andhra Pradesh Population Census 2011 - Urban Population Overview
Census 2011 Rank:
  • Fourth largest state by area
  • fifth largest by population
  • Total polpulation of 8.47 crore inhabitants.
  • The State accounts for 7% of the country’s population.
  • Rate of Growth of population during 2001-11 which has come down to 11.1 percent compared to 14.6 percent in the previous decade 1991-2001.
  • 66.5% of the total population lives in rural areas while 33.5% live in urban areas.
  • The Sex Ratio in the State, up from 978 in 2001 to 992 in 2011, is higher than All India ratio of 940 in 2011.
  • Child Sex Ratio (CSR) remains a concern as the state has registered a decline by 18 points in CSR from 943 in the 2011 Census from 961 in 2001 Census
AP Census 2011
Literacy rates of Andhra Pradesh:
Literacy Rate in Andhra Pradesh has witnessed upward trend and is 67.66 percent as per 2011 population census. Of that, male literacy stands at 75.56 percent while female literacy is at 59.74 percent. In actual numbers, total literates in Andhra Pradesh stands at 51,438,510 of which 28,759,782 were male were and 22,678,728 female.
 Literacy rate in Andhra Pradesh stood at  60.47 percent of which male and female were 71.16 percent and 50.29 percent literate respectively in 2001.
The geographical area of the AP
  • Area: 275,045 sq km
  •  5 categories of soils spread across 9 Agro-Climatic zones.
  • 2nd longest coastline in the country with a length of 974 km.
  • The State has a Forest area of 63,814 Sq.Kms as per the Forest records, which accounts for 23.2% the total geographical area.
Socio-economic and demographic advantages of Andhra Pradesh:
  • Andhra Pradesh historically called as the "Rice Bowl of India" and continues to be the largest producer of Rice in the country.
  • Leading producer of cash crops like Tobacco, Groundnut, Chillies, Turmeric, Oilseeds, Cotton, Sugar and Jute.
  • Horticulture outputs like finest varieties of fruit like mango, grapes, guava, sapota, papaya and bananas.
  • Has witnessed development in sectors like IT and Telecom and continues to be a preferred destination in the country.
  • The State is an important tourist hub both for national and international travelers with several holy pilgrim centres, ports, rivers, beaches and hill stations.


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