February 5, 2014

Quiz 2- on General Studies for civil services and bank po exams

Quiz on General Studies for APPSC Exams

Q) The Reserve Bank of India scaled down the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth forecast for 2013-14 to what per cent from its earlier projection of 5.7% growth? 1) 5.5% 2) 5% 3)5.1% 4)5.3% 5) None of these

Q) U.S. whistle blower Edward Snowden has been granted temporary asylum by which of the following countries? 1) China 2)Australia 3)Iran 4)Iraq 5) Russia

Q) .At which of the following places RBI does not have a regional office? 1) Shimla 2) Lucknow 3) Panaji 4) Guwahati 5) Kota

Q) .'Blossoms from the Dust' is a book written by? 1) Vikram Seth 2) Barack Obama 3) R.K. Pachauri 4) Amartya Sen 5) None of these

Q) .FIFA World Cup 2018 will be organized in? 1) Brazil 2) Russia 3) Germany 4)South Africa 5) Italy

Q) .The art and science of map making is called? 1) Mapping 2) Cartography 3) Photo grammetry 4) Remote sensing 5) None of these

Q) .The exchange of commodities between two countries is called? 1) Balance of trade 2) Volume of trade 3) Bilateral trade 4) Multilateral trade 5) None of these

Q) .The National Development Council (NDC) was set up on? 1) August 6,1952 2) August 16,1950 3) April 1,1951 4) April 1,1950 5) April 1,1952

Q) .The World Habitat Day is observed every year on the? 1) Second Thursday of October 2) First Monday of October 3) Second Monday of March 4) Second Thursday of March 5) None of these

Q) .TRIPS and TRIMS are the terms associated with? 1) IMF 2) WTO 3) World Bank 4) WEF 5)None of these

Q) .Which of the following countries is not a member of G20? 1) Argentina 2) South Korea 3) Brazil 4) China 5) Iran

Q) .Which of the following is not an objective of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM)? 1) Development of urban infrastructure 2) Inclusive growth of cities 3) Provide safe drinking water 4)

Q) .Which of the following is used as a fuel in Nuclear power stations in India? 1) Tin 2) Copper 3) Thorium 4) Chromium 5) Nickel

Q) .Which of the following terms is used in the game of Football? 1) Caddy 2) Mid on 3) Love 4) Cut back 5) Long on

Q) .Which one of the following issues cannot come under the purview of the functioning of the Human Rights Commission of a country? 1) Racial discrimination 2) Treatment to Prisoners of War 3) Human Trafficking 4)

Q) .Who among the following held the post of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India? 1) L.K.Jlia 2) Usha Thorat 3) Rakesh Mohan 4) Kaushik Basu 5) Subir Gokam

Q) .With regard to RBI what is basis point? 1) One hundredth of 1% 2) One hundredth of 10% 3) Ten percent of 1000 4) Ten percent of one hundredth point 5) None of these

Q) After the First Quarter Review of Monetary Policy 2013-14, the RBI on July 30, 2013 kept the repo rate unchanged at? 1) 7% 2) 6.25% 3) 7.25% 4) 6% 5) None of these

Q) Excise Duty is levied on? 1) Agro products 2) Imported goods 3) Goods produced within the country 4) Services provided by hotels 5) All the above

Q) Rajeev Rishi took over as the Chairman and Managing Director of which of the following government Banks on August 1, 2013? 1) Bank of India 2) Indian Bank 3) Central Bank of India 4) Oriental Bank of Commerce

Q) The G 20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Meeting was held on July 20, 2013 in? 1) Mexico City 2) Moscow 3) Los Cabos 4) Saint Petersburg 5) Yekaterinburg

Q) The rate of interest charged by RBI for lending money to various commercial banks by rediscounting of the bills in India is called? 1) CRR 2)SLR 3) Bank Rate 4)Interest Rate 5) Exchange Rate Topics To Be Read

Q) The Reserve Bank of India scaled down the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth forecast for 2013-14 to what per cent from its earlier projection of 5.7% growth? 1) 5.5% 2) 5% 3)5.1% 4)5.3% 5) None of these

Q) To increase financial inclusion banks introduced? 1) Internet banking 2) Stimulus package 3) Business correspondent 4) Corporate banking 5) None of these

Q) Which of the following is regar-ded as the real founder of portugese power in India ?(A) Pedro Cabral(B) Almeida(C) Vasco da Gama(D) Alfonso de Albuquerque

Q) Which of the following is related to international trade? ---options---(A) EXIM(B) IIP(C) FPO(D) TQM

Q) Which of the following occupations is not related to tertiary economy ? (A) Transport(B) Hunting and gathering(C) Trade(D) Communication

Q) Which of the following pairs does not match ? (A) Trans Siberian Railway—Moscow to Vladivostok(B) Canadian Pacific Railway—Halifax to Vancouver(C) Orient Express Railway—Paris to Istanbul(D) Cape Cairo Railway—Warsaw to Madrid

Q) Which of the following ports is not situated at Pacific coast ? (A) Vancouver(B) Los Angeles(C) San Francisco(D) Miami

Q) Which of the following refers to ‘Pushyabhuti’ as the founder of the Vardhana dynasty ?(A) Kadambari(B) Harshacharita(C) Banskhera Inscription of Harsha(D) Yuan-Chwang

Q) Which of the following was not the Dutch factory on the Coromondel coast—' '(A) Porto Novo(B) Sadraspatam(C) Ngalwanche(D) Masulipatam

Q) Which of the following were regarded as the hub of Aryan culture during the later Vedic period ? (A) Anga, Magadh(B) Kosal, Videha(C) Kuru, Panchal(D) Matsya, Surasena

Q) Which of these is the set of principles written in the Preamble a. Integrity, Captialism, Equality, Fraternity, b. Integrity, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity c. Accountability, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, d. Polity, Liberty, Accountability, Equality

Q) Which one of the following has maximum farm-houses ? (A) India(B) United States of America(C) China(D) Japan

Q) Which one of the following inscriptions of Asoka refers to the grant of concession in land revenue to a village ? (A) Lumbini Pillar edict(B) Sarnath Pillar edict(C) Girnar Rock edict(D) Sanchi Pillar edict

Q) Which one of the following is a mining city ? (A) Kalgoorlie(B) Oxford(C) Singapore(D) Islamabad

Q) Which one of the following is a warm ocean current ? (A) Kurushio current(B) California current(C) Okhotsk current(D) Falkland current

Q) Which one of the following is an activity of the Eskimos and Lapps ? (A) Agriculture(B) Plantation agriculture(C) Hunting and fishing(D) None of these

Q) Which one of the following is an example of coral island ? (A) Ellice(B) Barren(C) Krakatao(D) Sandwich

Q) Which one of the following is not a habitat of the Santhals ? (A) West Bengal(B) Orissa(C) Jharkhand(D) Punjab

Q) Which one of the following is not an operating system of computers? ---options---(A) Sun 05(B) BSD(C) GNEXT/Linux(D) Windows NT

Q) Which one of the following pairs is correct ? (A) Concentric Zone Theory—E.W. Burgess(B) Sector Theory—Alfred Weber(C) Multi-Nuclei Theory—Homer Hoyt(D) Fused Growth Theory—Griffith Taylor

Q) Which one of the following statements about Chinese pilgrim Fa-Hien’s travel in India is not correct?(A) He came to India during the reign of Chandragupta II(B) His object was to visit the holy places of Buddhism(C) He came by the sea route(D) He visited whole India and went back to his country by the land route

Q) Which Portuguese Governor decisively defeated the Bijapur forces which advanced againt Goa ?' '(A) Albuquerque(B) Almeida(C) Cabral(D) Joa de Castro

Q) Which state of India has the highest percentage of scheduled tribe population ? (A) Mizoram(B) Nagaland(C) Meghalaya(D) Assam

Q) Which was the first work to recognise the payment of officers by grants of land ?(A) Kautilya’s Arthasastra(B) Indica of Megasthenese(C) Manusmriti(D) Harsacharita of Bana

Q) Who among the following Gupta Kings had another name Devagupta ? (A) Samudragupta(B) Chandragupta II(C) Kumaragupta(D) None of the above

Q) Who among the following Rajput rulers is known to have written a book on music ? (A) Jayachandra Gahadavala(B) Prithviraj Chauhan(C) Rana Kumbha(D) Man Singh

Q) Who among the following was a Satavahana ruler ? (a) Nahapana(b) Mahendravarman(c) Vasisthiputra Pulumayi(d) Rudradaman

Q) Who among the following was celebrated with the title of ‘Gangai-Konda’ ?(A) Rajaraja I(B) Rajendra I(C) Mahendravarman I(D) Kulottunga I

Q) Who among the following was the first to take initiative for water resource management in the Girnar region ? (A) Chandragupta Maurya(B) Asoka(C) Rudradaman(D) Skandagupta

Q) Who is known as ‘Missile Man of India’ ? (A) Arjun Singh(B) Dr. C. V. Raman(C) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam(D) H.J. Bhabha

Q) Who was elected as the 12th President of Pakistan on July 30, 2013? (He will take of flee on September 8, 2013, succeeding As if Ali Zardari) 1) Fakhruddin Ebrahim 2) Mamnoon Hussain 3) Wajihuddin Ahmed 4) Raz

Q) Who was the founder of the French East India Company ?(A) Colbert(B) De La Haye(C) Duplex(D) Dumas

Q) Who wrote 'War and Peace'? A. Leo Tolstoy B. Mahatma Gandhi C. Charles Dickens D. Kipling

Q) Winner of first Indian Olympic Individual medal

Q) World's largest producer of gold is ---options---(A) Saudi Arabia(B) USA(C) South Africa(D) Canada

Q) Youngest woman to climb Mount Everest


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