July 25, 2013

Question Hour in Indian Parliament

  • The first hour of every sitting of Lok Sabha is called the Question hour. 
  • Asking of questions in Parliament is the free and unfettered right of members.
  • It is during the Question hour that they may ask questions on different aspects of administration and Government policy in the national as well as international spheres. 
  • Every Minister whose turn it is to answer to questions has to stand up and answer for his Ministry's acts of omission or commission. 
Questions are of three types -

  1. Starred,
  2. Unstarred and
  3. Short Notice.
  • A Starred Question is one to which a member desires an oral answer in the House and which is distinguished by an asterisk mark.
  • An unstarred Quesion is one which is not called for oral answer in the house and on which no supplementary questions can consequently be asked. An answer to such a question is given in writing. Minimum period of notice for starred/ unstarred question is 10 clear days. 
  • Short Notice: If the questions given notice of are admitted by the Speaker, they are listed and printed for answer on the dates allotted to the Ministries to which the subject matter of the question pertains. 
    • The normal period of notice does not apply to Short Notice Questions which relate to matters of urgent public importance.
    • A Short Notice Question may only be answered on short notice if so permitted by the Speaker and the Minister concerned is prepared to answer it at shorter notice.
    • A Short Notice Question is taken up for answer immediately after the Question Hour. 


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