July 8, 2013

Distribution of Temperature and the Heat Zones

Temperature Zones of the Earth: The distribution of temperature is not uniform on the surface of the Earth.

  • Different temperature zones are found on the earth.
  • It goes on decreasing as we move from the Equator to the Poles.
Type of temperature Zones:

Distribution of Temperature and the Heat  Zones

Torrid Zone: The zone which lies between the Tropic of Cancer (or 23° 30' North latitude) and the Tropic of Capricorn (or 23° 30' South latitude) with the Equator in between, is known as the Tropical or Torrid Zone.
 In this zone the Sun's rays arc vertically overhead during a greater part of the year. 
  • It receives the maximum insolation.
Frigid Zones or Polar Zones: The zones which lie between the Arctic Circle (66°30" North latitude) and North Pole (90° North latitude) and the Antarctic Circle (66° 30'South latitude) and the South Pole are called the Frigid Zones or Polar Zones.
  • They receive the minimum insolation, so they are very cold.
Temperate Zones: The zones which lie in between the Tropical  Zone  and Polar zones have moderate temperature so they are called the Temperate Zones.


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