February 7, 2011

Impact of Noise Pollution - APPSC G1 Mains - Paper 4

Impacts of noise


Why bother about noise? Often neglected, noise induces a severe impact on humans

and on living organisms. Some of the adverse effects are summarized below.

· Annoyance: It creates annoyance to the receptors due to sound level fluctuations.

The aperiodic sound due to its irregular occurrences causes displeasure to hearing

and causes annoyance.

· Physiological effects: The physiological features like breathing amplitude, blood

pressure, heart-beat rate, pulse rate, blood cholesterol are effected.

· Loss of hearing: Long exposure to high sound levels cause loss of hearing. This is

mostly unnoticed, but has an adverse impact on hearing function.

· Human performance: The working performance of workers/human will be affected as

they'll be losing their concentration.

· Nervous system: It causes pain, ringing in the ears, feeling of tiredness, thereby

effecting the functioning of human system.

· Sleeplessness: It affects the sleeping there by inducing the people to become

restless and loose concentration and presence of mind during their activities

· Damage to material : The buildings and materials may get damaged by exposure to

infrasonic / ultrasonic waves and even get collapsed.


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