June 23, 2013

Calamities included under National Disaster Management Act - First Schedule List & Second Schedule for Nodal Ministries to various types of Disasters

“Disaster” means a catastrophe or calamity, resulting from natural or man made causes or by accident or negligence, which results in substantial loss of life or property, or human suffering or degradation of environment and shall include the calamities referred to in the First Schedule and does not include incidents  like riots, wars, terrorist activities, etc.
The First Schedule
Water and Climate Related Calamities
1. Flood or drainage
2. Cyclone
3. Hurricane
4. Hailstorm
5. Cloud burst
6. Heat wave
7. Cold wave
8. Drought
9. Crop failure
10. Famines
11. Sea erosion
12. Snow storm
13. Blizzard
14. Sand storm
15. Thunder or lightning
Geologically Related Calamities
16. Landslides, rock-slides or mudflows
17. Earthquakes
18. Avalanche
19. Volcanic eruptions
20. Rivers changing path
Chemical, Industrial and Nuclear Related
21. Chemical and industrial disasters
22. Nuclear disasters
Accident Related Calamities
23. Forest fires
24. Urban fires
25. Mine flooding or mine fires or mine collapse
26. Oil spill
27. Building collapse
28. Dam failures/dam bursts
29. Festival related disasters
30. Fire and electrical disasters
31. Air, road and train accidents
32. Boat capsizing
33. Village fire
Biologically Related Calamities
34. Biological disasters and epidemics
35. Pest attacks
36. Cattle epidemics
37. Food poisoning

The Second Schedule -NODAL MINISTRIES

Ministry of Agriculture
Epidemics & Biological Disasters
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Chemical Disasters
Ministry of Environment & Forests
Nuclear Disasters
Ministry of Atomic Energy
Air Accidents
Ministry of Civil Aviation
Railway Accidents
Ministry of Railways


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