October 16, 2013

States of Deccan and South India-for UPSC, APPSC Material, IBPS & Bank PO General Awareness Material

Chalukyas of Vatapi/Vadami:- 543 A.D- 755 A.D
1. Chalukyas established their capital at Vatapi in the district of Bijapur Karnataka.
2. Pulakesin-II was the great ruler who defeated Harshavardhana.
3. Pallava ruler Narsimhavarmana invaded the Chalukyas kingdom, killed Pulakesin II and captured Vatapi, he adopted the title of Vatapikonda.
4. In 757 A.D, Chalukyas were overthrown by their feudatories, the Rashtrakutas.

Pallavas of Kanchi:- 575-897 A.D
1. Both Chalukyas and pallavas tried to establish their supremacy over land between Krishna and Tungabhadra.
2. Pallvas king Narsimhavaramana occupied Chalukyan capital Vatapi in about 642 A.D and assumed the title Vatapikonda.i.e conqueror of Vatapi.

Tripartite Struggle:-
1. Towards the close of the 8th century A.D, there were three great power in India- the palas in the East, the Gurjar-Partihara in the North and the Rashtrakutas in the Deccan.
2. The main cause for this struggle was the desire to posses the city of Kannauj which was then a symbol of Sovereinity.

Palas:- 750 A.D- 1150 A.D
1. Gopala founded the Pala empire in 750 A.D
2. His son Dharampala succeeded him, Dharampala revived Nalanda University.
3. Dharampala founded the Vikramshila University.
4. Pala dynasty was succeeded by Sena dynasty of Bengal. Jayadeva of Gita Govinda was the great court poet of Luxman sen.
5. Pratiharas:- 730 A.D- 1036 A.D, Bhoja/Mihir Bhoja was the greatest ruler of this dynasty.
6. Rashtrakutas was founded by Dantidurga, the greatest ruler of this dynasty was Govinda-III and Amoghvarsha.
7. The famous rock-cut temple of shiva at Ellora was built by one of the Rashtrakutas king Krishna-I.
8. Prithviraj Chauhan:- 1178-92 A.D, He ruled over Delhi and Agra and fought two important battles, First battle of Tarain was fought in 1192 A.D between the Prithviraj Chauhan and Mohammad Ghori in which Ghori was defeated. And Second battle of Tarain was also fought between them, in which he defeated the Chauhan.
9. Jaichand was the last Rajput ruler who was also defeated and killed by Mohammad Ghori in the battle of Chandawar in 1194 A.D
10. Rana Kumbha, the Sisodiya ruler of the Mewar, the Rana Kumbha was the famous ruler of the Mewar. He defeated the Mohammad Khilji and erected the Tower of Victory (Kirti Stambha) in Chittor. His successors Rana Sanga and Rana Pratap were also great rulers of the Mewar.

Chola Empire:- 850- 1279 A.D
1. The founder of the chola dynasty was Vijayalaya.
2. Capital- Tanjore, Gangaikodacholapuram.
3. Greatest chola rulers were Rajaraja and his son Rajendra-I.
4. Rajaraja built Vrihadeshwar/ Rajarajeshwar temple at Tanjore.
5. Rajendra-I was the greatest ruler of this Kingdom.
6. Last ruler of this dynasty was Rajendra-III.
7. The arrangement of local self government is regarded as the basic features of the administration of Cholas.


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