July 7, 2013

Difference between weather and climate?

Compare weather and Climate?

Weather deals with atmospheric conditions extending over a shorter period of time. Weather refers to a particular place.
  • Weather may be defined as the condition of atmosphere at a given place for a short period with regard to its elements like temperature, rainfall, pressure, humidity, sunshine, wind speed, cloudiness, etc. A little change in any one of the above elements may change the weather.
  • Weather changes from day to day and even from hour to hour
  • A bright and sunny day may change into a cloudy or a rainy day.

Weather has a close association with climate.

Climate gives an integrated picture of weather conditions extending over a longer period of time such as a season or a year.
  • Climate refers to the atmospheric conditions extending over a large area.
  • Finally, weather data are based on  actual observations, the climatic data give an average of the weather conditions collected during a month, a season or a year.
Difference between weather and climate


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