August 14, 2013

Naval Accidents which shattered the image of India Navy

December 2005
INS Trlshi , a Talwar class frigate, collided with a commercial ship, Ambuja Laxmi, outside the Mumbai harbour, while returning from a training mission. Radar systems Installed by the port authorities and those on board the Ambuja Laxmi were unable to detect INS Trishul and prevent the side-on collision.

April 2006
INS Prahar, a Veer class corvette, collided with the MV Rajiv Gandhi vessel about 20 nautical miles away from the Goa coast. INS Prahar was returning to Mumbai from Goa after participating in a major naval exercise when the incident occurred at around 9:45 pm.

January 2008
INS Slndhughosh, a kilo class submarine, collided with a foreign merchant vessel MV Leeds Castle while trying to surface the seas north of Mumbai. The submarine was taking part In fleet level war games, when the accident occurred.

January 2011

INS Vindhyagiri, a niligiri class frigate, capsized after a collision with a Cyprus-flagged merchant vessel MV Nordlake near the Sunk Rock light house, following which a major fire broke out In the ship's engine and boiler room. INS Vindhyagiri was later decommissioned.

Naval Accidents which shattered the image of India Navy
August 2013 explosion and sinking:
On 14 August 2013, the Sindhurakshak sank after explosions caused by a fire took place onboard when the submarine was docked at Mumbai. The fire, followed by a series of ordnance blasts on the armed submarine, occurred shortly after midnight. The fire was put out within two hours. It is unclear exactly what caused the fire. 18 personnel feared trapped on board the submarine.


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