June 26, 2013

Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System - Indian GPS Overview - Mains

Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System: Overview
  • The IRNSS will have a constellation of seven satellites
  • the IRNSS-1A is the first of the seven regional, satellite-aided navigation systems built by ISRO.
  • The satellite will be kept in geosynchronous Orbit at a height of 36000kms.
  • The System is intended to provide an absolute position accuracy of better than 20 meters throughout India and within a region extending approximately 2,000 km around it.
Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System
  • The IRNSS-1A will provide accurate information on the position of cars/trucks, ships and aircraft vis-à-vis their destination, with the help of a receiver.
  • It could be an independent receiver, or built into a mobile phone, a car or a ship. The satellite can provide precise information when the aircraft is about to land on the runway.
  • The pilot will know how far he is from the runway or at what height he is above the runway, with an accuracy of 20 metres.
  • Unlike the Global Positioning System (GPS) which can be used anywhere, this is called a regional navigation system because it is available to users in India and the surrounding region. A highly accurate atomic clock is part of the navigation payload of the satellite.
  • Thus, the IRNSS applications include terrestrial, aerial and marine navigation, disaster management, tracking of vehicles, guiding hikers and travellers, and visual and voice navigation for drivers.

Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System
The ground segment of IRNSS constellation would consist of a
  • Master Control Center (MCC),
  • ground stations to track and estimate the satellites' orbits and ensure the integrity of the network (IRIM), and
  • additional ground stations to monitor the health of the satellites with the capability of issuing radio commands to the satellites (TT&C stations). 


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