September 26, 2013

80-Pages Ancient Indian History Class notes for UPSC Civil Service Prelims, APPSC & IBPS Bank Po Exams

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Ancient Indian History comes under History Section of General Studies, on a average 10 Questions are expected from Ancient History for a typical 150 Marks Question Paper. Based on the number of marks it secures, it is worth to have grip on the subject. The short notes in this section will help as a reference material. 
Topics Under Ancient India:

2.     Indus Valley Civilization

3.     Vedic Civilization - Ancient India

4.     Buddhism & Jainism in Pre-Mauryan Age

5.    Mauryan Age - Ancient India

6.     Post Mauryan Age - Ancient India

7.     Post Mauryan - Religious Developments, Art & Architecture and Trade

8.     Gupta Age - Ancient India

9.     Post Gupta Age Ancient India 



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