August 24, 2013

Internet Usage in India 2013 - Rank 3 World Wide

Based on report, revealed by ComScore Report study titled “2013-India Digital Future in Focus”.

Highlights of the report:
  • India now has nearly 74 million Internet users, a 31 per cent increase over March 2012.
  • India has bypassed Japan to become the world’s third largest Internet user after China and the United States, and its users are significantly younger than those of other emerging economies.
  • China Internet users outnumber Indians by a ratio of 5: 1.
  • report, on the other hand, puts mobile and tabled-based Internet traffic at just 14% of the total.
  • The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) pegged the number of Internet subscribers in India at 164.81 million as of March 31, 2013, with seven out of eight accessing the Internet from their mobile phones.
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 Age group and Statistics:
  • Heaviest Users:
  • Men- 25 to 34 years.
  • Women - 35 to 44 years.
  • Overall female Internet users accounted for 39 percent of the Indian Internet population.
  • With respect to usage of website, google, facebook , Yahoo, Microsoft and Wikimedia sites follow in unique visitor numbers in India.

Indian's and Facebook:
  • The social network registered a 28 percent increase in the number of visitors in the last 12 months, with an average user spending 217 minutes on Facebook every month.
  • FYI India stands 139 out of 180 in internet speeds, below china, Bhutan and Uganda.


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