February 14, 2012

Effects of Timber Extraction - g1 mains - paper 4

 Effects of Timber Extraction

The major effects of limber extraction on forest and tribal people include :
1.Poor logging results in a degraded forest.
2.Floods may be intensified by cutting of trees or upstream watersheds.
3.Loss of biodiversity.
4.Climatic changes such as lower precipitation.
5.New logging roads permit shifting cultivators to gain access to logged areas and fell the remaining trees.
6. It results in forest fragmentation which promotes loss of biodiversity because some species of plants and animals require large continuous areas of similar habitat to survive.
7.Exploitation of tribal people by the contractors.
8.Soil erosion specially on slopes occurs extensively.
9.sedimentation of irrigation systems, floods may be intensified by cutting of trees on upstream.
10. Scientific research documenting the impact of timber extraction indicate that it has resulted in fragmentation of the remaining forest, as well as decrease in biodiversity
11. loss of non-timber products and loss of long-term forest productivity on the site affect the subsistence economy of the forest dwellers.


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