October 16, 2013

Important Foreign Travellers in Indian History - for UPSC, APPSC Material, IBPS & Bank PO General Awareness Material

1. Megasthenese an ambassador of selecus nikator who visited the court of the Chandragupta Maurya. He wrote an interesting book Indica in which he gave a vivid account of Chandragupta Maurya’s reign.
2. Fa-hien came to India during the reign of the Chandragupta-II Vikramaditya. He was the first Chinese pilgrim to visit India.
3. Hiuen-Tsang visited India during the reign of Harshavardhana.
4. Al-beruni came to India with Mahmud of Ghazni, He travelled whole of India and wrote a book “Tahqiq-i-hind” the book dealt with social, religious, and political conditions in India.
5. Marco Polo a Venetian traveller, he visited South India in 1294 A.D.
6. Ibn Batuta, A Morrish treveller he visited India during the reign of the Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq. His book “Rehla” throws a light on the reign of the Mohammad Tughlaq.
7. Nicolo Conti, A Venetian visited during the reign of the Deva Raya-I.
8. Abdur Razzaq was a Persian traveller who came to India and stayed at the court of the Zemorin at Calicut. He given a vivid account of the Vijayanagar Empire.
9. William Hawkins was an English Ambassador of the British king James-I to the court of Jahangir.
10. Sir Thomas Roe also sent by James-I in court of the Jahangir


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