June 10, 2014

Quiz-40 ( Q901-Q950) - for APPSC Exams, SSC CGL Exams

901 Q) The Satavahana King who defeated the western Saka King, Nahapana was (a) Satakarni I(b) Vasishthiputra Pulumayi(c) Yajna Satakarni(d) Gautamiputra Satakarni

902 Q) The satellite launching center in India is located at— (A) Thumba(B) Bangalore(C) Sri Harikota(D) Trombay

903 Q) The scheme which identify creative children within the age group of 5 to 16 years in creative art creative performance, creative scientific innovations and creative writing ? (A) Bal Shree Scheme(B) Bal Bodh(C) Bal Sadan(D) Bal Shiksha

904 Q) The second largest delta is on the river of— (A) Narmada(B) Krishna(C) Brahamputra(D) Godawari

905 Q) The smallest million city of India is— (A) Amritsar(B) Allahabad(C) Rajkot(D) Vijayawada

906 Q) The source of sun’s energy is the process of— (A) Photoelectric emission(B) Nuclear fission(C) Nuclear fusion(D) Thermionic emission

907 Q) The source of the Brahmaputra is in— (A) Tibet(B) Asom(C) Kundon Himalayas(D) Kashmir

908 Q) The special feature of the financial system of Vijayanagara was (a) Land tax(b) Currency system(c) Revenue from seaports(d) Surplus revenue

909 Q) The State having highest scheduled caste population in India is— (A) Rajasthan(B) Maharashtra(C) Madhya Pradesh(D) Uttar Pradesh

910 Q) The State of Uttar Pradesh accounts for— (A) 60 Lok Sabha seats(B) 70 Lok Sabha seats(C) 80 Lok Sabha seats(D) 90 Lok Sabha seats

911 Q) The State of Uttar Pradesh accounts for— (A) 60 Lok Sabha seats(B) 70 Lok Sabha seats(C) 80 Lok Sabha seats(D) 90 Lok Sabha seats

912 Q) The state which has the largest number of seats reserved for the scheduled tribes in Lok Sabha is— (A) Bihar(B) Gujarat(C) Uttar Pradesh(D) Madhya Pradesh

913 Q) The State which recorded the minimum population growth rate during 1991-2001 is— (A) Andhra Pradesh(B) Kerala(C) Tamil Nadu(D) West Bengal

914 Q) The statement “India is not Arabia, it is not practically feasible to convert it into Darul Islam.” is associated with—(A) Iltutmish(B) Balban(C) Alauddin Khalji(D) Mohammad-Bin-Tughlaq

915 Q) The statement “we have crippled our enemy without making our friends too formidable.” is associated with—(A) Fourth Anglo-Mysore war(B) Third Anglo-Mysore war(C) Second Anglo-Mysore war(D) First Anglo-Mysore war

916 Q) The strait of malacca lies between— (A) Myanmar and Malaysia(B) Malaysia and Sumatra(C) Indonesia and Philippines(D) Philippines and Taiwan

917 Q) The stretch of the Himalayas between the Indus and the Sutlej rivers is called— (A) The Assam Himalayas(B) The Punjab Himalayas(C) The Nepal Himalayas(D) The Kumaon Himalayas

918 Q) The Syrian ambassador who visited the court of Bindusara was—(A) Dionysus(B) Daimachus(C) Hegesander(D) Athenaus

919 Q) The term ‘Interpolers’ was used by the—(A) Danish(B) French(C) English(D) Dutch

920 Q) The territorial boundary of India extends upto? a. 100 nautical miles in the sea b. 12 nautical miles in the sea c. 20 nautical miles in the sea d. 22 nautical miles in the sea

921 Q) The Thermometer suitable to measure 2000°C temperature is— (A) total radiation thermometer(B) gas thermometer(C) mercury thermometer(D) vapour pressure thermometer

922 Q) The title “Vikrmaditya” was assumed by.? (a) Harsha (b) Chandra Gupta-II(c) Kanishka(d) SamudraGupta

923 Q) The title of “Viceroy” was added to the office of the Governor General of India for the first time in.? (a) 1848 A.D(b) 1856 A.D(c) 1858 A.D(d) 1862 A.D

924 Q) The total number of districts in Madhya Pradesh is— (A) 25(B) 48(C) 47(D) 37

925 Q) The transfer of capital of British India from Calcutta to Delhi was effected during the period of— (A) Lord Minto(B) Lord Hardinge(C) Lord Chelmsford(D) Lord Reading

926 Q) The transfer of Capital of British Indian from Calcutta to Delhi was effected during the period of— (A) Lord Minto(B) Lord Hardinge(C) Lord Chelmsford(D) Lord Reading

927 Q) The tropic of cancer passes through which one of the following states ? (A) Jharkhand(B) Himachal Pradesh(C) Jammu and Kashmir(D) Bihar

928 Q) The two games, which have been excluded from the Olympic Games to be held in 2012 in London, are— (A) Badminton and Table Tennis(B) Basketball and Volleyball(C) Tennis and Wrestling(D) Softball and Baseball

929 Q) The United Arab Emirates is a fedration of how many Emirates ? (A) 6(B) 7(C) 8(D) 9

930 Q) The United Nations Organisation came into existence in— (A) 1946(B) 1945(C) 1947(D) 1950

931 Q) The upper limit of available water in soil is determined at— (A) 1/3 bar(B) 1/2 bar(C) 2/3 bar(D) 1 bar

932 Q) The Vice President of India is the ex-officio chairperson of which post? a) Comptroller and Auditor General of India b) Finance Secretary c) Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha d) Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission

933 Q) The volume of an object will be maximum when it is:A. sphericalB. rectangularC. cone shapedD. triangular

934 Q) The weight of a body at the centre of the earth is:A. increasedB. neutralisedC. decreasedD. the same

935 Q) The Whitley commission was concerned with—(A) Labour(B) Education(C) Public Health(D) Reorganisation of civil services

936 Q) The winner of Nobel Peace Prize for 2008 is— (A) Al Gore(B) Muhammad Yunus(C) Martti Ahtisaari(D) Wangari Maathai

937 Q) The World Celebarates 10th December as? a). Human Rights Day b). Fight against Hunger c). Fight Against AIDS d). Mothers Day

938 Q) The writer of Tabqat-i-Nasiri was— (A) Barani(B) Nizamuddin(C) Minhaj-us-Siraj(D) Isami

939 Q) The writer of the ‘Brihatkatha’ was— (A) Dattamitra(B) Gudadhya(C) Bhadrabahu(D) Sarvavarman

940 Q) The writer of the ‘Kalpasutra’ was— (A) Simuka(B) Panini(C) Bhadrabahu(D) Patanjali

941 Q) The yellow colour of human urine is due to a pigment called— (A) Cytochrome(B) Urochrome(C) Haemochrome(D) Phenolichrome

942 Q) The Zabti system was conceived by.? (a) Akbar(b) Sher Shah(c) Sikandar Lodi(d) Moh. Tughlag

943 Q) The Zabti system was conceived by.? (a) Akbar(b) Sher Shah(c) Sikandar Lodi(d) Moh. Tughlag

944 Q) The Zanskar range is formed of— (A) Marine sediments(B) Lacustrine sediments(C) Metamorphic rocks(D) None of the above

945 Q) The zone of highest salinity is— (A) The tropical zone of the sea(B) The temperate zone of the sea(C) The polar zone of the sea(D) None of the above

946 Q) There is a hole in the boat through which water is seeping into the boat. Just before the boat capsizes :A. water level in the boat will increaseB. water level will decreaseC. water level will remain constantD. None of these

947 Q) Thomas Roe was received in audience by Jehangir at— (A) Agra(B) Ajmer(C) Delhi(D) Fatehpur Sikri

948 Q) Three ‘Phalcon AWACS’ supplied by Israel were received in India for the first time in— (A) March 2009(B) April 2009(C) May 2009(D) February 2009

949 Q) Through which Constituional Article, the subject of Bar to interference by courts in electoral matters have been elaborated— (A) Article 327(B) Article 229(C) Article 329(D) None of the above289. Which Constitutional Article elaborated power of Parliament to make provision with respect to election to legislatures—

950 Q) Through which constitutional amendment in article 359, it has been laid down that Fundamental Rights under articles 20 and 21 are enforceable during the operation of emergency— (A) 44th Amendment Act(B) 46th Amendment Act(C) 45th Amendment Act(D) 48th Amendment Act252. On whose satisfaction period of emergency shall be extended for operation in case security of India or any part of the Indian territory is threatened—


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