June 23, 2010

Indus valley civilization - ancient india for APPSC

Indus Valley Civilization
The most important event of ancient Indian history was the development of Indus Valley Civilization.
This Civilization prospered on the Banks of river Indus. It extended from Jammu in the North to
Ahmednagar in the South, and covered various regions of Gujarat.
The main sites which have been found in the excavation are:
• Kalibangan in Rajasthan
• Lothal in Gujarat
• Banwali in Haryana and
• Ropar in Punjab.

The Indus Valley Civilization existed between 2350 BC and 1750 BC. The main cities associated
with the civilization were Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro and Lothal. The main feature of this
civilization was Town Planning. They had great buildings, well-planned roads, cities and drainage
systems. Trade and agriculture were the main sources of livelihood for the people. People of the
Indus Valley were the first to produce cotton. Mother Goddess was the most important deity of


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