June 23, 2010

Gupta Empire - Ancient India for APPSC

It was founded by Chandragupta I (320-325 AD). He started the Gupta Era in 320 AD. Other
important kings of the Gupta empire were
i) Samudra Gupta (335-380 AD) He was known as the Napoleon of India. He was a great
exponent of Veena.

ii) Chandragupta II (380-412 AD) also known as Vikramaditya
• Chinese Pilgrim, Fa-hien came in his court.
• Aryabhatta and Kalidas were in the court of Chandragupta II. He was responsible for the start
of the Vikram Era.

iii) Kumaragupta I of this dynasty had constructed the Nalanda University (in present
day Bihar).

iv)Harshvardhana was the last important king of North India.
• His capital was at Kannauj.
• Hiuen-Tsang, the Chinese pilgrim came to his court.
• Harshcharita, a book on the life of Harshvardhana was written by Banabhata, who had also
written Kadambari.
• He was defeated by Pulshekin II of the Chalukya dynasty.


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