May 9, 2013

Cube and Cuboid- for APPSC and Bank PO Exams - Aptitude Part 14

Cube and Cubiod- for APPSC and Bank PO Exams - Aptitude Part 14
Questions on Aptitude Cube and Cuboids is one section of Aptitude Questions & Answers with shortcuts. Aptitude Questions on Cube and Cuboids with solutions in this page are solved with many examples & explanations to all the questions with shortcuts. This section appears in various competitive exams like Bank Po, IBPS, APPSC, SSC, CAT, UPSC CSAT carry enough marks for good score. Practicing regularly in this section will earn you all the shortcuts for aptitude in Bank Po exams.
How to solve Cube and Cuboids Questions?
1) Grasp the basics and strengthen them.
2) Solve more sums.
3) Heavy short cut formulae's will only spoil the brain, take middle path, remember formulae and also the method how it arrived.
4) Repeated Practice.

Below are questions and answers on Cube and Cuboids which covers tips and tricks for fast solving. Students should be good in calculation and avoid unnecessary spending of more time on single question. Detailed solutions to all the questions is another advantage to beginners preparing for Quantitative Aptitude.

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Other Topics of Aptitude- Browse below
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