August 24, 2013

Working Population in Andhra Pradesh - Census 2011

Definition of Worker :
"A person who has participated in any economically productive activity with or without profit or compensation has been considered a 'worker' in the census. The reference period was one year preceding the year of enumeration," said Anuradha, director, Census Operations, AP.
  • Hardly half the total population in the state are workers who engage in economically productive activity. 
  • Rural areas have more workers than urban areas and cities. 
  • Hyderabad has the lowest work participation rate at 35.84, while Mahbubnagar has the highest at 51.38. 
  • At district-level; percentage of cultivators was found highest in Adilabad (27.48%) and lowest in Hyderabad (2 per cent). 
  • The total workers in the state is recorded as 3,94,22,906 out of the total of the state’s population of 8,45,80,777. 
  • Of them, the rural areas account for 2,90,52,307 workers ,while urban areas account for 1,03,70,599.There is only a slight increase in work participation rate over 2001 census. While it is 46.61 in 2011, it was 45.79 in 2001. 
  • The female work participation rate in 2011 is registered as 36.16 per cent as against 35.11 per cent in 2001 census. In rural, it is 44.65 per cent as against 44.32 in 2001, while in urban it is 19.14 as against 14.24 in 2001.


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