August 29, 2015

Adhoc Committees of Parliament

Adhoc Committees of Parliament
Sl. No
Name of Committee
No. of Members
Members nominated or  Elected
Railway Convention Committee
18( 12 LS + 6 RS)
For the duration of one Lok Sabha
Nominated by the Speaker.
Committee on Provision of Computers to Members of Lok Sabha
For the duration of one Lok Sabha
Committee on MP Local Area Development Scheme
1 year

Inferior Goods, Normal Goods & Luxury Goods in Economy

Inferior Good: An inferior good means an increase in income causes a fall in demand. It has a negative YED.

Normal Good: This means an increase in income causes an increase in demand. It has a positive YED. Note a normal good can be income elastic or income inelastic.

Mesic habitat

What is Mesic Habitat?
Based on water availability in habitat, we can divide the habitat into  Xeric habitat,  Mesic habitat and hydric habitat.

A Mesic habitat is well balanced with moisture. the moisture availability is not so high as in Hydric and not so less as in Xeric. Compared to a dry habitat, a mesic habitat is more moist. 

Examples of Mesic Habitats are, a temperate hardwood forest, or dry-mesic prairie. 

All Xeric and Hydric habitats try to attain the Mesic Habitat Vegetation or structure in nature.