September 27, 2014

Quiz 9- Physics -General Science: General Knowledge Question & Answers

81 Q) "Telescopes are placed in space to view distant galaxies primarily to "

(a) get closer to the observed objects
(b) avoid the absorption of light or other radiations in the atmosphere of the Earth
(c) avoid light pollution from the Earth's populated areas
(d) avoid steering the telescope against the Earth’s motion

82 Q) "The phenomenon of bursting of hydrogen balloon is based on "

(a)Charle's law
(b)Boyle's law
(c)Henry’s law
(d)Bernoulli's theorem

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83 Q) "Consider the following statements I.Sputnik was the first artificial satellite in the world to be launched by Russia in 1957. II.Telsar was the first satellite launched by the USA. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?"

(a)Only I
(b) Only II
(c) Both I and II
(d) Neither I nor II

84 Q) A solid sphere, disc and solid cylinder all of same mass and made of same material are allowed to roll down (from rest) on incline plane then

(a)disc will reach the bottom first
(b)solid sphere will reach the bottom first
(c)solid cylinder will reach the bottom first
(d)all of them will reach the bottom at the same time

85 Q) "Who among the following gave the first experimental value of G?. "

(b)Brook Taylor
(c) Copernicus
(d)Albert Einstein

86 Q) "Why is the machine function well with lubricant? "

(a)Because of surface tension of the lubricant
(b)Because of viscosity of the lubricant
(c)Lubricant removes moisture
(d)Lubricant induces inertia of machine

87 Q) Arrange the following electromagnetic waves according to their decreasing energy and select the correct answer

(a)IR, UV-rays, X-rays, y-rays
(b)y-rays, X-rays, UV-rays, IR
(c)y-rays, UV-rays , X-rays, IR
(d)IR, y-rays, UV-rays, X-rays

88 Q) "Post office box is a device for measuring resistant based on the principle of "

(a)Potentiometer ter bridge
(b) Me
(c)Ohm meter
(d) Galvanometer

89 Q) "If there were no gravity, which of the following will not be there for a fluid? "

(c)Archimede's upward thrust
(d)Surface tension

90 Q) Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the list
List 1
List II
(Interactions with matter)
A. Near infrared
1.Excitation and ejection of core atomic electrons
B. Ultraviolet
2.Excitation of molecular photoelectric effect
C. Visible Rays
3. Molecular vibration, plasma oscillation
D. X-Rays
4. Molecular electron excitation plasma oscillations
(a) 3 4 2 1
(b) 3 2 4 1
(c) 4 3 1 2
(d) 4 13 2


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