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kamal: @hari..thnks for the info ...wud be reallly happy if given 2nd chance at mains..any idea whn will this case end ??? a rough guess ... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hari12345: There is a Supreme court ruling in some case that mains exam cannot be conducted 2 times in India.. Therefore if the APPSC loses the case then the present mains and interviews will be scrapped and a new mains exam will be conducted. (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: incase appsc loses , i think it will go to supreme court and further delay the things (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: mains exam afresh for ALL ????? or only for new guys ???? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hari12345: The petitioners' prayer in their OA and WP in respective tribunal and HC is to correct the final key for those 6 questions and redraw the merit list as there would also be a change in cutoff and conduct mains exam afresh (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: vch book is this naik (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sunny: @sankar: wat is it the petitioner actually wants? and wat is appsc answer to it? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sunny: ok v can unstd aggrevied party means aspirants .. but wat r their demands?plz make urself clear (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: sankar ji,vat r their demands n vat will b consequences on interviews if they won (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: sankar ji...vat will be d impact if petitioners get advantage (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: whts the aspirants lawyer demanding ? freshly conduct mains for all or only newly selected candidates ? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: @sankar...plz mention in common it favouring aspirants or appsc ?? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sankar: 2 to 3 hearings (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sankar: petitioner (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: evariki favour either APPSC/PETITIONERS (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: aggreived party antey avarni refer chsthunnaru shankar garu pls tell (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sunny: @sankar: how many more hearings it will take? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sunny: @any idea how much more time it will take? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sankar: again post poned to wednesday court proceedings are going smoothly case is going towards favour of aggreived party (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: when does the code end yaar ?? eagerly waiting for notifications (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: hari garu please update info on grp1 case (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: any news abt grp 1 (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: any news about gr1 case (Delete) (IP: Ban)
Naik: 4 Lakh pages to the blog - small number but quite big step, wouldn't been possible without active participation of APPSC aspirants -   (Delete) (IP: Ban)
baji: can anyone post the link of panchayat secretary notification pls.. (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hari12345: ..those representations were given well before the commencement of rescheduled Mains Exams..Had the APPSC considered their reps and rectified the final key,there would'nt be any court case for sure and also need not face the ire of so many G1 aspirants (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hari12345: Imp thing to be noted here is that the aggrieved candidates gave representations to APPSC to rectify final key regarding those 6 Questions and they also furnished the source material with respect to the correct answers in their representations itself.. (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hari12345: The Expert Committee dealt with only 4 Questions as it is directed by the Hon'ble APAT. Still there are 2 Questions which are yet to be examined/considered in the Hon'ble High Court as they were left out by the Hon'ble APAT in their Judgement (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hari12345: @kamal APPSC has been keeping the Expert Committee Report as confidential. But the Hon'ble Judge has directed the Addl. Advocate General to show the detailed report of that along with the source material for arriving at the correct answers by the Experts. (Delete) (IP: Ban)
Ranjit: Its mentioned in the news that 1A & 1B will be effective from 2014. So its not sure Govt will give notif this year or the next notif is next year only or they'll give notif this yr with separate G1 & G2 as how it is now. . . this news is also not clear :- (Delete) (IP: Ban)
Ranjit: [link] (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: Govt released GO about group1 combining group1 and group2 posts (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: nd whts the defense lawyer demainding ??? complete scrapping of mains or conduct mains for new guys only and remove wrong guys ??? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: even if they find one question wrong , they hav to conduct mains for new guys right ??? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: any idea whts there in the report ??? how many questions were wrong according to them ??? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hari12345: ie. Detailed Expert Committee Report containing answer choices given by those 3 experts and their sources of material evidence given by them. (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hari12345: Hon'ble judge has asked APPSC to submit detailed Expert Committee report regarding 4 questions which were referred by Hon'ble AP Tribunal. (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: i dont understand how gr-1, 2 notifications afffect the voting in panchayats !!! if they release the notificiations now , will i vote for congress party candidate ??? cmon , how many of us even vote in panchayat elections !!!(Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: now this election code again...delaying the notifications for 2 weeks.. getting frustated with these institutions.. (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: appsc shud hang itself in shame if mains get cancelled.. may be 1st time in india its happening... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: @hari12345 .. r u following the case regulalry bro ??? whts the status ??? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: yaar...why dont u guys post wiith names ??? whts thr ro be afraid ???? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hari12345: Gr1 case: Wind is flowing against the direction of APPSC in the high court. Very difficult for APPSC to win the case. (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: atleast case favour lo vasthada..interview candidates ki... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sunny: gr1 case again pstpned to 15th.. dont knw hw many more days they r gng to take (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: plz post d link of panchayath sec. NOTIFICATION (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: vat will be the basic salary of PANCHAYATH RAJ SEC. (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sunny: @sankar: so did appsc file a counter today?? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
bebo: jus nw state elexn commission sec.NAVEEN MITTAL ordered dat dnt giv ny new notifications (Delete) (IP: Ban)
srikanth: what happened today (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: @sankar .. till now , which side looks wiinning ??? u must be knowing if u follow it regulalry... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sankar: generally Public prosecutor works very lazily that is not the mistake of APPSC is maistake of advocates (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sankar: it will take maximum 2 to 3 adjournments (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sankar: today APPSC has to file counter to the reply given by defence advocate (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sankar: till now the problem is opposite advocate has not given to reply to counter filed by APPSC only that is the reason. it was filed on 05-07-2013 and arguments taken place on monday (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: may b dy dnt want to recruit now (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sunny: y is the gr1 case postponing?? does anyone knw the reason? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
srikanth: yes it will keep on repeating (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: n dn again it wl b postponed to thursday/friday its common (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: n dn again it wl b postponed to thursday/friday its common (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sankar: case posted to day after (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: anduke tension bos...malli ye tue/thursday ko postpone ithadi (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hj: what happened to todays case (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : its totally depend on your luck (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : be plan and patience of minimun 4 years (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sreedhara: hi, i am planning to write APPSC group-I exam (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sankar: opposite advocate has been filed counter so case will be clear soon (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: 1 question can change fates of 100s of students... think neutrally..even they hav worked hard like us..its bcoz of stupid mistake by appsc , we r facing blame appsc insted of courts.. (Delete) (IP:
: appsc simply says wenever stay vactes d result wl b out....d advocate is nt able 2 say a single point dat is dr any meaning in a stay for 1 question (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: at the time of interview itself , appsc has mentioned tht results will be out only after the case.... so all u can do is put pressure on appsc to argue the case better rather than asking for adjournments... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: yaar wht can newspapers do ??? case is in court and it depends on court now...u know the process how courts deal the , hav lil patience brother... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: ds wl also benefit aspirants looking for notifications (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: guys any 1 from journalism sd..please make efforts dat plight of grp 1 students waiting for results n case is published in a editorial (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: ya we r all worried abt group1 results bt dr s nthng wrng in askng wen wl b d notification,it may b in aug ending/sep hopefully (Delete) (IP: Ban)
raaja: shaanthi this blog is not for group 2 ,all are worried about group 1 results ,but u r asking group 2 details,its not fair,u can see appsc for group 2 (Delete) (IP: Ban)
santhi: when can we expected group2 notification (Delete) (IP: Ban)
santhi: hi (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: monday/tue dn thursday/friday n finally next week again.....ds s routine (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: monday/tue dn thursday/friday n finally next week again.....ds s routine (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: 3 times a week (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: dnt always inquire,grp1 case wl b postponed in evry week (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: POSTPONED 2 MONDAY (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: ny info gr1 case (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: any info on number of gr-1 posts ?? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : so ALL THE BEST (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : emonth lo release chestaru all posts ki notification (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : enti boss new g1 mida chala hopes petukunatu unav? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : enti boss one year ki ela ayipotunav? 2008 notification 3 yrs patindi and dao 3yrs patindi ... appsc exam rastunav ante patience undali (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: preparing for months years just 2 wait for a case and its judgement (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: f*** the case... start preparing for new notification (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: ela saguthuneee untada ee case (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: july 3 ki postponed grp1 case (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: ny nfo abt gr1 case (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: eroju hearing ki vastundaa gr1 case (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sunny: wat hapnd to gr1 case?? ny info?? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: ya ur r8..if we leave ds like it is...xpecting notification wl b a dream (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: I told u all previously no calender till nw..d case is postponing,is it nt evident dat tm has cm for us 2 move/wake up (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: it seems sm mischief is gng on....d case is nt cmng on to bench (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: appsc is saying dat no fault lies with us wenever court vacates stay we wl gv results... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: what the hell man...this case wont end ????whts appsc doing ??? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: d case is nt coming on to may take mnths or years dnt know (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: to vch date? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: Any info about group1 case (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: again postponed (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: Any info about group1 case (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : no its discretionary power of government and hopes of unemployee (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: will groupp exams fall every year? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: yehh 5th paper was no hopes (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : kamal last time g1 rsava? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: i hope the case ends soon...and giveout mains marks..lets get ready for the new noti .... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: only GOD knows !! (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: will gr1 case vacate from high court...IS IT TRUE (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : @gali my number is also same as u r num but u have to replace 225, i will call u (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : @gali u mistaken its not my score , wat i want to say is i heard 217 marks was secured by a candidate in zone 2 (Delete) (IP: Ban)
gali: Give me your phone number mine is 9959225777 (Delete) (IP: Ban)
gali: @pravin great to hear that u have done extremely well. You might be the state topper (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: @pravin ur score in amvi 217 (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: thursday 2p.m.maximum stay aa roje vacate avthundi antunnaru (Delete) (IP: Ban)
bebo: ny info abt gr1 case? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : @GALI where r u ? u r score in AMVI (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : pls post score of AMVI (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : 185 noonchi 217 scores vinanu zone 2 lo (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : @gali niku telisina vallu evarina 170+ score una varu unara? nidi e zone? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : wat abt u r score? of each paper (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : 217 (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : @kamal g1 and g2 add cheyaru anukunta saparate istaru (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: or another option...they mix both gr-1a anf gr-1b in single tht a bigggggggg number comes..and nobody gives focus on gr-1 alone...but thr will be heavy opposition to this move... (Delete) (IP:
kamal: i too heard only 110-120 posts so far...but optimistic tht they will raise them to decent amount... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: @pravin...those 3000 can be any, 2, 4 , JL ,DL, AEE.....anything... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
gali: @ pravin what is your score in both the papers ? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
gali: Amvi scores ? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : naik i want some information from so pls give u r email id pls post it (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : kamal link chusanu ok 3000 posts appsc dagira unayi ayite avi group one leka group2 or inko g4 , emiti anadi clear ga teliyadu so 111 posts ki a 3000 posts lo group1 vi unte rendu kalipi notification istaru (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : ani posts kali una recurite cheyaru kamal its political gambling (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : kamal naku okate clarity ga chepu 3000 posts only group one leda group2 posts kalipa? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : @kamal nivu chepinatuu ani posts unte chala members luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: i didnt say tht appsc has 3000 gr-1 posts... till december end , they got 3000 posts from posts in GO + these posts...will be in new notifications (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: if u see, 133 Deputy tahsildars are not mentioned in the GO..that means they were already with APPSC...same way , some CTOs may be thr with appsc already (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: many of them might be JL, DL ..etc etc...they r mass posts...bigger number... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: @pravin...i know thr r full of rumours..but this 3000 figure was quoted by chairmain in media...plz read my msg clearly...i dont know how many of them r gr-1 qnd gr-2 (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : hello pls post amvi scores ipatiki chala times adiganu kani okaru kuda post cheya ledu? PLS POST AMVI MARKS OF BOTH PAPERS (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : naik pls give u r email id, i want to talk with you (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : i think this notification is not jumbo notification if given it will be more mpdo, audit, posts only (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : 2011 notification 283 posts icharu kani andulo emi unayi ani MPDO AND AUDIT , TREASURy JUMBO NOTIFICATION ani elanti cheta posts lu add chesi release chestadu (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : appsc group one lo 23 to 28 categories lo recuiirement chestundi andulo key posts are dc,dsp, cto and dr example dc state motam 283 undo chu (source pay commision report) and lo mro noonchi promote ayina vallu and direct recurement koni vunatayi (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : appsc ni namukoni and appsc mida asalu petukoni chala seniors and super seniors and age relaxation kosam age bar canddates unaru so i am requesting to all please post authenticate information only (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : @gali pls post your score of AMVI (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : please i am requesting you to all rumours ni float cheyavadu and nama vaddu .... main roumours ni namutundi and pass chestundi ekuva freshers kani few years noonchi appsc observe chetuna varu anta twaraga namaru ynduku ante vallaki appsc gurinchi telusu (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : ani group one posts laki notofication release chesinda? 2008 lo 310 and 2011 lo 283 ante tappa inkepudu ani posts appsc servie lo release cheya ledu (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : manam soure authenticate ayitene matladu kundam ..... ynduku ante eservices lo rumours ekuva float avutayi notification appsc issue chesinanta varaku manaki emi teliyadu .... 3000 posts ante emina matalu anukutunava? amooo appsc tana service lo ypudina aa (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : @kamal nenu 2008, and 2011 ie last two times groupone rastune unanu just narrow marks lo interview misavutundundi nenu 2009 noonchi appsc ni fallow avutune unanu (Delete) (IP: Ban)
shwetha: husssain what friend how r u (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hussain: Friends, Is there any information about age relaxation for group1 and group2 (Delete) (IP: Ban)
bebo: GR1 case adjourned@next monday (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: i heard some caoching institutes r saying only 120 posts this time...i quoted their source...but i feel more posts r thr...until noti comes , nobodyt is sure (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: so i guess,,,in addition to those 111 posts , some more will be added...but not sure if its a jumbo noti or an ordinary one (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: but nobody knows how many of them are gr-1 ... coz 133 Deputy tahsildars are among those 3000 posts...they r not mentioned in the GO..and no CTOs at all..last time CTOs were given in 2008 noti only (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: @pravin ..tht GO i also saw..but thr r nearly 3000 posts already with appsc in addn to the posts mentioned in GO...see sakshi link given in this blog...chairman told tht (Delete) (IP: Ban)
gali: Pravin have you given AMVI exam if so what is your score in both the papers ? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
gali: AMVI scores ? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : ok frnd ALL THE BEST FOR U R FUTURE,, U WIL GET THIS TIME bye gud night (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : nivu hyd lo untav kada so nike information ekuva unatadi kada (Delete) (IP: Ban)
Vishnu: Telugu Lit Anukuntunnanu (Delete) (IP: Ban)
Vishnu: 671 marks vachhai, Interview ki select kaaledhu (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : ok mari civils mains ela rasav? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
Vishnu: Raasanu, only essay paper.. Civils Mains same time undadam valla anni raayaledhu (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : NO IDEA frnd ,.... last time rasava? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
Vishnu: @ pravin, Expected date of notification any idea??? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
Vishnu: @Pravin, Thank u for Info (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : MR KAMAL at present 20850 is basic pay of dsp or dc da is 54% of basic according to pay commission ... 50% da merge into basic basic will become 30450 rs so pay commission has to certain % of basic fitment.... let us consider its 25% so 30450+25% + (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : emi pedaga posts levu hopes emi petukovaddu election mundu jumbo notification ani (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : laysecratery 20, assistant excisr 24 (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : dc10, dsp4, dfo3, dr8,mpdo6, tresury13, (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : nenu chepindi authenticate u can trust me (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : source government order (go) (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: yehh i too heard the same..only 120 posts.. (Delete) (IP: Ban)
Vishnu: @Pravin: 111 Posts only? Are u sure?.... Source??? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : pls evarina AMVI EXAM RASTE marks post cheyandi pls requesting (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : enduku frnd anta tension padataru e sari group one notification only 111 post ki matrame so tough compitetion from priliminay stage onwards (Delete) (IP: Ban)
pravin : if any one wrote AMVI EXAM pls post marks f both papers (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: i dont think it will be above 50000 bro...but anyways , if it happens we r really happy !! (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: After pay revision.. GRP-1 SALARY WILLL BE MORE THAN 50000 .. SURE (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: maximum u can expect 40-42 for a beginner ... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: 50000 ???? r u dreaming ???? govt will hav to loot banks to pay gr-1 officers then... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: check once n with 14860 basic one can draw 24k @ hyd (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: i dont thnk so salaries will b nt dat much (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: g2-salry around 35000 (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: grp-1 officer salary will be more thn 50000 (Delete) (IP: Ban)
takku: can anyone post the take home salaries of group 1,2.4, category employees (Delete) (IP: Ban)
Naik: if u guys like the blog, use g+ button on top right to recommend - Thanks! (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: n dont worry...chairman himself told media tht he will issue calendar by this month end... unless osmething drastic happens , he will release it for sure...until then , keep studying and forget this court case (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: u shud learn to be patient whn preparing for group-1.. sad but true fact.. (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: thr is no conspiracy in delaying the judgement...both sides want a speedy resolution.. may be courts r busy thts the reason (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: this case wont affect new notification at wud a PIL help regarding new notification dude ??? think once (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: r u sure its only abt one question ??? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: s ur we can do (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: nxt year elction year..dn dr wl b question of separate statehood..if we loose ds year without notiifcation....dn evn god cannot rescue us (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: just for 1 all other questions are cleared (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: the ongoing case is for 1 of people who died in disasters between 1984-2000 (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: if we reamin idle we wl b loosing another year or so.n dose who r abt to b 39 r d worst loosers (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: friends all of us who r waiting for new notification must also do something 2 bring ds matter 2 d notice of govt or we should file a dat notification comed before election (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: n dy r planning 2 meet cm also (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: today all candidates who appeared for interview hav gone 2 appsc....n no positive response from them (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: it seems like somebody is wantedly delaying d case...n dnt wnat new notiifictions to see d li (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: so it may cm 2 hearing nxt week..or nxt month dnt know (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: the case no.has been extended from 88 to 115.. (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: ohh Gr-1 case in HC na...Bebo plz update (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: any info abt gr1 case (Delete) (IP: Ban)
Naik: Friends take the new quiz for general Studies on the blog [link] (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: anyways , start preparing for the new noti brother...all the best (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: i do not know the exact details of this hari12345 , if u know whts students lawyer is arguing and appsc counter , then i will get to know... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: i am not supporting appsc in this matter...but its a fact...last years result was also delayed by some telugu medium candidates case..even their arguments sounded genuine..but case failed (Delete) (IP:
Madhu: Came in today's Hindu paper... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
Madhu: Group I, II aspirants seek age relaxation [link] (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: its not new for appsc to do mistakes n it is also routine 2 cover up mistakes... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hari12345: appsc has bluntly made a mistake in giving right answer key...and does it cover up its mis doings? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hari12345: @kamal some how?? what some how means? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: somehow appsc manages to get the judgement favouring them... its a proven fact.. (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: though there is some substance in the claims of candidates , never ever a mains exam was cancelled by the court...correct me if i am wrong (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: Nobody is wishing for the negative ..we jus hope the case finishes soon with some judgement either possitive or negative... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: ya...dnt xpect anyhtng negative abt group1 casr,it was postponed just because of conference of judges at bangalore n probably d stay wl vacate by ds mnth..hope ds process gets over soon n new notiifcation comes fast (Delete)(IP: Ban)
: i just checked hc website group1 case is postponed to 19 june (Delete) (IP: Ban)
rup: hi do the notifivation be by this month end? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: is it true tht this time single noti for both gr-1 and 2 ??? latest udyoga sopanam issue claims so !! (Delete) (IP: Ban)
bebo: APPSC cmpltd all tasks regarding GR1...jus one hurdle away 2 disclose results...only thng z it will tek some tym..dats it (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: next wednesday ???when is the final judgement then? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: Bebo...i guess u must hav given the interview...i can understand...but try to understand wht hari told also was right (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: i wish this case gets over soon and new noti is released by thos month end (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hari12345: i think new notification has nothing to do with the case in Hon'ble High Court (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hari12345: your words before u comment...don't u know that there are 5 wrong answers given by APPSC in final key of G1 prelims?? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: when the date was announced a month ago...they will definitely hear the case (Delete) (IP: Ban)
bebo: no chance of cancellation will b NIGHTMARE of some stupids (Delete) (IP: Ban)
bebo: dont know hw much tym it will tek (Delete) (IP: Ban)
bebo: actually due to heavy load of cases yesterday case wont come infront of any bench..and today due to retirement of 1 judge SAME SCENARIO continued (Delete) (IP: Ban)
takku: Can Any one post the APPSC G1 Mains - Paper 3 -English Medium Notes (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: any info about notifications (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: new notification is not having more than 125 they want more posts... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: Mains exam will be cancelled..even appsc is weakly arguing to get additional posts...they will add these posts to the new notification and make it large before the elections (Delete) (IP: Ban)
bebo: any info plz post (Delete) (IP: Ban)
bebo: case is other info @ high court web....did any one knows morethan this plz post reliable info (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: [link] type wp in 1st box and case no in 2nd (Delete) (IP: Ban)
Nagesh: Is there any possibility to issue GO on age relaxation? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
bebo: then vt d guy who posted d case no. is it reliable (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: no news anywhr at all...forget it might hav postponed again... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: plz post correct info....vthdat case no. nthng is opening post clear cut info plzzzzzzzzz (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: vat was d judgement (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: wp 2392 (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: case no wp6009 (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: if any case related guys r here , plz respond (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: No news anywhr .....wht happend ??? again postponed ??? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: is this final hearing ??? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
keertanapriya: what about group 1 case frnds (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sunny: @waseem: sorry i didnt get u (Delete) (IP: Ban)
bebo: else on vat tym it will cum 2 hearing? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
bebo: can ny1 post d case no.of gr1@high court (Delete) (IP: Ban)
charan: hi (Delete) (IP: Ban)
vinay: Deepu plz read the news dated in Naik's post too (Delete) (IP: Ban)
waseem: sunny I am waseem ,u remember? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
sunny: any info on gr1 results?? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
deepu: link for group-1 notification in sep or year end by sakshi newspaper (Delete) (IP: Ban)
deepu: [link] (Delete) (IP: Ban)
vinay: plz post the link of sakshi also (Delete) (IP: Ban)
Ranjit: deepu, in which page in sakshi they mentioned it as notification will be this Year-End (Delete) (IP: Ban)
deepu: i am losing hope waiting for notification (Delete) (IP: Ban)
deepu: sakshi says group1 year ending.eenadu says june ending.which is correct (Delete) (IP: Ban)
vinay: sting operation on APPSC by ABN channel, polytechnic lect post is 10 Lakhs, Break Inspector - 15 lakhs (Delete) (IP: Ban)
vinay: sting operation on APPSC by ABN channel, polytechnic lect post is 10 Lakhs, Break Inspector - 15 lakhs (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: acc to eenadu , noti will b in month end !!! but posts look very less... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: [link] (Delete) (IP: Ban)
haritha: and i am fresh graduate can i clear the exam in my 1st attempt without coaching (Delete) (IP: Ban)
haritha: hi can anyone give link about the notification (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hussain: Friends, Is there any information about age relaxation for group1 and group2 (Delete) (IP: Ban)
vinay: 19th is panchyat election notification, if g1 notification doesnt come before 19th then v can expect it in september only naa? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
Ranjit: If u got thru the link pasted by hariguest below, its specfies that govt asked concerned dept , heads to inform about vacant posts and all. . so lot of process is pending. And this news it about just initiation by Govt. .(Delete) (IP: Ban)
Ranjit: Govt gave orders to APPSC, Police recruitment board and DSC to take up the recruitment. But still the procedures like grants from Finance dept and others are pending itseems. Not sure how much time it will take and when we get nofitication (Delete) (IP: Ban)
takku: soby this news when we can expect the notification of GROUP 1 (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: so is this a supplementary list ??? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: whr r the deputy tahsildars ?? newspapers told 139 DTs !!! not here in this list noiw.. (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: thts the only logic i see tht noti is coming in september...otherwise , appsc capable of gifing noti in this week itself... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: bcoz of less posts , they r waiting to finish 2011 noti and see if anybody doesnt join the service , then again they can add those posts and make the number cross 100 somehow !! (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: happy tht only 6 MPDOs r thr...they cant cheat us with number game like they did last year .. (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: if these r the only posts available ....then its better they dont release the noti at all..they all count to 60-70 posts ...thts all (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: yehh..did the depts send gr-1 posts already last year ???? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
Madhu: This is unbelievable!!! It can't be true. So very few Gr-1 posts.... (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: no CTOs ??? in 2011 , only 1 post was none !! is the dept dead or wht ??? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: very less Gr-1 posts...worst gr-1 notification ever if these r the posts available !! (Delete) (IP: Ban)
hariguest: [link] (Delete) (IP: Ban)
vinay: can some body give updates abt scrolling on tv (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: is there any news in tv regarding appsc notifications? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
charan: is there any group1 and 2 expected notifications (Delete) (IP: Ban)
: hi (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: why shud appsc care abt no of posts ??? they can always release supplementary notifications...doesnt the new chairman knw this ??? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
harsha: cm is ready but appsc is not ready to give notification as post are very low (Delete) (IP: Ban)
harsha: panchayath elections voters are purely rural candidates ,and the most of voters unemployeed are aspirants ,thats why cm made hungama last month by giving in media , (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: rightly said harsha...even september news is not official...its from sources acc to anything can happen ...lets see (Delete) (IP: Ban)
harsha: if notification is in september who will vote for congress in panchayat elections ? (Delete) (IP: Ban)
kamal: news frm evrywhr tht noti is only in september...anyone with contacts inside , plzz respond..
waseem: according to aspirants last month means may ,now panchayat elections are also ocming but appsc is still sleeping ,appsc is not allowing any one to enter in office to meet chairman ,many students are going and coming back
Ranjit: Pls post any reliable news from APPSC/Govt Sources and not from aspirants. What you mean by "according to aspirants . . ? "
Ranjit: U mean December ??
vinay: @waseem, what u mean by last month? plz post clearlty
vinay: @waseem, what u mean by last month? plz post clearlt
waseem: notification will be in the last month according to aspirants ,but god knows when we will get it
: when will we expect group 1 notification
: ELSE conduct exams for other qualified candidates
mmm: when will be group2 notification
kamal: anyways ,,,better to write other exams till notification is out...
kamal: a big let down guys...if the case is the logic , then how did they issue 2011 noti while 2008 noti interviews were not even conducted ?? whr thr is a will , thr is a way !!
Ranjit: So, if the notif is out by Sep-13, then prelims in Dec-13 or Jan-14 & Mains in Mar/Apr-14. . Govt made this Gr-1 and Gr-2 as elections-Party Manifesto !!!!
kota: Below link is about group 1 notification
kota: [link]
Aspirant: Safe score will be above 230
anita karuturi: what wud b the cutoff ofr csp2013? plz respond.
kamal: hmm..any news whn the calendar will be out ??? any inside sources ???
Madhu: Increasing the age to 39 looks a little tough... but like you said the elections being an year away; increasing it to 36 looks highly likely. Lets hope for the best
kamal: demand is to increase the age for GEN from 34 to 39 !! i feel govt will increase it ...election year hai na..
kamal: yeh..not confirmed...i am telling the current position..they might relax who knows..but the cutoff date will be july 1st 2013 as per prev notifications
Madhu: Kamal, are you sure that the age is 34 for general category? Because I heard that they have not yet concluded on this and there is a possibility of increasing it to 36. Can you please reconfirm on this please.
kamal: now tht thr is green signal from govt , appsc shud give the calendar in max 10 days !! lets wait
kamal: i am shocked to see 104 excise supt posts....are telugus drinking so much ???????
kamal: cutoff age will be july 1st 2013...for uniform posts 28 is limit..and for the rest 34...for GEN category
rao: when will be new appsc group i notification and what will be the cut off date for age
Ranjit: So now, we not need to bother about these posts, what matters is arrival of notification... people are desperately waiting for that. . any reliable information is highly appreciable . . . please post such if any. . !! thanks in advance
Ranjit: I don't think Kamal is misleading. If we use our common sense, it clear that there can't be a G1 notif with just Dy Collector and Prohib. Sup. posts. . . these could be the additional ones on top of the earlier received posts. .
bebo: kamal DONT MISLEAD
: looks like a dull gr-1 notification again...somebody said election sucks
: whr r CTOs , RTOs , Municipal commisiioners ???
kamal: [link]
kamal: jai ho kiran kumar reddy...!!! 
kamal: if these were the overall posts , we wud hav heard abt CTo , Munici commisiioner , RTO , ,.... i guess these are supplementary posts
kamal: acc to eenadu , DSPs are 4 !!! looks like these gr-1 posts are additional posts to the already recieved numbers
kamal: and excise superindents are 24 or 104 ??? acc to eenadu , its 104 !!!
kamal: this 10 DCs is final figure or additional posts sanctioned today ??
Ranjit: Govt. gave nod for 34,450 posts !!. . can we expect Group-1 notification too in this. Any reliable news? please post for God sake. . thanks
takku: HiNaik! can u please post the group 1 -paper-4--SECTION-II material topic wise
: so dnt get apprehended for not taking coaching...all depends on ur own calibre
: yes aspirants...getting through competitive exams is possible evn wthout a regular follower of ds blog n i have made through appsc group1 n attended interview ds year in my very first attempt WITHOUT ANY coachng pursuing my PG
raaja: friend waseem lateef, i agree withu ,but there are some andiidates who never visited any coaching centre but stood toppers in civils ,what u say about them
waseem lateef: sri latha ,there are so many books for g-1 in market ,but u cant able to understand it quickly ,u need coaching compulsaryl,once u take coaching , u may get an idea of G1 ,if u have any doubts call 9966695331
srilatha: Hi I am new to this site.. borwising to find the guidence for preparin for G-1, just need to knw whether i can find a single book .. in the sense any one complete material for GS
kamal: wht the fuck...even CMs orders r not respected in this govt...
kamal: no noti in this month man...see todays sakshi
takku: Prior to how many months before we have to take the Obc certificate
hari12345: Good job kamal..thanx for the info 
kamal: PLZ POST ANY NEWS ABT NOTIFICATION ...EVEN IF THEY R will keep up our spirits !! 
kamal: it claimed tht both GR-1 and 2 notifications are huge this time...i just hope they dont add more MPDO and audit officers just to show a fat notification !!
kamal: lets see...they r claiming noti will be out in next week...
kamal: no info on DSP..but frm ashok nagar sources i heard its nearly 52...
kamal: 16 DC , 30 CTO , 6 RTO ,17 Municipal commissioner , 5 or 6 district registrar
kamal: its May 16-31 edition
kamal: sorry bro...i dont hav it..i jus read it from a friend who bought it..
vinay: plz post snapshots from phone so that everyone can see, plz mail it to naik, he will post in blog if possible!
kamal: 16 DC's in this Gr-1 ?????? saw in udyoga sopanam !!!
spkreddy: Is it Gr1 or Gr2
spkreddy: May 15 wat notifications
kamal: heard tht May 15th notifications will be released...
sunny: guys any news abt gr1 result?
vinay: will govt fill all the vacancies as notified in AndhraJyothy paper today?
Ranjit: Nothing is certain until the notifications are released, so keep preparing. .thats it
Ranjit: regarding the age limit. . If Govt. want, they can forcibly relax the age limits to please the Govt job seekers before elections. . .
Ranjit: I don't think kamal is misleading. . Govt sources simply give routine statements to media stating that we're getting vacancies list and notification will be soon . blah blah. . but they have their own calculations like when its beneficial for them. . . .
kamal: they r not increasing the age limit ....see today's sakshi and ennadu
: age limit is also about to be raised from 34 to 39 for general category and five years respectively for others
: notifications will be in may friends....get ready..
: satish...why r u misleading others ??? today CM had ordered the offcials to send vacancies to appsc within 15 days....
kamal: i agree with u ...they r going to raise the age limit right ??? read in sakshi !! anyways cutoff date witll be 1st july 2013 if they release the noti in may or doest matter...
satish group: govt in not saying about ratio ,age relaxation and number of posts ,it clearly seeem that govt is planning to delay till assembly elections
satish group: are yarr already we have lost posts of 2012 but now also we also ha ve to lost the post of this year if we keep quite
: even if its true , then thr is nothing we can do except wait...
: i dont believe this satish...whn all papers are mentioning june july u r saying december ?? even if noti is issued in july , it will not be finished by elections....
: the iuntentyiton of govt is to give the notification in dec 2013 before assembly elections ,it was directly said by cs office ,and secretariat,if u want to join the group to oppoe the plan of govt please calll for d etaio
satish group: friends kamal and others , i am aspirant from satish group, i want to say u fact ,that is appsc notifications are stayed by cm , reason was to gice the notification inn year ending with pout following the
: what is the age limit and what would be the cut off date for age for group i exams
kamal: better to give SBI , LIC exams seriously rather than waiting years for this noti...
kamal: had lot of hopes on calender...but they all r crashed now...
kamal: yehh...MPDO number will be large...but last noti there r no CTOs , RTO , district registrar , muniicipal commissioner...this time these posts will be thr,,,thswht i meant by big,,,i am simply expecting another 2008 notification,.,,.nothing more,...
kamal: nothing wrong in being optimistic bro...if u r so pissed with appsc , then why u r preparing for it ??? unfrotunate tht new chairman and sec'y are not aggressive,,,.
kamal: wht ranjit said fully...he also said only 38 r okayed by the GAD...
:-0: in dis notif. also max. no. of posts will b MPDOs no doubt abt dat
:-0: hey kamal i thnk u r fresher 2 APPSC dats y u r telling big words lyk OPTIMISTIC..2011 group 1 notif. till now nt cmpltd....n dnt kno hw much tym it will tek 4 cmplition...
:-0: so total min.36 RDO posts will b der in upcoming notif.
:-0: already 18 RDO were vacate apart 4m promotions
:-0: as per budget 18 new revenue div will b created
:-0: do u kno hw many revenu our state
:-0: hey ranjith ver r u 4m...ha hw can u xpect 300 RDO posts..u silly
Ranjit: why half of the posts bro, there are actually 300 RDO requirements, in that 100 posts are for direct recruitment. . since 100 posts in just RDO cat will be burden on treasury, they said 38 is ok
kamal: we cant expect more than 300 bro...thts the reality...but atleast the posts shud be like 2008 noti...not like 2011...
kamal: yehh...but 39 posts in one noti...its a dream bro...atleast half shud be there in 2013 noti
Ranjit: its all scam. . by saying this I'm not discouraging you all. . but telling you the reality and come of false dreams and hopes. . .but certainly notification will come with minimal posts in some categories
Ranjit: as per information to media, 38 RDO posts are ready to be filled thru direct recuitment. but till now no post detais have come to APPSC nor GAD has approved it
Ranjit: all that we can expect is a simple 200 to 300 posts notification with only few good posts
kamal: but i dont thiink tht will happen at the scale of Gr-1 bro...may be gr-2 and gr-4 vacancies will get affected
Ranjit: CM and minister and cong party may wish to give a election bonanza notification, but the GAD and other dept knows how to sell the executive posts to existing lower level employees thru temp promotions
Ranjit: news is that they are wantedly delaying the notification so that the temporary appointees are made permanent with the reason that direct recruitment has not yet happened. .
kamal: 2011 noti was a faltu big posts at 2013 will be a big one definitely...and also since its an election year...lets hope for the best
Ranjit: many posts at Gr-1 level which are eligible for direct recruitment are being alloted to existing employee as temporary promotions. . . .
kamal: anyway we hav to wait for another one month find out...
kamal: yehh bro...seriosuly dsappointed with the new team in appsc...last chairman and sec'y were excellent..
Ranjit: for the coming notification, due to lack of co-ordination b/w depts, finance dept and APPSC, the vacany details have not reached APPSC. Not sure if APPSC is at all interested or depts are not willing to give vacancy details. .
Ranjit: Calander formality is an exception this year it seems. . from next year the notifications will be as per calender. . But that also not sure. .Gods Knows
kamal: lets be optimistic rather than pessimistic when we dont hav any inside sources....i read in eenadu and sakshi tht CS had passed orders tht by may 15th appsc shud release the calender...other than that i dont knwo anything...
kamal: if they give notification in u think next year calender starts frm april ???
kamal: its the problem with us...we dont trust the govt...if they say may 15th...we assume june july...cmon man...why not september ??? keep on extending as per ur wish...its supposed to come on april 1st...
:-(: may 15th lopala vachae chances lopu panchayath elecxns code around june last week / july 1st week lo raavochani AASINCHOCHU
;: vassup kamal hev u seen eenadu paper 2day....
;: may 15 really vat a joke
kamal: gr-1 new noti is on may 15th
./: when is group-1 new notification
;: highcourt lo case no cheppagalara regarding group 1
: wen can we expect group1 marks 2 b dispalyed
: wen can we expect group1 marks 2 b dispalyed
: since it is quite obvious that the four questions referred have wrong answers given by APPSC, we have to wait and watch what is gonna be the next move of APPSC
: there is no chance of results declaration of mains until expert committee provides its opinion, and high court has already ordered twice the APPSC to not release the final results before the decision of expert committee



Naik PS said...

Test chat box for the blog! All the queries will be answered here too.....

Anonymous said...

good luck

Anonymous said...

sravan: out side talking that appsc jobs will give notifications in next year

Chandana Nancharaiah said...

Hi, friends, I think they will conduct separate mains for who are qualified newly for mains, not old one, because, they can conduct two mains, after getting marks they can normalize like JEE mains exams, they are taking different board marks & normalized. wait & see judgement will come on 23 rd August 13... all the best....

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,
what is the group-1 supreme court case status?

Anonymous said...

read all the previous posts

kota stalin said...

Judgment was unlawful and against to natural law.
'coz out of 16000 qualified candidate s 7000 were absent and 8400 were not passed in mains.
Forgetting this judge ordered for remains!
APSPSC constitutional body

kota stalin said...

APSPSC fundamental duties were doing by court!
Without experts report how can a judge decide the answers are wrong?

Anonymous said...

hello friend 2 mains is not a problem...why because now a days all institutions like ssc, Sbi, railways, even CAT & MAT exams are conducting exams being conducted on several days...means each time with a paper of differrent toughness...but nobody is similarway we can also have two problem for anybody...if anybody countered it in court onbehalf of missed candidates...we can give these examples

Anonymous said...

ya STALIN...I AGREE WITH YOU...there is no solid base on which court decided these six bits are ambiguous...but one point we should not forget competative exam in order to filter some candidates..they twist some bits...(For example TIRupathi is in which series...).Based on the twist or toughness...we cant say it is wrong...our lawyers should argue like this...then the judge will also agree with us...but unfortunately our lawyers are accepting that they are wrong...that is the mistake on this time we have to hint all these points to them....

Anonymous said...

Hi friends...i consulted a senior lawyer in delhi and explained our case in detail....he has given 2 suggestions to us they are...
1). The only course left to those who wrote for mains and were interviewed is to approach APEX court for another direction caring their hardship for no fault of their own.The point needs equitable consideration.
2). Those who wrote for mains and were interviewed were not party at any stage,not even before the Supreme court, APPSC was required to raise this point right from Tribunal stage,or from writ stage,but it failed.The order of Supreme court has come without hearing to those who would be actual sufferers which is not the principle of justice and hence they have right to file an independant case before supreme court making
all original petitioners at High Court and APPSC as respondent to their petition.

Anonymous said...

maname gelusttam endukante mana kana potu gadlu evvaru leru. manam heroes.

Anonymous said...

Née bonda ra... Ne bonda... Nee bonda!!!

sreeniwaas ks said...

APPSC Group1 exam Analysis:

As honorable Supreme Court ordered. The Justice needs to be done in an holistic way, as it is done in the case of Haryana Public service commission Case.

As every one is equal in the hands of Justice ("EQUALITY BEFORE LAW"). The persons who are eligible to qualify in the prelims, but not qualified in the exam due to wrong key and persons selected for Mains & Interview based on the wrong key(i.e who are not eligible).

This created a lot of mess in the Group1 exam selection. That's why the honorable SC court ordered to create a fresh selection list on the basis of UPSC final key and give eligibility to the candidates who are denied in the process of selection ( As they have right to admit in the Mains exam).

The Judgments always done on Case citation (i.e, referring past court case decisions).

As the interview results are not declared. There is no issue, as aspirants don't know whether they are selected to the post or not. Means they are almost equal to the rightful candidates who are denied in the prelims selection list. So, both are same i.e, both are Unemployees.

The better way is to conduct a Fresh Mains Exam to the all eligible candidates as per Respectable SC order.
This is the only way to remove confusions among candidates and further remove the future comparisons.

Issue 1:
If two different Mains exams are conducted for two different set of groups, (ie, new Mains exam will be written by only new batch of selected candidates), then how the level of difficulty between the two different Mains exams are compared.
(i.e, If Mains selected candidates are not writing in the fresh Mains exam, how the difficulty of Papers is weighed among two different set of Mains Papers.)
It further creates lot of havoc situations in the aspirants on the basis of comparison of difficulty of papers.

Issue 2:
There is a need to re-conduct exam to the Unqualified candidates in Mains exam (i.e, candidates not selected for Interview) - why because, They competed in the Mains selection with some of the candidates, who are not eligible to write Mains based on the wrong prelims key selection. In this process the rightful candidates defeated in the hands of ineligible candidates. So, the competition itself is wrong as it is with the wrong competitors.

So the current Unselected candidates for Interview also have the right to rewrite the Fresh Mains Exam to Compete with the correct eligible candidates (i.e, with the persons who are selected in the correct prelims key and his past exam mates. )

Based on this analysis it is clearly evident that The honorable SUPREME COURT decision to create a fresh list of Prelims qualified candidates based on the Correct key, after omissions and emissions of candidates and re-conduct fresh Mains exam to all eligible candidates.

This is only way justice can be done according to Article 16 - Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment. (No ineligible person can be selected for public employment)

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tv scrolling on SC Judgement, remains for all eligible candidates according to corrected key

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