September 26, 2014

Quiz 6- Physics -General Science: General Knowledge Question & Answers

51 Q) A person standing at the middle point of a wooden ladder which starts slipping between a vertical wall and the floor of a room, While continuing to remain in a vertical plane. The path traced by a person standing at the middle point of the slipping ladder is

(a)a straight line
(b) a elliptical line
(c) a circular path
(d) a parabolic path

52 Q) "Which of the factors given above is/are responsible for the weightlessness while orbiting the Earth, in space? I. Acceleration II. Zero gravity Select the correct answer using the codes "

(a) Only I
(b) Only II
(c) Both I and II
(d) Neither I nor II

53 Q) "An objects is placed at the focus of a concave mirror. The image will be "

(a)Real, inverted, same size at the focus
(b)Real, upright, same size at the focus
(c)Virtual, inverted, highly enlarged infinity
(d)Real, inverted, highly enlarged at infinity

54 Q) "When a horse pulls a cart, the force that makes the horse run forward is the force exerted by "

(a)the horse on the ground
(b)the ground on the horse
(c)the horse on the cart
(d)the ground on the cart

55 Q) The Celsius temperature is a/an

(a)relative temperature
(b)absolute temperature
(c)specific temperature
(d)approximate temperature

56 Q) "The known forces of nature can be divided into four classes, viz., gravity, electromagnetism, weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force. With reference to them, which one of the following statements is not correct?. "

(a)Gravity is the strongest of the four
(b)Electromagnetism acts only on particles with an electric charge
(c)Weak nuclear force causes radioactivity
(d)Strong nuclear force holds protons and neutrons inside the nucleus of an atom

57 Q) "If two conducting spheres are separately charged and then brought in contact "

(a) the total energy of the two spheres is conserved
(b) the total energy on the two spheres is conserved
(c) both the total charge and the total charge are conserved
(d) the final potential is always the mean of the original potential of the two spheres

58 Q) "If we move from equator to pole, the value of g "

(b) decreases
(c)remains same
(d)first increases then decreases

59 Q) "Which one of the following is the weakest force? "

(a)Gravitational force
(b)Electromagnetic force
(c)Nuclear force
(d) Electrostatic force

60 Q) "Cavitation is a special application property exhibited only by "

(a)Audible sound
(b) Infrasonic
(d)Electromagnetic waves