March 16, 2011

Different Branches & Fields of Study- for Competitive Exams

1.       Aceology-Therapeutics
2.       Acoustics-Science of Sound
3.       Adenology-Study of Glands
4.       Aerobiology-Study of Airborne Organisms
5.       Agronomy-Science dealing with Crop and Plants
6.       Angiology-Deals with study of Blood vascular system
7.       Anthology-Study of Flowers
8.       Anthropology-Study of Apes and Man
9.       Apiculture-Honey Industry(Bee Keeping)
10.   Astronomy-Study of Heavenly bodies
11.   Barodynamics-Science of the Support and Mechanics of Bridges
12.   Barology-Study of Gravitation
13.   Batracology-Study of Frogs
14.   Bibliology-Study of Books
15.   Bioecology-Study of Interaction of life in the environments
16.   Biology-Study of Life
17.   Biometrics-Study of Biological Measurement
18.   Bionomics-Study of Organisms interacting in their environments
19.   Bromatology-Study of Food
20.   Brontology-Scientific study of Thunder
21.   Cardiology-Study of Heart
22.   Carpology-Study of Fruit
23.   Cartography-The science of making Maps and Globes
24.   Catacoustics-Science of Echoes or Reflected Sounds
25.   Catalactics-Science of Commercial Exchange
26.   Chalcography-The art of Engraving on Copper or Brass
27.   Craniology-Study of Skulls
28.   Cytology-Study of Cells
29.   Dermatology-Study of Skin
30.   Diagraphics-Art of Making Diagrams or Drawings
31.   Ecology-The study of Relationship between Organisms and Environment
32.   Electrology-Study of Electricity
33.   Emetology-Study of Vomoiting
34.   Entomology-Study of Insects
35.   Enzymology-Study of Enzymes
36.   Epidemiology-Study of Diseases,Epidermics
37.   Etiology-Study of causes of Disease
38.   Floriculture-Study of Flowering yielding plants
39.   Gastroenterology-Study of Stomach,Intestines
40.   Gastronomy-Study of Fine Dining
41.   Gemology-Study of Gems and Jewels
42.   Genealogy-Study of Descent of Families
43.   Genethlialogy-The art of Casting Horoscopes
44.   Genetics-Study of Heredity and Variations
45.   Geochemistry-Study of Chemistry of the Earth's Crust
46.   Geochronology-Study of Measuring Geological Time   
47.   Geogony-Study of Formation of Earth
48.   Geology-Study of Condition and Structure of the Earth
49.   Geomorphogeny-Study of the Orgins of Land Forms
50.   Geoponics-Study of Agriculture
51.   Gerontology-Study of growing Old
52.   Gynaecology-Study of Female Reproductive Organ
53.   Haematology-Study of Blood
54.   Hepatology-Study of Liver
55.   Horticulture-Study of Garden Cultivation
56.   Hydrology-Study of Water Resources
57.   Hydrometerorology-Study of Atmospheric Moisture
58.   Hydrapathy-Study of Treating Diseases with Water
59.   Hygiastics-Science of Health and Hygiene
60.   Hygrology-Study of Humidity
61.   Hymnography-Study of Writing Hymns
62.   Hypnology-Study of Sleep;Study of Hypnosis
63.   Ichthyology-Study of Fish
64.   Iconography-Study of Drawing Symbols
65.   Ideology-Science of Idea;System of Ideas used to justify Behaviour
66.   Idiopsychology-Psychology of one'e Own Mind
67.   Immunology-Science which deals with study of Resistance of Organisms against Infection
68.   Kalology- Study of Human Beauty
69.   Koiniology-Study of Atmospheric Pollutants and Dust
70.   Kymatology-Study of Wave Motion
71.   Labeorphily-Collection and study of Beer Bottle Labels
72.   Larithmics-Study of Population Stastics
73.   Lepidopterology-Study of Butterflies and Moths
74.   Leprology-Study of Leprosy
75.   Lexicology-Study of Words and their Meanings
76.   Limacology-Study of Slugs
77.   Limnobiology-Study of Fresh water Ecosystem
78.   Limnology-Study of Bodies of Fresh Water
79.   Linguistics-Study of Language
80.   Mammalogy-Study of Mammals
81.   Martyrology-Study of Martyrs
82.   Metallurgy-Study of Alloying and Treating Metals
83.   Mycology-Study of Fungi
84.   Myology-Study of Muscles
85.   Nephrology-Study of Kinetics
86.   Neurology-Study of Nervous system
87.   Numerology-Study of Numbers
88.   Numismatics-Study of Coins
89.   Nidology-Study of Nests
90.   Obstetrics-Branch of Science dealing with Pregnancy
91.   Oceanography-Study of Oceans
92.   Odontology-Study of Teeth
93.   Ombrology-Study of Rain
94.   Oncology-Study of Tumours
95.   Oneirology-Study of Dreams
96.   Ophthalmology-Study of Eyes
97.   Osmics-Scientific Study of Smells
98.   Ornithology-Study of Birds
99.   Osteology-Study of Bones
100.                      Otology-Study of the Ear
101.                        Paedology-Study of Children
102.                        Palaeolimnology-Study of Ancient Fish
103.                        Pedology-Study of Solids
104.                        Philately-Study of Postage Stamps
105.                        Phillumeny-Collecting of Matchbox Labels
106.                        Philology- Study of Language
107.                        Philosophy-Science of Knowledge of Wisdom
108.                        Phonology-Study of Speech Sounds
109.                        Phycology-Study of Algae
110.                        Pomology-Study of Fruits
111.                        Psychology-Study of Minds
112.                        Psychopathology-Study of Mental Illness
113.                        Pyretology-Study of Fevers
114.                        Radiology-Study of X-rays and their Medical Applications
115.                        Rthinology-Study of the Mose
116.                        Sarcology-Study of Fleshy Parts of the Body
117.                        Sciagraphy-Art of Shading
118.                        Scipophily-Collection of Bond and Share Certificates
119.                        Seismology-Study of Earthquakes
120.                        Selenology-Study of Moon
121.                        Sermantics-Study of Snakes
122.                        Topology-Study of Places and their Natural Features
123.                        Toxicology-Study of Poisons
124.                        Tribiology-Study of Friction and Wear between Surface
125.                        Trichology-Study of Hair and its disorders
126.                        Trophology-Study of Blindness and Blind
127.                        Typography-Art of Planting or Using Type
128.                        Typology-Study of Types of things
129.                        Urbanology-Study of Cities
130.                        Urenology-Study of Rust Molds
131.                        Urology-Study of Urine;Urinary Tracts
132.                        Venereology-Study of Veneral Disease
133.                        Vermeology-Study of Worms
134.                        Vexillology-Study of Flags
135.                        Victimology-Study of Victims
136.                        Virology-Study of Viruses
137.                        Volcanology-Study of Volcanoes
138.                        Zoiatircs-Veterinary Surgery
139.                        Zoology-Study of Animals
140.                        Zootaxy-Science of Classifying Animals
141.                        Zootechnics-Science of Breeding Animals


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