September 22, 2014

Quiz 2- Physics -General Science: General Knowledge Question & Answers

11 Q) "Which one of the following phenomena shows particle nature of light? "

"(a) Polarisation (b) Photo-electric effect (c) Interference (d) Refraction"

12 Q) "What is the function of a microphone? "

"(a) Convert sound signals to electric signals (b) Convert electric signals to sound signals (c) Convert sound signals to electromagnetic waves (d) None of the above"

13 Q) "Which one of the following is deviated by an electric field? "

"(a) a- rays (b) y - rays (c) Neutrons (d) X-rays"

14 Q) "Which one among the following lasers is used in cancer treatment? "

"(a) He-Ne laser (b) Ruby laser (c) C02 laser (d) Semiconductor laser"

15 Q) "Consider the following statements. I. Atom bomb is based upon the principle of uncontrolled nuclear fusion. II. Hydrogen bomb is based upon the principle of uncontrolled nuclear fusion. III. Nuclear reactor is based upon the principle of uncontrolled nuclear fusion. "

"Which of the statements given above is/are correct? (a) I, II and III (b) I and III (c) II and III (d) Only II"

16 Q) "Why is it difficult to transmit audio signals directly? "

"(a) A very high antenna is needed for their propagation (b) Audio signals have a very high frequency (c) Audio signals can't propagate alone (d) Audio signals can't propagate through air"

17 Q) "Which one of the following statements about uranium is correct? "

"(a) Uranium (U-235) is fissionable by thermal neutrons. (b) Fast neutrons trigger the fission process in U-235. (c) U-238 breaks up into fragments, when bombarded by slow neutrons. (d) U-235 is an unstable isotope and undergoes spontaneous fission."

18 Q) "Modern movie songs released are the best in quality of sound. The rich quality of sound is due to which one of the following? "

"(a) A note of high frequency (b) A note of high amplitude (c) Consists many harmonics (d) Consists the fundamental frequency"

19 Q) "Consider the following communication systems I. Fax II. E-mail III. Teleconferencing IV. Mobile telephone Which of the communication systems given above are “digital communication systems”? "

"(a) I, II, III and IV (b) I, II and III (c) II and III (d) II and IV"

20 Q) "The impurity atom with which pure silicon should be doped to make a p-type semiconductor are those of "

"(a) phosphorus (b) boron (c) antimony (d) arsenic"


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