September 27, 2014

Quiz 13- Physics -General Science: General Knowledge Question & Answers

121 Q) "The blue colour of sky is due to the phenomenon of "

(c) Dispersion
(d) Scattering

122 Q) Which one of the following phenomena shows particle nature of light?.

(b)Photo-electric effect
(d) Refraction

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123 Q) "Which one of the following materials will have maximum sound velocity? "

(a) He
(b) H2
(c) N2
(d) 02

124 Q) "Consider the following communication systems I. Fax II.E-mail III.Teleconferencing IV. Mobile telephone Which of the communication systems given above are “digital communication systems”?."

(a) I, II, III and IV
(b) I, II and III
(c) II and III
(d)II and IV

125 Q) "Electrically charged particles from space travelling at speeds of several hundred km/sec can severely harm living beings if they reach the surface of the Earth. What prevents them from reaching the surface of the earth?. "

(a)The Earth's magnetic field diverts them towards its poles
(b)Ozone layer around the Earth reflects them back to outer space
(c)Moisture in the upper layers of atmosphere prevents them from reaching the surface of the earth
(d)None of the statements (a), (b) and (c) Given above are correct

126 Q) "The spread in colours in a rainbow on sky is primarily due to "

(a)dispersion of sunlight
(b)reflection of sunlight
(c)refraction of sunlight
(d)total internal reflection of sunlight

127 Q) Which one of the following is deviated by an electric field?.

(a)a- rays
(b) y - rays
(c) Neutrons
(d) X-rays

128 Q) "A liquid is kept in a regular cylindrical vessel up to a certain height. If this vessel is replaced by another cylindrical vessel having half the area of cross-section of the bottom, the pressure on the bottom will "

(a)remain unaffected
(b)be reduced to half the earlier pressure
(c)be increase to twice the earlier pressure
(d)be reduced to one-fourth the earlier pressure

129 Q) "A micro wave oven uses wave with a "

(a)large wavelength in the invisible range
(b)small wavelength in the visible range
(c)large wavelength in the visible range
(d)small wavelength in the invisible range

130 Q) Which of the following has the least penetrating power?.

(a)a- particles
(b) p- particles
(c) y- particles
(d) None of these
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