October 12, 2014

Quiz 30- Biology-General Studies: General Knowledge Question & Answers

291 Q) Bacteriophage is

(a) bacterium
(c) virus

292 Q) "Before X-ray examination (coloured X-ray) of the stomach, patients are given suitable salt of barium because "

(a) barium salts are white in colour and this helps stomach to appear clearly
(b) barium is a good absorber of X-rays and helps stomach to appear clearly
(c) barium salts are easily available
(d) barium allows X-rays to pass through the stomach

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293 Q) The phase of cell cycle during which'DNA polymerase' is functionally active is

(a) G,-phase
(b) M-phase
(c) S-phase
(d) G2-phase

294 Q) The bacteria were discovered by which of the following person

(a) H Urey
(b) EH Haeckel
(cj AV Leeuwenhoek
(d) Ivanowski

295 Q) Which of the following vitamins is required for the maturation of erythrocytes in human beings?

(a) Vitamin A
(b) Vitamin B,2
(c) Vitamin D
(d) Vitamin B5

296 Q) Which one among the following cycles involves the conversion of muscle lactic acid to muscle glycogen?

(a) Kreb's cycle
(b) Cori cycle
(c) Ornithine cycle
(d) EMP cycle

297 Q) Which one among the following chemicals/hormones can be used to overcome the genetic dwarfness?

(a) Auxin
(b) Gibberellin
(c) Ethylene
(d) Cytokinin

298 Q) Which one among the following is the function of osphradium found in Pila globosa?

(a) Tangoreception
(b) Photoreception
(c) Thermoreception
(d) Chemoreception

299 Q) "Select the correct answer using the codes given below 
I. Heparin II. Natural gums III. Agar-agar 
Which of the products given above is/are carbohydrates in nature?"

(a) Only I
(b) Only III
(c) I and II
(d) I, II and III

300 Q) The eukaryotic organisms contain ribosomes having 40 S and 60S subunits. The assembly of such units give

(a) 60 S unit
(b) 70 S unit
(c) 80 S unit
(d) 100 S unit
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