August 31, 2013

75 Cities Towns on River Banks of India

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Uttar Pradesh
confluence of  Ganga and Yamuna
Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh
Ram Ganga
Uttar Pradesh


August 29, 2013

115 Nicknames Pen-names of famous Personalities in India

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List of nicknames of famous personalities, 
nicknames of famous people of India, 
Pen Name of some famous persons in Indian History, 
Famous Nicknames of Eminent Persons
Nick Name
Real Name
 Adi Kavi
 Andhra Kesari
T Prakasam
C N Annadurai
Jagjivan Ram
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
 Bengal Tiger
Bipin Chandrapal & Saurav Ganguli
 Bismark of India
Vallabhai Patel
Siddhartha Gautama
 C R
C Rajagopalachari
Jawaharlal Nehru
C F Andrews
C R Das
 Father of Nation (India)
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
 Flying Sikh
Milkha Singh
 Frontier Gandhi
Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
 Grand Old Man of India
Dadabhai Naoroji
Rabindranath Tagore
M S Gohlwalkar
 Haryana Hurricane
Kapil Dev
 Hockey Wizard
Dhyan Chand


August 27, 2013

Indirect Taxes in India and their basic definitions and their point of Incidence and Impact

What are the various kinds of taxes levied in the Union Budget? Explain them.
There are two main types of taxes levied - direct and indirect taxes. Direct taxes are collected by the government directly from the tax-payer through levies such as income tax, wealth tax and interest tax. Indirect taxes are the taxes paid while purchasing goods and services. These include excise, customs, sales tax and value-added tax.

What are the different kinds of indirect taxes?
Customs duty, central excise duty, service tax, sale tax, octroi, wealth tax and entertainment tax are a few types of indirect taxes.

1.Customs duty: What is customs duty?
Customs duty is a tax collected on goods imported into or exported out of the boundaries of a country. Customs duty now forms a significant source of revenue for all countries, more so in the case of developing countries like India.
On what is customs duty levied?


Types of Direct Taxes in India along with definitions

Covers topics of direct taxes in India, types of taxes in India, types of Indirect Taxes in India pdf, 
Power of taxation in Indian Economy:

Article 246 (SEVENTH SCHEDULE) of the Indian Constitution, distributes legislative powers including taxation, between the Parliament and the State Legislature. Schedule VII enumerates these subject matters with the use of three lists;

List- I entailing the areas on which only the parliament is competent to makes laws,
List - II entailing the areas on which only the state legislature can make laws, and
List - III listing the areas on which both the Parliament and the State Legislature can make laws upon concurrently.

Items of Taxation under List -1 of Seventh Schedule:


Economy Important Definitions


ON the budget day, the finance minister tables 10-12 documents. Of these, the main and most important document is the Annual Financial Statement.

Article 112 of the constitution requires the government to present to the Parliament a statement of estimated receipts and expenditure in respect of every financial year, April 1 to March 31. This statement is the annual financial statement.
The annual financial statement is usually a white 10-page document. It is divided into three parts, Consolidated Fund, Contingency Fund and Public Account. For each of these funds the government has to present a statement of receipts and expenditure.

This is the most important of all the government funds. All revenues raised by the government, money borrowed and receipts from loans given by the government flow into the consolidated fund of India. All government expenditure is made from this fund, except for exceptional items met from the Contingency Fund or the Public Account. Importantly, no money can be withdrawn from this fund without Parliament's approval.

As the name suggests, any urgent or unforeseen expenditure is met from this fund. The Rs 500-crore fund is at the disposal of the President. Any expenditure incurred from this fund requires a subsequent approval from Parliament and the amount withdrawn is returned to the fund from the consolidated fund.



August 26, 2013

International Year and Decades - Updated(2013) for General Awareness

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 International Years Declared:
1968 : International Human Rights
1970 : International Education Year
1972 : International Book Year
1973 : Copernicus Year
1974 : World Population Year
1975 : International Women's Year
1979 : International Year of Children
1980-89: International Water Supply & Sanitation Decade
1981 : International year of Disabled
1983 : World Communication Year
1985 : International Youth Year
1986 : International Year of Peace
1987 : International Year of Shelter for the Homeless
1990 : International Literacy Year
1992 : International Space Year
1993 : International Year for the indigenous Populations
1994 : International Year of Family
1995 : International Year of Tolerance
1998 : International Year of Ocean
1999 : International Year of Older Persons
1991-2000: Development Decade
2000 : International Year of Universal Cultural Values
2001 : International Year of women's Empowerment
2001 - International Year of Volunteers
2001 - United Nations Year of Dialogue among Civilizations
2002 : International Year of Ecotourism


August 25, 2013

Multipurpose River Valley projects in India

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1. Bhakhra Nangal Project = Punjab, Harayana, Rajasthan
- > Its a joint venture of Punjab, Harayana, Rajasthan.
- > Its is India's biggest multi-purpose river valley project so far completed at a cost of Rs.236 Cr.
- > It consists of a straight gravity dam, 518 mts long & 226 mts high across the Sutlej at Bhakhra.
- > The Bhakhra dam impounds 986.8 Cr cubic mts of water.
- > The canal system of the project is now irrigating 14.8 lakh hectares.
- > It generates 1204 MW electricity.

2. Chambal Project = Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan
- > The Chambal project being jointly executed by M.P & Rajasthan.
- > In the 1st stage, the Gandhi Sagar dam & its 115 MW power station & the Kota barrage were completed.
- > The Rana Pratap Sagar dam with a power house of 172 MW capacity was constructed in the 2nd stage.
- > The 3rd stage comprises the construction of the Jawahar Sagar dam & 99 MW power station.
- > With the completion of all the stages, the project will generate 386MW of power.

3.Damodar Valley Project = Jharkhand , West Bengal
- > This project conceived for the unified development of irrigation, flood control & power generation in W.B & Jharkhand.
- > The project is administered by the Damodar Valley Corporation established in 1948.
- > The irrigation potential of the project is about 5.51 lakh hectares & its installed power generation capacity is 1181MW.
- > It is designed on the lines of Tennesse Valley Authority in the USA.


No reply from Government APPSC still in hibernation

Impact of state bifurcation is clearly visible on Job aspirants, APPSC should have gone ahead with work instead of writing letter to Government and making the process cumbersome. Government on its part is crippled with many problems seems no time to reply back which leaves all aspirants to make their own assumptions.

Topics To Be Read
 Appsc Group 1 Notification 2013 and Group 2 Notification 2013 are most sought after jobs in government sector in Andhra Pradesh, the competition is very stiff as the applicants no where less than 5 lakhs for both the categories. Government keeping in this view should ask APPSC to go head.
telangana impact on appsc


August 24, 2013

Internet Usage in India 2013 - Rank 3 World Wide

Based on report, revealed by ComScore Report study titled “2013-India Digital Future in Focus”.

Highlights of the report:
  • India now has nearly 74 million Internet users, a 31 per cent increase over March 2012.
  • India has bypassed Japan to become the world’s third largest Internet user after China and the United States, and its users are significantly younger than those of other emerging economies.
  • China Internet users outnumber Indians by a ratio of 5: 1.
  • report, on the other hand, puts mobile and tabled-based Internet traffic at just 14% of the total.
  • The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) pegged the number of Internet subscribers in India at 164.81 million as of March 31, 2013, with seven out of eight accessing the Internet from their mobile phones.
Topics To Be Read
 Age group and Statistics:
  • Heaviest Users:
  • Men- 25 to 34 years.
  • Women - 35 to 44 years.
  • Overall female Internet users accounted for 39 percent of the Indian Internet population.
  • With respect to usage of website, google, facebook , Yahoo, Microsoft and Wikimedia sites follow in unique visitor numbers in India.

Indian's and Facebook:
  • The social network registered a 28 percent increase in the number of visitors in the last 12 months, with an average user spending 217 minutes on Facebook every month.
  • FYI India stands 139 out of 180 in internet speeds, below china, Bhutan and Uganda.


Working Population in Andhra Pradesh - Census 2011

Definition of Worker :
"A person who has participated in any economically productive activity with or without profit or compensation has been considered a 'worker' in the census. The reference period was one year preceding the year of enumeration," said Anuradha, director, Census Operations, AP.
  • Hardly half the total population in the state are workers who engage in economically productive activity. 
  • Rural areas have more workers than urban areas and cities. 
  • Hyderabad has the lowest work participation rate at 35.84, while Mahbubnagar has the highest at 51.38. 
  • At district-level; percentage of cultivators was found highest in Adilabad (27.48%) and lowest in Hyderabad (2 per cent). 
  • The total workers in the state is recorded as 3,94,22,906 out of the total of the state’s population of 8,45,80,777. 
  • Of them, the rural areas account for 2,90,52,307 workers ,while urban areas account for 1,03,70,599.There is only a slight increase in work participation rate over 2001 census. While it is 46.61 in 2011, it was 45.79 in 2001. 
  • The female work participation rate in 2011 is registered as 36.16 per cent as against 35.11 per cent in 2001 census. In rural, it is 44.65 per cent as against 44.32 in 2001, while in urban it is 19.14 as against 14.24 in 2001.


August 23, 2013

Sound - Multiple Choice Test- useful for APPSC and Bank PO exams

Question 1
Question:   When a wave travels through a medium ______.
particles are transferred from one place to another
energy is transferred in a periodic manner
energy is transferred at a constant speed
none of the above statements is applicable
Answer:   3
Question 2
Question:   The minimum distance between the source and the reflector, so that an echo is heard is approximately equal to ______.
10 m
17 m
34 m
50 m
Answer:   2
Question 3
Question:   Bats detect the obstacles in their path by receiving the reflected ______.
infrasonic waves
radio waves
electro-magnetic waves
ultrasonic waves
Answer:   4


Quiz11 on Current Affairs July 2013 -for APPSC and Bank PO exams

1.M.S.Raghavan took change as the Chairman and Managing Director of which of the following public sector banks in July 2013?
1)            Oriental Bank of Commerce
2)            Canara bank       3) Andhra Bank
4)            Indian Bank 5) IDBI Bank

2.Andy Murray became the first British man to win the Wimbledon singles title since 1936. Whom did he defeat in the final on July 7th 2013?
1)            Juan Martin del Fotro (Argentina)
2)            Novak Djokovic (Serbia)
3)            Jerzy Janowicz (Poland)
4)            Roger Federer (Switzerland)
5)            Rafael Nadal (Spain)

3.Who is the 2013 Wimbledon women's singles champion? (This is her first Grand Slam title)
1)            Sabine Lisicki (Germany)
2)            Agnieszka Radwanska (Poland)
3)            Marion Bartoli (France)
4)            Kirsten Flipkens (Belgium)
5)            Serena Williams (DSA)


August 22, 2013

50+ Epithets of India for General Knowledge

This topic carries around 2-3 marks in APPSC and Bank PO exams, the questions are very direct and repeated revision can increase our score. Essential General Knowledge For Every Competitive exam. Covers topics of  geographical epithets of india, indian general knowledge, recent general knowledge of india, general awareness for civil services, indian geography for civil services, general knowledge for exam, general knowledge for competition, general knowledge of indian geography, gk for po, General Knowledge for bank jobs.
So what is an Epithet?
Epithet is a byname or a descriptive term (word or phrase) accompanying or occurring in place of a name and having entered common usage. It can be described as a glorified nickname.Epithets are characteristic of the style of ancient epic poetry, notably in that of Homer or the northern European sagas.
City of Golden Temple
— Amaritsar
Earth of Five Rivers
— Punjab
Blue Mountains
— Hills of Nilgiri
Gateway of India
— Mumbai
Sorrow of Bengal
— Damodar River
Garden of India
— Bangaluru
City of Palaces
— Kolkata
Queen of Arabian Sea
— Cochin
Vanice of East
— Cochin
Pink City
— Jaipur
Spices Garden of India
— Kerala
Switzerland of India
— Kashmir
Diamond Harbour
— Kolkata
City of Seven Islands
— Mumbai
Twin Cities
— Hyderabad -& Secunderabad
City of Lakes
— Srinagar