October 9, 2014

Quiz 3- Biology-General Studies: General Knowledge Question & Answers

21 Q) The female gametophyte of angiosperm is mostly

(a) seven-celled
(b) eight-celled
(c) eleven-celled
(d) twenty-celled

22 Q) "Consider the following cell organelles of the organisms 
 I. Mitochondria
III. Endoplasmic reticulum 
Which of the ones given above is/are semi-autonomous organelle(s)?"

(a) All of these
(b) I and II
(c) II and III
(d) Only II

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23 Q) In Erythroblastosis foetalis which one of these move from mother to embryo through the placenta

(a) Rh-antigen
(b) Rh-antibody
(c) AB-antigens
(d) ABO-antigens

24 Q) Kidney stones are mainly formed by which of the following compound

(a) Sodium chloride
(b) Silicates
(c) Calcium bicarbonate
(d) Calcium oxalate

25 Q) Which of the following techniques can be used to establish the paternity of a child?

(a) Protein analysis
(b) Chromosome counting
(c) Quantitative analysis of DNA
(d) DNA finger printing

26 Q) "Select the correct answer 
I. Ultrafiltration 
 II. Selective Resorption 
 IV. Passive absorption 
Which of the functions given above is/are correct about the physiological functions of “human kidneys”?"

(a) All of these
(b) I, II and III
(c) II and III
(d) III and IV

27 Q) Which of the following plant has exhibited viviparity phenomenon?

(a) Manginifera
(b) Rhizophora
(c) Betula
(d) Psidium

28 Q) Which of the following vitamin combines with avidin contained in egg-white forming a compound that cannot be absorbed by the intestine and is therefore, excreted

(a) vitamin B2
(b) vitamin B3
(c) vitamin B7
(d) vitamin A

29 Q) The reappearance of those ancestral characteristics in an organism, which do not occur normally is termed as

(a) epistasis
(b) mimicry
(c) atavism
(d) segregation

30 Q) The cell theory was proposed by

(a) Schleiden and Schwann
(b) Robert Hooke
(c) Leeuwenhoek
(d) Robert brown and Purkinjee
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