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Anonymous said...

My dear friend you also see to be afraid of hearing some body’s new opinion of ‘remains for new only”. What’s problem for you in this opinion? You claim that you have attended interview, then this is not going to hurt you, one more thing is that its not going to hurt for newly qualified candidates either (if judgement is in their favour) as their chance of writing mains is restored. As far as SC judgements are concerned, some body already informed that there are variety of judgements based on case to case.
I am also in favour of a healthy discussion by raising my opinions with out condemning others. Though I am maintaining my stance, others like you started condemning my opinions rather. No body exactly knows what happened in sc. You also claimed your statement based on somebody else comment about what happened on that in court. If possible kindly post all that happened in SC, we are eager to hear you. As far as your comments goes,” SC has commented on no second mains for fresh candidates”, its just a comment only. Like you said as in the first hearing it self, arguments are not completed or can’t be completed, may be SC shall change its comment to “Fresh/New mains for new candidates only”. We don’t know until verdict comes out.
Its also not a sin to ask for “re/fresh mains to new candidates only”, as it gives them equal opportunity along with others who have written mains once, other wise they shall be writing mains once and many other candidates in new list twice, which is also not at all justice.
“That’s all …” shows your true nature, but you of claim of healthy debate!!!!!!????. It seems you are feeling others as enemies, that why this “enemy” concept came to your thought. We are all aware that none of us hear are enemies.
Once we aim for sitting appsc exams it self made us sailors of same boat whether we know each other or from we are aiming for ithose post, irrespective of we as juniors or seniors. You are atleast in interviewed candidate, but I am new entrant and learning from you peers about problems I may face in future and very eager to new notification. Why don’t you fight for new notification instead of writing mains again and again Try to hear and consider others views also? Let us all have healthy debate.

All the best friend…..

Anonymous said...

yeah you are right. There should be provision of knowing whats the cutoff marks along with key. If possible that provision need to include mains cutoff too before interview it self.

Does anyone here knows, whats situation in other PSC's about key and cutoff marks?

Anonymous said...

yes i accept

Anonymous said...

Yes friend, i too believe in judiciary and justice to be done to all, i think "new mains to new candidates only" as explained by some body in previous comments/ discussions serves the meaning of justice. It seems a logical solution for me of restoring justice to those only who have lost opportunity of writing mains, so fresh mains to them only may solve this case.

Let us wait for SC judgement.

Anonymous said...

Yes friend, you said valid points about APPSC key, i believe there are few mistakes and key needs to be revised.

New mains should be done to newly came candidates as the list may contain many who have already written mains.

Let us pray/wish for those new guys right to get an opportunity of their chance of writing mains. Any one of us could be in that list.

Anonymous said...

You are right about knowing marks and correct key of any exam.

Does any body in this forum have information on these things in other PSC's.

If so kindly let us know

Anonymous said...

On august 29th there is info about that meeting. Did't you seen it? Then that's your mistake.

It seems you are visiting this blog occasional or you must be intentionally enraging them for an argument.

Anonymous said...

Guys..plz dont mislead this forum by posting "re-mains for new candidates". There is no such demand from either side. SC , either strikes down the case or fresh mains for all.

SC cant decide abt new prelims(since its not the issue at all). its upto the appsc to cancel the notification altogether or proceed with fresh mains after revising the key.

Since thr wont be any new gr-1 notifications in near future , evryone is waiting eagerly for the judgement.

dont demean the efforts of those aspirants who r spending time n money in SC by ur half-hearted comments. they r fighting against appsc. tomorrow u might be affected by the wrong key Mr. Justice for all

Anonymous said...

Friends, let us not fight/argue among ourselves over verdict. It could be any thing like what many are wishing/expecting/fighting for

1) New mains to all
2) New mains to only new candidates
3) Closing the case with out any change
4) Total cancellation of notification
or any thing else than above 4 opinions.

We cant change verdict by discussing here. We get nothing with our fight in this discussion forum. Let every one of us, who are related to case let their opinion through concerned parties at court.

Let us all wait for SC judgement in october.

This is my personal opinion. Hope its ok to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Uttikekkalaenamma swargaanikekkuna???

Anonymous said...

Inta gelichi rachha geluvu.
prelims than mains

Anonymous said...

Dog in the manger

Anonymous said...

sufferers who? persons failed in
prelims or failed in mains or
attended the interview just think

Anonymous said...

punish the guilty not the innocents

Anonymous said...

success in competitive exam is life
what is cancellation?

Anonymous said...

Dear Naik, We are unable to view the new comments posted since yesterday evening (4-Sept) on "APPSC discussions forum" page. We are able to view any new comment partially in the "recent comments" space. The link "load more" at the end of the page is also not functioning. Appreciate if you can please organise for this problem to be rectified.

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

The one who is to be blamed for this situation is the APPSC and no one else. Because of its negligence and arrogance things have come to this stage. Aspirants are the sufferers in the end. Everybody has their own perspective - A person who has cleared the mains and attended the interview is the sufferer and so also the person who missed out narrowly because of the wrong key is the sufferer. And mind you both are innocents here.
Let us appreciate each other's point of view. And let us not compare and try to judge as to who is the sufferer.

Anonymous said...

The one who is to be blamed for this situation is the APPSC and no one else. Because of its negligence and arrogance things have come to this stage. Aspirants are the sufferers in the end. Everybody has their own perspective - A person who has cleared the mains and attended the interview is the sufferer and so also the person who missed out narrowly because of the wrong key is the sufferer. And mind you both are innocents here.
Let us appreciate each other's point of view. And let us not compare and try to judge as to who is the sufferer.

Anonymous said...

remains meeda ashalu pettukuni..kontha mandi matala mayajalam lo padi..dabbulu isthunna vallu..okati alochinchali...antha dabbu..power unna valu.remains kosam intha kashtapadthunnaru antey..repu mains kotha candidates malli rasina aa process ippatilage fair ga is just my doubt

Anonymous said...

hahaha. gud joke brother.keep it up.

so case kosam money spend cheyyakudadu anta..if they spend now, they can buy mains marks !! talk with some common sense plzz..behave like a gr-1 aspirant..

Anonymous said...

common sense tho ne matladthunna bro...meku manners yentha unnayo tlesuthundi...606 members ,including mpdos,school assistants etc...unna....vallu money collection kosam chala kashtapdthunnaru....jobless mains aspirants matram ratri ki ratri 10 lacs,20 lacs..yela gather chsthunnaroo..mee common sense ki teliyali bro

Anonymous said...

good point bro..adi chidambara rahasyam bro...anni dabbulu avaru yela pedthunaru....yekkadi nundi vasthunayo...job unna,job ki selct ina 600 mandi pettalenidi...kontha mandi jobless candidates pedthunnaru.....pettadam tappu kadu...but aa money yela gather chsthunnaro kastha interview candidates ki guidance ivvandi okasari 10 lacs kuda collect cheyalekapothunnaru.....

Anonymous said...

My dear friend, leave their fight to their own fate... and please don't speculate.

When you know for sure that jobless aspirants have gathered 20 lacs overnight, you shld synergize your energies in locating and fixing up an appointment with them directly and try to get some info on how to raise that kinds of money.

And on your doubt - If you feel that the process was fair this time, it would remain the same the next time too be it fresh mains or the next notification. Your apprehensions are not justified bro...

Anonymous said...

Yes as you rightly said we should not speculate.

But if the comments made by few members have proofs, then that a serious issue to be debated.

But one thing is clear, this case is all about justice to "candidates who lost opportunity of writing mains" because of APPSC mistakes in key(which is yet to be proved). In case if judgement comes in favor of above said candidates, it seems Mains shall be for them only, because they are the one who lost opportunity, think there wont be mains to all, as this concept may violate justice for all( since in case revised list comes, there are many previously mains qualified candidates may also be present).

Of course,their plea/prayer request for a new list and repeat of whole process once again. Its just a prayer only. SC need not to accept the whole of prayer may order new mains for new candidates only or may vacate stay it self on results. We need to wait till October for SC's judgement.

Till then it is requested to all visitors of this blog not to speculate, have faith in judiciary and till SC's judgement. All the best to all of you.

Anonymous said...

one thing i disagree. why r u demonising those guys fighting the case ? now this money issue !! some may be rich ..who knows !! they r fighting for their cause.

u also fight for ur cause..nothing wrong with it.

why this poor-rich debate now ?? thr is nothing wrong in being rich and nothing shameful in being born as poor. so plz discuss ur issue rather than demeaning the other party.

In any debate , when u start attacking the opposite party personally , its a sign of weakness in ur issue.

Anonymous said...

Friends, Kindly don't speculate about any thing. This blog is for discussions with concrete basis of any arguments. each party have their own arguments and proofs in support of their arguments. But speculations leads discussion irrelavent things like - poor, rich caste, religion, region, etc....

So, kindly dont deviate to speculative statements.

there is no end to speculation.

Lets all control respective emotions till SC judgement comes out.

Anonymous said...

dear naik , plz resolve the issue with the chatbox. thr , the focus was on asking for information abt the case.
with more space available , ppl r writing essays here. now speculations, fights r going on here.

plz intervene and solve the issue. thanks

Anonymous said...

friends, why are you all involving yourselves in such baseless discussions. Somebody raised a point that money has been collected by jobless/aspiring candidates. But for what purpose? They are not the ones who had filed the case. They are not the ones who are fighting in the courts. They are not the ones who can cancel the process and conduct re-mains. Then, why are you promoting them. My sincere adivce is that, if you come across such guys, just ask the above questions. Or if you really want to help for a genuine cause, then help the real candidates who have been struggling with the system this far. bye

Anonymous said...

I too agree with this. We have not spent a single pie even for/against the case. Do you really think, we have a right to discuss about the case and all. Let's just wait for the verdict. Sitting at home and typing comments is easier than fighting for some justice(either side). When we are not in a position to do so(as a sluggish common man), I think we should keep quiet and watch the proceedings. Once you go out and familiarise urselves with legal proceedings, then only you will know the pain and gain. Wish you all the best, guys!

Anonymous said...

yes my friend,u r correct. most of the people like us were just watching tv and newspapers, when people like hazare and thousands came onto the roads for NIRBHAYA. Where were we? we were just either chatting or speaking to our friends over phone. we really should not discuss abt the proceedings by virtue of appearing or wish to appear in the exam/interview. I also advise people not to give money for some false promises of re-mains. if u really want to contribute, then approach the advocate or the candidates who r fighting for/against the case. Don't waste ur money for stupids who don't even know where the court is. Ask them the reason why money is being collected for which purpose,will they return, if nothing happens. slap on their faces if they bother u friends.

Anonymous said...

hold on, guys. just think how can someone be included in the present case? the interviewed candidates cannot be impleaded as the selection list yet to be finalised. they don't have any right. whereas the mains written but not qualified candidates cannot go to sc for no reason. then,who is filing the case and y money is being collected. just someone out there making money by fooling all of us? i don't think even if they file a case, it won't cost lakhs of rupees. then why r they collecting money in lakhs? iam not able to understand this. someone should correct me if iam wrong.

Anonymous said...

yes. even if somebody is collecting money for re-mains, how can they proceed? are they contributing towards the case or just swindling money of others/? someone pls check with the actual candidates who filed the cases. now the ball is in supremecourt, and noone is eligible to file a case regarding same issue, how can they just collect money for re-mains./

Anonymous said...

Dear friend, as far as i am aware, interviewed candidate/s can imp-lead in this case as the plea/prayer of "candidates who claim they lost opportunity of writing mains because of wrong key " plead for "to redraw fresh list and conduct process again" (for exact word kindly go through some comments posted two days ago, under this circumstances if at all a judgement like mains need to be conducted freshly means comes, the present interviewed candidates loose their chance of jobs. So they surely are party eligible for imp-lead.

These interviewed candidates could not have become eligible to get into this , had "candidates who claim they lost opportunity of writing mains because of wrong key " asked for justice for letting them to write mains, rather than asking to "redraw list..., conduct process again....." etc

Candidates who already wrote mains and not selected for interview or new aspirants are no way related to this case. I request you all that in case, if some body approach you for money, promising Re mains just slap them( like my earlier friend conveyed).

If we don't belong to these two parties and APPSC, let us not un necessarily fight on this issue.

This what i feel correct. Kindly correct me if am wrong.

Anonymous said...

""My friend, the reason why re-mains issue is in the fore is becoz it forms the core of the plea/prayer of the WP filed by the petitioners in Jan 2013 in honorable HC. They wanted Hon’ble High Court to constitute a Third Party Committee by external experts to have unbiased report and to redraw the list based on the outcome of the Third party Expert Committee Report and call the candidates afresh for the Mains examination as per the revised key and to complete the selection process right from Mains examination and direct PSC not to continue with any further selection process/stay all further proceedings.

My friend, little correction..."Redraw the merit list of all the candidates and the Individual marks list of all the candidates to validate the cut-off and then to conduct Mains afresh"."""

It seems from above comment some body is collecting money showing the prayer of "candidates who claim they lost opportunity of writing mains because of wrong key ". Kindly don't fall in to these guys trap. Its only a prayer, SC has not finalized case. If some body is asking you money for remains, i feel its to only fool you and collect money.

It is for our vfisitors information.

Anonymous said...

Small correction

Read the above comment or info along with this sentence- The above said info is prayer by "candidates who claim they lost opportunity of writing mains because of wrong key ", it seems ......

Anonymous said...

u r correct,my friend. but the chance of impleading by the interviewed candidates is not there. because when they tried to impleade themselves in highcourt, it didnot allow them to speak as they were in no way connected with the case.
Had there been the selection list published, then they wud hv had a chance to pleade. in the absence of selection list, they too are just like all of us.
by virtue of attending the interview, they cannot claim the right to impleade as they haven't been selected yet. all 600 interviewed candidates are alike the 16,000 mains attended candidates.
so,their filing the case and collecting the money is doubtful as some people r trying to make money out of this just bcoz they might hv paid the members for marks in interview. All the best.

Anonymous said...

thanks for correcting me, but i doubt the statement "all 600 interviewed candidates are alike the 16,000 mains attended candidates.", i doubt this statement.

If those 600 are alike to 16,000 mains attended candidates, then whats the meaning of releasing interview list separately.

But you info of their plea rejected in HC is informative.

I would like to correct you in last sentence, kindly don't speculate again. Previously also some body speculated about money, rich poor etc. Now you have started speculation of "paid for interview" marks.

I request all of you again, not to speculate.

Anonymous said...

gr1 prelims paper standard group 4 paper equal ga undindi. aa paper lo less than 90 score chesina vallu oka sari aatma pariseelana chesukovali nijamga gr1 kottagalaro ledo. :)

Anonymous said...

I think those 600+ candidates are related to this case as petition against APPSC has prayer showing to conduct process again after revising Key ( From above info on plea/prayer).

They shall be affected with any judgement if whole of the plea is accepted. aren't they? Then how come they are not related to this case???

Probably HC may be looking at "opportunity lost to write mains only" means "mains to them only", if that only is the aspect looked at, then interviewed won't be related to this case.

Anonymous said...

Yes, my friend, they are alike the 16,000 candidates. only if the the merit list of interview and selection list are published, then only they are different from others. To remind you, no such thing has take place. I am not speculating boss,just imagine why interviewed candidates are eager to know the result by paying lots of money to them. everyone knows that the case is in SC. what else cud be the reason apart from the above one.
if someone is so eager to know the result, then he wud approach psc or media or pray God. but paying amount to someone for speeding up the process is just can't be appreciated.
even those meetings also, what do they do out of that? can they bring the case much before 7th october?
latest update is that appsc has tried last week to get the case on the bench by 15th sept but sc didn't accept it. Then,how can they speed up the process or go for legal proceedings by convening meetings and collecting money. Just ask them why are they collecting money? any one solid reason. someone earlier posted that we should contribute to those fighting for interviewed candidates. why should we, when there is no point/basis to fight? if the case was b/w us and the aggrieved candidates, then it's understandable. otherwise why should we poke into the matter b/w appsc and sufferers. Let us wait for the final verdict.

Special leave petition is not a right but it is a previlige upon which SC can either reverse, modify or affirm the order/judgment of H.C. It cannot reverse as it is also accepting the fact that there were some errors in the key.
It cannot modify as HC has not given the final judgment. So, calling for UPSC report won't be an issue for SC rather it would enable to proceedings to speed up. or else it can ask appsc to go back to HC by re-affirming the lower court's order. The only fact is that SC cannot dismiss the case based upon the previous arguments held. The only option left is Re-mains to the new entrants or Fresh mains to all. Either can happen. hope for good.

Anonymous said...

somebody here was talkin about gr1 and gr4 papers and throwing a challenge to those who cudn't get less than 90. Boss, this shows what u r capable of/ just forget about exams and do some thing else. you and me are qualified because of the faulty key. I think most of us accept this hard fact. After the revision of key, you won't be there, that's for sure. had been the key prepared correctly, u probably wud hv done something else. Then we'll talk.

How can u assess one's capability by looking at objective test only. you don't have manners to recpect others. My friend, don't just throw vague comments as if you are confirmed to be an acheiver. Iam sure even if u hv attended the interview, u won't get good marks with this kind of attitude.

kashinath said...

asalu neeku atma unte alaa maatlaadavu. nuvvu interview ki vellina, fail avuthavu. prelims lo markulemainaa shilaa shaasanamaa? anduke aa exam ni elimination test antaaru. paapam neelanti sudigaallaki adhi theliyadule.

naa anna last time interview ki velladu 83 marks tho, eesari 90 vacchai. ante thanaki aa capacity ledanaa/ thappudu key pass kaavadam goppa kaadu. repu key maarina tharvaatha, service kotti maatlaadu. Asalu neelantivaallu ee exams ke paniki raaru. Mithramaa, please evari feelings ni hurt cheyaku. intikelli bajjo.

Anonymous said...

APPSC can really get on your nerves. That is the lesson I learnt as time progressed from myself being a starry eyed person. APPSC has humbled me beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

Till now it not clarified that how 600+ candidates are not different from 16000+ candidates. If all are same, then whats the point in conducting interviews separately for them only. All of us should also be called for interview na?

Anonymous said...

"latest update is that appsc has tried last week to get the case on the bench by 15th sept but sc didn't accept it."

Boss don't joke, if APPSC has that much capability to infuence SC or HC, the case would not have come to this far.Even if we assume what you said is right, then there is equal chance that candidates who filed case can also influence it.

Do you think its really possible?! or its just a "aakasa rammanna" messages like money collection, paid for interview etc., which came in earlier in earlier posts.
and Few candidates

Anonymous said...

It seems that interviewed candidates didnot understand point why HC didn't accepted their plea to implead.

As per info in previous posts it looks HC doesn't consider them as a party affected to this case means, even if "re mains are ordered, it shall be for new guys only", under this circumstances only those interviewed are not party of this issue between APPSC and those candidates.

Anonymous said...

ref:సర్వే అఫ్ ఇండియా మప్స్,seshachalam is a హిల్.,రేంజ్ kadu

2)డయాలిసిస్ ట్యూన్స్ మదె అప్ అఫ్
ans:poly silicon.
ref:the introduction to biomaterials in medicine.(text book)

3)disaster ప్రొనె states

4)పీపుల్ డైడ్ ఇన్ నతురల్ దిసశ్రేర్స్
ans:123000 …..కానీ MANMADE+NATURAL వాళ్ళ ఇస్ 143000,కేవలం QUESTION లో కేవలం NATURAL వలన మాత్రమే. అని అడిగారు అపుడు 143000 కంటే తకువ వుంటుంది. ఇది పోటి పరీక్ష.THIS IS A COMPETITIVE EXAM.

Anonymous said...

friends let me remind all
prelims is for 150 objective
questions150 marks
selection is 1:50
Its is mere a screening test.
Range is wide for 1 post 50 candidates will be given opportunity to write mains
mains 6 Descriptive papers total
marks 750
selection is 1 :2 for interview.
see the toughness,
Interview is for 75 marks only
that too single board, transparency
is high, marks in mains decides the successful candidates,
here case is revolving round around
1 or 2 questions in prelims

Anonymous said...

gr1 coaching centres intention would be to have re-mains to all, as this would bring them good revenue with coaching classes.

Anonymous said...

"you and me are qualified because of the faulty key. I think most of us accept this hard fact".

Boss kindly don't bring many of us in the war between you and that guy who have cleared prelims because of wrong key. Quite many of mains qualified candidates wont be affected even if key is revised.

Yeah, unfortunately we could not clear mains. May be we are not in the top 606 ( irrespective of zones and castes). That's a different issue.

I am interested for new notification(may be present situation of state doesn't suit it) rather to write "re mains for all", as there are chances for many number of cases in future too like some of us explained in previous comments.

It is really tough to write mains again, if we are not sure that there won't be further cases.

At least in new notification, with the effect of this present Group 1 case,we can hope APPSC wont do these kind of stupid mistakes again which shall affect career of aspirants and we may peacefully write prelims, mains and wait for results.

It looks optimistic but i feel so.

Anonymous said...

many of us know the fact
when compared to mains
prelims is very easy,

Anonymous said...

the case is between Appsc Vs
2 candidates who
couldn't qualified for writing
as any person goes to hospital
for treatment, these people went
to court, same logic is applicable
to the interviewed candidates,
they too can approach court as
we all know they too are affected

Anonymous said...

please tell me clearly
why re mains for new only?
is objection , who wants to
remains for all probably
candidates unsuccessful in
the mains , they want another
chance to write mains, as there
are no notifications immediately.

Anonymous said...

there should not be any group1 notification/selection until state bifurcation... govt should halt this process.

jai samaikhya andhra
jai telangana
jai andhra
jai rayalaseema

Anonymous said...

So will there be re-mains to all candidates or any persons who wrote mains will be removed from the final list who write re mains?

Anonymous said...

Why is cm kiran kumar so adamant to give green signal to appsc for releasing of new notifications ?

Anonymous said...

will there be re-mains or re-prelims for all candidates?

Anonymous said...

With the present discussions, it seems that there shall be "Re mains to only newly qualified candidates"

Seems there is no chance of remains to all or re prelims to all.

Prelims shall be for new notification only.

These are logical opinions only. Need to wait for SC judgement(till october or beyond).

All the best for all categories of candidates.

Anonymous said...

avari judgements vallu isthunnaru..ds nt court ds s just a discussion room..remains confirm chesaru ikkada JUDGES ..ha ha very good....keep it mains rasthe...normalisation issue will arise key crt ivvaleni appsc..interview cnadidates,remains candidates,normalisation interview candidates malli court ki vltharu..HC , jobless aspirants baga dabunna vallu pettukuntey dabbulu mains ani..adi ani....meru appula palu kakandi

Anonymous said...

Yes friend, ikkada yevariki vaaru judgements ichestunnaru.

remains to all anna, remains to new anna, new prelims anaa, etc, there shall be cases and cases.

But remains to new only lo if normalization is taken care, seems there wont be problem. APPSC need not do that. So committee by SC may take care of it.

Like you said, we are not judges to finalize things.

Anonymous said...

How will the normalization process carried out for new and existing? Will that not stand for scrutiny in court if anybody lodges case at the end?

Anonymous said...

as suggested by someone, if SC it self is appointing a committee, i don't think allow for any scrutiny.

Any ways its opinion by few of our members.

Need to wait till judgement is over.

Anonymous said...

correct ye friend, dabbulu unna candidates nu dabbulu pettukomandi anthe tappinchi manam re mains ani appula paalu kaavadhu

Anonymous said...

who can trust appsc tht its capable of normalisation procedure ??? they cant even make proper keys for prelims exam.

APPSC is a constitutional body like SC and i dont think SC will make a committee that can dictate things regarding normalisation procedure.

SC itself said that thr cant be 2 mains . then why again this re-mains for some ?? either strike down the case or Fresh mains for all..

Anonymous said...

No body is compelling you or any body to believe APPSC. If any one of us don't believe it , we should either file a case in HC/SC explaining why you don't believe them so that they may give such orders which may make you believe APPSC or simply don't attend their exams and concentrate on UPSC exams.

Who said SC is dictating terms by appointing a committee.

If that is so tribunal's order on expert committee itself could not have happened. Because as you said appointing committee is "dictating" function of constitutional body like APPSC. This case is in some related to that expert committee and its report also na. Then how come no "dictating " aspect didn't arised and shall come in to picture only when a committee on normalisation by SC is made.

it already told that its a opinion/probable suggestion. things have not yet been finalized in SC.

let us wait till then.

Anonymous said...

yeh.file a case again in HC and waste time..right ? already we lost 1 yr in this case bcoz of incapable appsc.

who r u to say tht focus on upsc exam.its my right to criticize appsc whn its not fucntioning properly. rather than boycotting it like u said, we shud try to improve it.

the so-called expert committee appointed by appsc receieved gud scoldings by HC.u shud be knowing that. they cudnt manage simple objective questions. now we shud believe in appsc abt complex normalisation procedure and waste another 2 yrs in case ?? antha patience ikkada evarikee ledu boss.

i cant understand which stand u r taking ?? either appsc stand or aspirants stand ?? none of them is talking abt normalisation. is thr another party to the case which i dont know ??

kashinath said...

Someone had earlier posted the correct answer along with authentic evidences on which the present case is running. Even the courts have firmly believed in them. Then, who this expert has posted fake evidences and wrong answers. Is he from APPSC? If so, i request him to file a case in tribunal along with his/her sources of evidence instead of misleading all of us.

kashinath said...

yeah, u don't fight or file a case against a system which is ruining all our lives including yours. You just type and post comments in such blogs as it is a simpler task. By the way, all of us know what appsc is cabaple of? u think that expert committee has given a false report. Think from other side. why don't you think that appsc could have manipulated the report and submitted in favor of them without producing any substantial evidences.

Someone here said this case is like going to the hospital for treatment. My friend, u go to hospital for ur illness and get treated over there. but u won't fight for all the ill patients who get poor/no treatment in that hospital. There lies a difference. Those guys haven't prayed for only their inclusion/eligibility to write mains but rather have asked on behalf of thousands to revise the list and conduct the exam again.
People have been arguing from the point of view of 606 or 16,000 or 16,000-600 candidates. Has any one thought of those who have narrowly missed their opportunity to write mains just because of this faulty key.
There is another aspect. Many of us had opted for all correct answers for those 5 questions which were deleted and 5 marks were awarded to all in the very instance while publishing the first key.
so, on the whole, 5+7+6=18 questions were is debate out of 150. As we all know, even one mark can change the fate of hundreds of aspirants, then these 18 marks could show a sea of change. If SC comes to know about this, then it would simply ask appsc to evaluate the answer scripts for 132 questions only and then direct to publish the individual marks and cut-off. Then, who knows re-mains or fresh mains??? All the best to all the aspirants.

Anonymous said...

August 31, 2013 at 10:50 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
The following are the sources of evidence for correct answers in Gr-1 prelims exam:

Sources for PVC:

2.‘The role of PVC in healthcare’ by Colin R Blass
5.Handbook for dialysis Nurses- 2nd edition by Dr Abdulla A Al-Khader and Mohammed Al-Jondeby
6.Official journal of American Academy of Paediatricians-‘’
9.‘Safety Assessment of Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) Released from PVC Medical Devices’ by Center for Devices and Radiological Health, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 12709 Twinbrook Parkway, Rockville, MD 20852
10.Handbook of Dialysis , third edition, Volume 236, by John T. Daugirdas, Peter Gerard Blake, Todd S. Ing

Sources for Seshachalam:

1.10th Class social studies text book published by A.P Govt.
2.8th Class social studies text book published by A.P Govt.

Sources for 22 states:

1.IDKN website, a part of NIDM.
2.UNDP report on disaster management in India

Sources for Squint: Squeeze:

1.Tata Mcgraw hill book
2.RS Aggarwal book

Sources for No. of people killed due to disasters from 1980-2010:

1.Planning commission report
2.UNDP report.
3.IDKN website, a part of NIDM.

Could anyone deny or argue against these sources which were not even denied by APPSC at any instance in the courts?

Another interesting thing is that we were asked to file the online objections including those aggreived persons over these 4 questions. Many of us might have done so. Then, why did the appsc or the expert committee not consider them. Had they considered our objections, then it would have been reflected/presented in the report submitted to the court. Even the same could have been given to press also.
Friends, think from this angle too. I am not in support of anyone as I couldn't qualify in mains. But still I want all of us to throw some light on these key aspects.

kashinath said...

My friend, you are correct., I also came to know that appsc did not file a counter against this case for nearly 6 months. That means, they were not denying the issues raised by the candidates. All the time, appsc has been trying to cover up the mess. That's the reason why it took so long time. Had they filed the counter/reply earlier, by this time, the case would have been closed. It is just a sheer negligence and pure reluctance on the part of apppsc.

Anonymous said...

To solve your problem of "incapable appsc" it is suggested to file a case. Apart from that what else can yuo or others can do? If you are so frustated then as per suggestions it is told to write UPSC rather than APPSC.

We also have right to fight against frustated candidates like you. Every body else in the country have vareity of rights in this nation. dont un necessarily get that thing in to picture.

it many times told that committe for noralization shall be appointed by SC. Dont you read full statements before typing your views or what. IF sc, what APPSC or its incapability will affect that comittee.

Neevannattu remains to all annatha matrana case vlose avutundhi anukuntunnava. interviewed candidates case veyochu, ledha remains to all ani ani, daani valla jarige mains results vachaka, say a candidate who has not selected for new interviewed list finds out that a candidate who once again wrote mains because of remains, at first not selected is selected now and claims that he also need second chance like him for one more mains. What all of will do, not to wait for more than two years for this case to get solved.

SO isn't normalization is better than these cases.

Think other options too before comenting unnecessarily aboput others views and lecturing about rights

Anonymous said...

thats right..i am blaming appsc. not the interviewed candidates..they r innocent like us.

thr cud be major changes if the key is revised.i just dont understand why appsc didnt accept all the mistakes in the 1st revision.

boss..whether the committee report is wrong or appsc manipulated this we cant know tht..but ultimately we blame both na. even HC blamed appsc and it even went on to constitute UPSC committee.that shows HC's belief in appsc system in this case.

i hope SC orders appsc to revise the key and draw a fresh list again .that alone wud put a full stop to the one wud suffer with tht..

Anonymous said...

Mr kasinath, what other productive thing you are doing than us apart from commenting and typing here.Before commenting on others look at your self and start typing

If you think that those answers posted with proofs are correct meet those candidates and fight along with the showing those in SC. How can you say that some who posted answers with reference than what your friend has posted are from APPSC? You know what proofs APPSC has Submitted? If so kindly let all of us know. The answers which other has posted are not inline with yours doesn't mean that they are from APPSC or enemies to mankind.kindly come out of that psyche. They have right to provide their information here like your friend/welwisher has provided. If you they are wrong come out with your version of proofs or atleast show them to your friends or submit youself to court. Regarding appsc filing counter, court will take care if it has done wrong because of any lapses by it.

Some body thinking towards welfare of those who missed narrowly is suggesting for "new mains to new candidates only", whether with 5 or 7 or 6 or 18 or 12 questions considered for revising list( if SC opts to revise). One thing is clear that majority of the new list will also be from candidates who have already written mains. Of course few of them may not be in new list. In that case isn't it correct to suggest "new mains for new candidates only". why two chances for many who have already written mains and one chance for newly qualified candidates. Why are so against this option. For you the normalization by a SC appointed committee is a problem, but not many cases which probably could be filed if "remains to all" is accepted. Hope you think of these two and decide which is easier one.
You earlier told that your brother got 90 ans missed a chance. Is it correct to let you brother be given one chance and many others in case of new revised is prepared are given two.

With all due respect to your brother's capability of clearing mains provided a chance to him, if suppose he doesn't clear in the new mains for all, probably we may see you repeating above statement of comparing one chance to few and two chance for many.

Hope it doesn't happen to your brother. Any ways all the best for your brother and you too if you are a party of this case.

Anonymous said...

You are right boss, Appsc could have avoided this mess had it had considered a;ll of these issues at that time it self.

Hope SC revises key and conduct mains only to those who have lost opportunity to write them. Other wise they will be at lose, if all of the write mains once again.

all the best to all

Anonymous said...

ok boss. we all agree "re-mains for new candidates only". Now plz stop this CRUSADE :)

unfortunately u r taking up an issue which no one is raising(just like byreddy in rayalseema).Plz dont start a political party on this issue now :)

Anonymous said...

Ok boss, hope you also stop JIHAD on others, in the name of "Mains to all".

Unfortunately, u also are spoiling chances of genuinely deserved candidates who lost opportunity of writing mains, in the name of re mains to all.Ironically it is siilar to your example of " Byreddy on rayalaseema"

Kindly don't join his political party, because ideologies of both of you match in respective subjects in their gist/core of ideas.

Anonymous said...

yento boss discussion room undi kada ani yedi padthe adi commenting ..tell me 1 thnig last time mains lo 250 marks paper motham lo mistakes untey conduct cheyani re mains...ippudu nduku chstharu..notiifcations ravu..lets grab d chance antara..antha ledu...appsc kotha notification ki yentha time teeskun tado..ippudu ee re mains interview ki amidst ee godavallo anthe untadi...

Anonymous said...

i am not the alone guy demanding fresh mains for all. this issue is represented in SC also.

whr as urs is trapped in some intellectual minds, which is not coming out at all..

plz dont bother abt justice for missed students.

Anonymous said...

whether you or other guys demanding remains is not the point.

What is being asked is how it is justified to ask for fresh mains for all.May be this view is represented in SC, doesn't means that its sacrosanct and it only be followed, we can't tell untill the same is told in judgement.

Why can't mains be for only those new guys is considered.In what way injustice happens to missed students with this concept. In fact it provides justice to everybody who comes under this notification.

It is known to only those candidates who filed case,that why they have filed case claiming for fresh mains rather than justice to them.Dont know in what way injustice is happening them if fresh mains not conducted to all.

Intellectual mind only can think out of box rather to age old mind who in the name of justice spoiling every bodies chance including those who lost opportunity.

Of course unlike you i do bother about justice to missed students.Thats why i and quite many people in this forum are supporting new point called "fresh mains missed candidates only".

Anonymous said...

To all those who are advocating re-mains to new candidates, how will you justify the scaling of marks? Will that procedure not suffer from lack of equability? Will not the remaining people be robbed of a chance to have qualified in the re-mains. These are complex questions.

People only think in the way that best suits them. The principles of natural justice demands .........? Fill the dotted line with whatever be the result you want from SC depending on either of the 3 groups you belong to.

Anonymous said...

To all those who are advocating "remains to all", how will you justify, about two times mains chances for many and one time chance for less compared to those many, as you are also advocating remains to all.

Isn't is robbing chance of newly qualified candidate who is competing with others who have already wrote mains once, where few of are even qualified for mains.

In addition how will you justify if interviewed candidates knock SC's door, in case " remains to all" judgement for what you are praying comes, saying why they are not bieng heard, in case where they are bieng affected. How will you or your friends justify it? If it happens it will further delay whole procedure much more.

Yes people only think in the way that best suits them, that why you are running behind "remains to all" saying that it is the only way for justice.

Now you kindly fill the blank based on the options discussed in this forum.
I request you to practice filling the blanks with along with multiple choice answers too. It may come to your use in next notification. In addition you can give that moola of knowledge to APPSC because of whose mistakes we are loosing our aspirations.

Anonymous said...

if the slate is wiped clean , then it doesnt matter if someone wrote the mains once or twice .

u r free to approach the SC if u feel thts not fair incase SC orders fresh mains to all. noone is stopping u .

nobody is altruistic here. evryone wants the judgement to suit their interests. interviewed candidates want the case to be struck down . missed candidates wants fresh mains. so plz stop acting like that and present ur case.

Anonymous said...

Some body is presenting their like you. Whats problem to you.

If you want slate to be wiped clean. Then let that wiped slate concept is started from prelims it self. You people call justice to be done, but it should be in your faour they there is injustice in that concept it self.

Just because your wiped slate concepts suits you, doesn't mean it only need to be accepted.

Every body is presenting their case, here. Probably they may go there too. Lets wait till October judgements for any new developments.

No where any body said that you or any body has stopped some one going to SC. if you felt so, that's up to you why you felt like that.

You your self admitting that no body including you and me are not altruist, then whats problem to you, if me or some body else propose or fight for their cause.

If you feel those things should not be commented in this blog. Kindly you too stop popularizing your concept of justice, before recommending it to others.

kashinath said...

Hey friends, some people here are misleading the whole discussion to a separate track. They are stating that 'how will you justify, about two times mains chances for many and one time chance for less compared to those many...'. Now let's be very clear that our success in mains doesn't depend on the no. times we appear for the same exams.

It would depend only on hard work and luck. Then, how can the above statement be true? In that case, people who had written mains in last 3 notifications should be getting into the posts this time. Isn't it?

Thanks for supporting my brother's issue. I am no party of this issue. Inorder to avoid scaling, normailisation etc.(as somebody earlier commented...) I feel it is better to conduct fresh mains once and for all.

As far as the interviewed candidates knocking the doors of courts, we all know what happened to 845 candidates. Once the list is prepared based on the order and if court directs to conduct the exam afresh or second time to the new entrants, then no one would be having a right to approach the courts in the absence of any selection list and even the list 606 gets null and void.

I haven't placed this discussion for the sake of my brother. Rather, i am speaking the truth which is hard to digest. Instead of pleasing someone, or by sticking onto 'mains for a few' statements, I wish if we could come out with basic facts, it would be better to all of us.

Even if there is a re-mains for new entrants, there is no guarantee that my brother or anyone would be in that list because of those 18 errors. If he is there to write mains, that's good. But I promise you that i won't debate on re-mains/fresh mains (as someone posted here) just for our sake. Hope you are clarified now.

Anonymous said...

i dont hav any objection with the argument abt striking down the case. thtswhat appsc is arguing for.

i belong to the aspirants party.naturally i support their arguments. fresh mains for all

who wins is upto the SC.

which party u belong to boss ? plz let me know if appsc is asking for re-mains for new candidates !! or tell me its just for forum debate then no problem. i want to know if any party is raising the issue in supreme court. plz clarify.

Anonymous said...

My friends, some body was asking what sources APPSC has produced in the court. Keep your eyes and ears open to receive the following facts.

1. Seshachalam - One map printed by a private publisher from vijayawada.

2. PVC - Instead of Polysilicon, it claimed polysilicon'e' as the correct answer which is none of the four answer choices. It is called 'Silicone rubber' which is used in breast implants and is entirely different from Poly silicone which is used in transistor etc. but not dialysis and blood tubes.

3. 22 states - Yojana. I hope all of you aware that Yojana magazine contains contains a Disclaimer in the very first page stating the opinions in articles are purely related to the authors but not to any Govt. Inst or Org.

4. 1,43,000 - No evidence produced.
5. Squint:squeeze - No evidence produced.
6. Nile:Amazon- No evidence produced to prove that the mark was given to both answers. In reality, it didn't happen. Because if you go thru foot notes, it says 1 or 2 but in the corresponding place against the question in the key, only 2 i.e Nile is given.

That means whoever is on 90 and had opted for Amazon in Telugu medium was at loss. The individual marks list was asked only to validate this question and also the cut-off mark.

Ironically, appsc has never opened even a single word against Individual marks list, as was given in the last recruitment. What's stopping PSC to do so?

So my dear friends, those who wrote prelims in telugu medium and opted for Amazon and stood at 90 should check ur omr sheets once again.

The whole purpose of duplicate omr sheets is defeated in the absence of individual marks list.

Who knows, tomorrow appsc may not even publish our marks in mains and interviews too, leave about future notifications.

That's the story behind this issue.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what exactly appsc has asked in court,some time one of you told that its asking for striking down the case, now you are claiming its asking for striking down notification it self. Kindly correct your self.

I too belong to aspirants where revision of key can provide me opportunity to write mains, but not like you looking to write mains again along with new guys.

You said you belong to already mains written candidate, but waiting for another mains to be done. Then don't wear mask of justice to all and act for we missed candidates. If you really wanted justice to them, you could have asked for a fresh mains to them rather to all. This shows your real aim.

Of course who wins is upto SC.

what else do think that this forum is, apart from debate. Kindly check your self at supreme court in october if any party is raising new issues.

You say your case is represented in SC, whats the point in discussing same here,kindly go there for any arguments. Here it is being discussed about other options of "justice to all", if any other option is finalized, few of us may represent case like you in SC.

kashinath said...

Some one has asked why the candidates has prayed for 'mains to all' instead of 're-mains for them'.

my friend, in that case, appsc would have brought the previous judgment of SC,'only one mains at any instance but not two mains' on to the desk. Then the whole purpose of seeking justice could have been at stake.

Due to this, my of our friends including my brother who are not part of the case would have lost a precious opportunity to write the Mains exam.

My dear friend, appsc had not argued to conduct second mains for new entrants because SC itself warned appsc not to think in those lines.

Based on such background and hard facts only, I am trying to make the facts open to all.

I wish for second mains for new entrants only, becoz it would render justice to all.

kashinath said...

my friend, please learn the 'vocabulary'. I meant 'case' to be an 'issue' and certainly not the legal 'case'. I have already written mains but could not qualify, how can my case be presented in SC? Think logically, boss! I know, this forum is only for 'debate', then let's have healthy discussions.

I am certainly looking for a chance(Most of us here also...) to write Mains but I am for the argument of 'mains for new entrants' only.

I think none of us here have raised a point that appsc would cancel the notification. Please go through the previous comments in the forum.

Even though I have written Mains, I am still talking in favour of my fellow friends who missed the opportunity.

And you are one who missed the opportunity but is unable to raise ur voice in public or courts or before appsc. Have you at least gone to the courts to listen to the case which is representing people like you. You won't do that...Because sitting and typing here is easier than fighting, Isn't it?

Anonymous said...

u r correct, kashinath. most people don't know language and vocabulary but still are at a fond hope of writing and clearing in mains.

God only knows, what will happen even if they succeed? Being a Group-1 aspirant, one shud maintain certain standards but not use filthy language.

Anonymous said...

hi friends, some body in this discussion long back itself started misleading the forum in the name of "mains to all" , giving a caption of "justice to all".

And some body started saying like if slate is wiped clean, then all are equal.Its not MIB movie to clean the mind like slate. Let them kindly elaborate it, for this context.

and some body claiming that there no such difference between 600+ interviewed candidates and the rest who have written mains. If that is so why there were no interviews to all as there is no difference between those two categories.

Some body says, 'mains to all" is represented in SC. If that is so why it is being raised agian here, let discussion be there in SC it self rather to this forum

Anonymous said...

for ur information , i never used the word JUSTICE at all. i openly admit that i am a chance grabber incase fresh mains is conducted. thatswhy i am hoping for fresh mains. fortunately some guys raised this issue in court so i pray tht they shud win. i leave the justice to the court.

evryone is praying for their cause and so do u . u r the one rallying under justice for all.

boss why wud appsc ask the SC to strike down the notification ??? think with common sense. its asking for the strike down of the case. is thr a need to clarify this also ?

u r talking as if writing fresh mains is a Sin. come out of tht mindset.

i am not attending SC , for ur clarification. i am just being selfish. Who isnt ??

Anonymous said...

if u r among the missed candidates , then definitely u hav bigger stake in this. seeing that u r vociferous , i assume u r participating in the case or atleast suporting them by attending the sessions.

we hav lesser stake than u . if given another chance , we will be happy . or given chance only to new candidates , then also we will be happy.

just sitting here and countering our arguments wont bring u justice bro. u shud fight for it, not with us.

Anonymous said...

How many times did you attended the court, and how much time you spent here in typing and commenting views which are not inline with you or your friends ideology.

One know how to talk before preaching to others. Coming to vocabulary, its not exam we are writing here. If the gist of statement is understood, its enough. If are unable to get the gist in statements where the vocabulary is not proper, then you should not be a G1 aspirant at all, as being a G1 officer instead of solving problems where you need to solve problem which are represented with bad vocabulary. Do you look at vocabulary of the gist of the problem.

If you are so interested in only vocabulary, kindly look for plush jobs, where vocabulary is important rather to content.

SC may have commented, lets wait till judgement comes, whats going to happen. whether mains to all or mains to new or cancellation of notification itself, or cancellation of case it self. Things are not yet finalized. Just taking few statements happened, you cant say what ever you are claiming is only going to come out there.

If you have went to courts so many times, kindly share us what all happened there in these many number of days. Instead of sharing the very thing of info sharing, you claim as if you were the only person going to courts and others are simply typing. Kindly look at you or you friends language usage, before commenting on others.

If what ever you say is already being told in court, whats the point to repeat the same here. Let all of us look at other options of"justice to all". You better be with those candidates at court, rather than frowning on us.

Finally what is bieng questioned is why not mains only for those missed candidates. May be shall be looking at this aspect. Let us wait and see till october. Whats the problem for you if other options are discussed here.

Anonymous said...

helo mister, neekasalu sigganipinchatledaa? so called selfish fellow! selfish ante artham nuvvu kashpadedhi nuvve thinaali ani, anthe kaani pakkodi kashtaanni thindaamane neelaanti vaallanu emanaalo...., maatalu kudaa raavatledu. inka nuvvu gr1 aspirant ani ekkada cheppukoku. nee lantivallu system loki vasthe, chedalu padthundi.

Anonymous said...

Yes boss, iam fighting for my cause, but people are want to take chance in the name of this case which is supposed to be provided to genuinely needed/provided.

"just sitting here and countering our arguments wont bring u justice bro. u shud fight for it, not with us."

What else apart from that are you doing?

Anonymous said...

thnks anna for clarifying. ikkada pakkodi kashtanni ekkada dochukuntunnano konchem cheppu ...

ohhh, i am stealing the chances of 606 !! nenu enni cheppina ,SC order isthe appudu kuda alane antava , that court played with lives of those students ??

i sympathise with missed students , not the rest. they shud get justice not u and me. how their justice is better served will be taken care by the court.for ur information , even the missed students r fighting for fresh mains.

system gurinchi maree antha benga padipovaddu le . thr r more qualified ppl to take care of tht.

kashinath said...

Hello friends, Am I wrong with my statements? I made it very clear that I have written mains but cudn't qualify and I am for 're-mains to new people' only. Then, why all of a sudden, you guys are shouting as if I and my friends have done something wrong? Yes, I haven't been to the courts nor I have friends being a part of the case.

But still I want to convery what truth is? Why are you guys frightened to face it? You just said that language is not important for Gr1 candidates. If you convey some thing else with your poor language, people won't leave you even if you are a Gr-1 officer.

I request you to read once again what you have typed. Because most of us here are not able to understand what you want to convey.

At one instance, you ask me to tell what happend in the courts and later on, you say why is it discussed, if already discussed in the courts.(check your previous comment.)

Leave aside Group1, my friend, first give us a clarity on what you want to say? This is my only request to you.

I am open to all the options but you are the one who is confined to what best suits you. Then, don't come on to debate in such forums.

By the way, I am not vociforous, bro. The one who has been trying to counter me is vociforous. I am also like u my friend. I also wish if i get another chance to write the exam again. But my intention is to bring forth all the valid points.

Anonymous said...

@kashinath. i agree with you. dont worry abt them. even i am not able to understand whether he is missed candidate or interview candidate !!! if he tells that clearly , then its easy to understand his comments. in one post he claims as missed candidate and in the others he talks like interview candidate. but common in both is "justice for all" tag.

one honest suggestion to my anonymous brother, plz regroup with whtever group u belong to and participate in the case.

mains failed candidates r bystanders. they dont hav to hope for anything. arguing with us , doesnt solve ur problem.

Anonymous said...

@kasinath and another anonymous friend:

iam a candidate who missed chance and got a hope that revised key may bring my chance back of writing mains, if i am there in the probable fresh list(hope court also do same). I am not aware of that other guy who is also raising new mains to new/missed only.Of course i am taking few of his valid points.

If you wanna have clear idea kindly go through all the previously said statements, rather to one or two.

Of course few of fellow missed candidates, filed petition for fresh mains again- i don't accept them as that is going to affect our selves. They must be knowing why they filed case like that rather to restore justice. If any one of you know them personally convey this issue and kindly pass back their idea of mains to all. as i dont find logic in that, i cant accept their version of justice.

I believe in Justice to those who are not provided the same. Let us wait what SC says. Unfortunately i coulnd't move to court, as iam not in a position to spend money like them. But i cant stay calm seeing the others want to reap benefits which missed candidates only are supposed to get. I may be or may not be in the new list( if SC does so). What i am is clear unlike you, "Justice to only those who are not provided the same", in this line if any issues are there, hope SC shall solve them.

Iam not here to argue here with any body. You have started commenting, arguing with me on my posts.

If you are a by stander kindly be like that watching what may happen, why are you people frowning at me.
(With all due respects to candidates who have already written mains)

Anonymous said...

The same people won't leave you too, for you selfish motives, even if you become G1 officers now or in future.

Mind your words dear, before preaching to others.

Anonymous said...

ok bro..thanks for the clarity. now we can see ur version clearly. all the best

Anonymous said...

Thanks for understanding my vision boss. Hope you appreciated it.

All the best for all of us.

Anonymous said...

out of approx. 1.5 lakh applicants
only 15000 cleared prelims i.e is success rate is10%, out of 15000 only 606 qualified in mains success rate is 4.04% , so majority 95.96% who didn't cleared mains naturally don't want to loose any opportunity to write mains again ask for re mains for all, that 90% candidates who didn't
qualified in prelims want fresh prelims,

Anonymous said...

My friend, their idea of filing the case is only to restore justice to all those who missed the opportunity just because of erroneous key.

Had they gone with the sole motive of their entry, the purpose would have been defeated. Because conducting mains for only those who went to the court might not have been fruitful.

At that time, they were only focussed on fighting for justice by filing RTIs, Pleadings at APPSC, requesting the Members etc. But all the efforts had gone in vain. Then,they had to approach the court. This is to remind you that there were around 4 or 5 cases in the tribunal revolving around the errors in the key.

The only purpose was to bring forth all the errors so that issue would be resolved once and for all. Unfortunately, appsc has dragged this issue to this stage.

Even the highcourt stated that Tribunal had done a great mistake by allowing the process to go on in the presence of faulty key. It ought not had given such judgment. Had it asked appsc to rectify the key and then, go on with the proceedings, things would have been different.

Anonymous said...

You are correct, boss. if appsc had rectified the key at that time only all of us would have not debated in this forum. It doesn't matter whether they fought for themselves or for all, but this is a good lesson to appsc and our friends in future will be benefited because we hope psc will not commit such grave injustice agin.
Any way, all the best to them.

Anonymous said...

psc future? what stops psc to
issue notifications for posts which
were cleared by financial department.many of our friends eagerly waiting for new notifications started their preparations, whats their future,

Anonymous said...

future of the candidates is in dark

Anonymous said...

Boss, i think none had issues with filing of case against appsc. i am sure nobody here inclusive of interviewed candidates are talking in favour of APPSC. what i have told is why the case has been filed by my fellow missed candidates for fresh process rather to restore justice, it could have been left courts take decision on what need to be done.

why it should be thought that had justice to missed only was plead/prayed for, could not have been be fruitful?

Because of that only there are comments on collection of money for remains etc are coming.

Yes, it is true that, had APPSC, taken care of these questions at that time itself, we all couldn't have been discussing about new notification mains exams, rather to old notification cases.

Any ways "happy vinayaka chavithi" to all.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

read the it as"we all could have been........"

Sorry for typo mistake.

Anonymous said...

Did High court criticize the tribunal for allowing appsc to conduct mains with the faulty key ????

on oct 7th , will it be the final hearing or it takes some more time in supreme court ??

Anonymous said...

Some body present in the court on that hearing could only can say any ting about this.

Think he/she are not related to this case, otherwise biased statements from both parties can flare up egos and there shall be rally of essays.

Anonymous said...

How could you say 'rally of essays'? How can u perceive others' agony as 'essay'? If you are so reluctant to be open to others' views, then do not come for a debate over here.

Anonymous said...

Instead of watching flared-up egos, why don't u go and attend the court. It would at least help others to know the updates.

Anonymous said...

Instead of watching flared-up egos, why don't u go and attend the court. It would at least help others to know the updates.

Anonymous said...

"Instead of watching flared-up egos, why don't u go and attend the court. It would at least help others to know the updates."

Expecting this kind of answers only, flared-up msg was given.

Instead of questioning others, you better try to contact who was there in court on that day, rather to comment.

Many people are already aware of who is reluctant to who!

Whats problem in using word essay. how is it degradable to use essay for somebodies "agony". In what way its is wrong.

Before you comment kindly question yourself and then comment,that in what way those words are demeaning others.

Kindly you too don't come to debate, if wanna have have unnecessary quarrel with others.

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody,
Cpould anybody throw some light on the present case. my daughter has written mains and attended interview also. Now there is talk of fresh mains. i could not not understand that point. so new members will be added to the existing list and will the fresh mains conducted to all? or any will any people be removed from the list of people who wrote mains because of the entry of new persons? please clarify?

Anonymous said...

hello sir,sir none in this chat box are lawyers/judges/competent in law or all facts of case.they just type comments which suits them.all of them have to bind to SC judgement none can influence it and interview candidates will be provided safeguards whatever may be d decision

Anonymous said...

lol..safeguards?? what are you talking about>?

Anonymous said...

Why so much "LOL" on safeguards?

Kindly look at previous comments to know what he is talking about.

Anonymous said...


None of us clearly are not aware of whats going on in present G1 case in SC. Information can be obtained from candidates who filed case or from APPSC.

Here we are debating about what kind of solution is going to come/need to be given, based on their opinions or needs.

To know all those kindly go through previous comments patiently.

Hope there shall be remains to missed candidates only.

All the best for your daughter's result.

Anonymous said...

please you can contact APPSC regarding more authentic information on the G1 case,
after wards you can take the
advice of any senior lawyer
for future course of action for
safeguarding interests of your daughter. ALL
the best.

Anonymous said...

@ hari12345 , sankar . this is kamal. any updates ? Plz respond. no authentic info in these comments .

Anonymous said...

hi friends can any one clarify me about hearing on 7/10/ it the final judgement or only hearing...

Anonymous said...

hi friends, someone filed case against appsc in favour of interviwed candidates. Today SC hasn't accepted the case and postponed it to 7th october.

Earlier, a case was filed in HC on the similar lines. That case was not at all entertained by the HC as the court thought that Interviewed candidates are out of circle and cannot claim their right since their selection list is not yet decided.

So, friends, whoever has contributed their money for this case in SC, please think over it again. Because they approached me too but I didn't give money simply because I was well aware of the fact that our issue would not be entertained in the courts.

Anonymous said...

My friend, it is only a hearing. Bcoz SC will have consider all the proceedings held in lower courts till now and then go for final judgment.

Since the APPSC has not produced any evidence material and indirectly accepted the errors in the absence any material evidence, it is highly possible that SC may direct PSC to redraw the merit list based on new key and conduct mains for new entrants only.

I also don't think there is any scope for us(interviewed candidates) to file keep in mind all the proceedings happend till now.

Anonymous said...

what is prayed in this case of interviewed candidates? who are the parties? who filed the case?

Anonymous said...

oct 7th is not the final hearing. it will take somemore days :( may be by november !!!!

i strongly wish SC shud bash APPSC left and right. then only they will learn the lesson.

Anonymous said...

I too wish SC should bash APPSC for its irregularities.

If SC has not accepted case of interviewed candidates means, it may take decision of revision of key for those new guys only, otherwise they shall have become party in to this case.

Anonymous said...

SLP on behalf of interviewed candidates against psc accepted or not
wait and watch in the evening update of SC website, don't
believe in rumors.

Anonymous said...

just wait for some more hours and get direct information from SC website directly, then doodh ka
doodh pani ka paani patha chelaga

Anonymous said...

kya doodh ka doodh, kya paani ka paani??? y u guys r keepin' people in dark? how long can u do so? we know that the case has been postponed to 7th october.

It is posted with the present cases on that day. then what's the point in waiting till evng? is it at least admitted today? has it been given any no. if so, pls provide the same. otherwise don't confuse people with 'doodh....paani..' kind of bollywood dialogues.

Even if it is listed on 7th oct, will it hold good? does it have any solid and substantial grounds to stand against appsc or does it simply contain the prayer to publish the results.

Insteading typing dialogues, update us on the above issues, bro...

Anonymous said...

guys, i hear that today's case was dismissed. is it true? pls tell me.

Anonymous said...

friends. what is the basis of this case/ if appsc is stopped by courts not to disclose results, how can we intervene in that matter.,if we can do so, then high court would have taken our case then and there itself.

someone is fooling us with false promises.

Anonymous said...

hold on, guys. there was no argument held todya in supremcourt becoz the court didn't take the issue seriously and thought this case is not important.

somebody played with us by filing new case in supremecourt.

Anonymous said...

my friend, how can someone file case with out no basis. they collected money and simply filed da case on behalf of interviewed persons to betray all of us. it is just to show that they have spent money on da case.
if there is really grounds, then the case would be heard by today itself.
some body clarify.....

Anonymous said...

only god and the people filed the new case in sc can tell us wat hpnd in the court today.

are they here! pls update us boss.v r eager to hear u.

vijay said...

the case is pending b/w aggreived and the sc hw can we intervene in the matter? i think ther r no grounds thats why sc has cancelled the case. then who collected money for he case and for which purpose. v all know that any court will reject this case since v r not direct parties affected by the case. only if appsc gives teh list i think then we will be eligible to fight in court. who is then bluffing.

Anonymous said...

You said we shall watch the sc website in the evening. if u r so confident, then let us know what happend by now itself.

Has the court admitted the case?

Has the court given any order?

Has the court directed to announce the results?

If none of this has happend, then why all of us should wait till the evening?

Pls respond.

Lnarayana said...

HeLLo friends, sc didn't take up the case as it thought it is not relevant at this stage to consider the issue since the main issue(errors in key) hasn't been finalised. isn't true

Anonymous said...

itis better if all of us wait till 7th oct because at any rate no case would be heard till then. i hope so. whoever has filed thecase might hv done it with ignorance or to fool others.

Anonymous said...

Guys, who ever is not party of this case especially who lost in mains like me, need not to bother, what shall happen in SC. The case is between aggrieved candidates and APPSC. If interviewed candidates want to be in this, let them. Why we all should be bothered.

why should we all worry if SC takes up the case or not.

Lets us not bother about speculations and wait till October or beyond.

Anonymous said...

Abadaalu Asathyaalu Avi Arishtaalu
Athaahpaathaalam loki Adadhaarulu.

Anonymous said...

Interviewed candidates know what is

going on , what has to be done,

better as they qualified in prelims

as well as mains.

Anonymous said...

why so much quick reaction on
SLP on behalf of interviewed candidates , cool baabu .cool.

Anonymous said...

Filing SLP on behalf of Interviewed
candidates is a Group decision,
No one man or few men show.

Anonymous said...

we G1 interviewed candidates conduct regular meetings,
decisions are taken with
Consensus, No bluffing or
nothing in dark , open forum,
which welcomes all the real
interviewed candidates.

Anonymous said...

your consensus, group meetings doesn't answer the above queries raised by our friends. Why are you hesitating to let us know the case status? then you shudn't hv come on to the forum like this.

Can some one say what happend y'day?

Anonymous said...

Why this kolveri kol worry di?

Anonymous said...

kindly go through SC website

Chandana Nancharaiah said...

116,123, 0 S.( 615) & ORS.

Hi friends, court as taken SLP & adjourn to 7 th October, because the same case come to court on that day, pl. wait up to 7th Oct. all the best

Anonymous said...

Some people are talking about safeguards to interviewed candidates. What does that mean?

Anonymous said...

Mr.Nacharaiah, if court has taken the case, then a no. should have been given to slp, isn't ? what's the no. of SLP? If no. is not there, can we consider that the court hasn't taken the SLP>

Anonymous said...

whoever has talked about safeguards for interviewed candidates is vague. he doesn't know wat he is talking. is it constitutional or legal or ethical or any other safeguards. Without explainng this, u cannot just make some vague statements,boss.

Anonymous said...

Guys issue is simple.

If any one has legal issues, they can approach court for clarifications.

None of us here in the blog i assume or lawyers.

I hope 'constitutional", "legal" or "Ethical", can be dealt in court only.

What ever question nd answers we may pose on our selves, need not be right or wrong. They better need to be cleared in courts for better clarifications.

Quite many are fighting for their rights, unless one is affected by those fights, we need not bother about this tussle at all.

Chandana Nancharaiah said...

I am seeing number of cases in SC without case no. after II nd listing also. the status of present case is showing as pending, I thick court as permitted the petitioner to file SLP and also I st listed. If you have any information, may up date pl.

Anonymous said...

i heard some coaching centres already advertising abt new mains. is this true ?

kashinath said...

Infact, appsc always tries to create two warring groups whereby the whole issue gets diluted. Here also, allowing the SLP of interviewed candidates without any reason would also get diluted. Because when there is no selection list, how can one claim for his/her right? If this is allowed, then all mains written but not qualified candidates would also fight for their right which has been violated due to the erroneous key of PSC.

Any way, the court has posted the case on 7th october. Then what is the necessity of filing SLP in SC? We can wait till the final order of SC. Isn't it? only those who filed it, can share their views.

Anonymous said...

In what way mains written but not qualified candidates are parties to both SLPs (whether those SLPs are right or wrong).

In previous messages some of our fellow bloggers claimed that "being mains written but not to interview candidates, they cant be part of any case,but waiting to write mains if SC goes by missed candidates Prayer in their SLP"

How shall erroneous key shall affect all the mains written but not qualified to mains candidates?

Anonymous said...

It will definitely affect one and all, my friend. For example, a person who has written mains but couldn't qualify for interview might claim that those who got benefited by erroneous key have been qualified for interview.
Due to this, the cut-off might be up or down, hence they'll ask for another chance, on the similar lines of interviwed candidates just because they also don't know their status.
By virtue of attending the interview, one cannot claim his/her right of post even in the courts too.

Anonymous said...

when interviewed candidates can approach the court without knowing their status in the selection, why can't the others claim for their right which has been violated due to the erroneous key?
Yes, definitely there would be a sea of change if the key is revised and a fresh merit list is published, then why shouldn't the mains written but not qualified candidates approach the courts for their rights?

Anonymous said...

on behalf of 606 candidates who cleared the screening test i.e prelims objective type questions for 150 marks for every question 4 options are given, and also cleared
6 descriptive papers,out 1 General English is qualifying in nature,
5 descriptive papers for 750 marks,and appeared for interview
for 75 marks, after crossing all
these they are waiting for the past 6 months for no fault filed
SLP against PSC.

Anonymous said...

My friend, you your self or another anonymous friend were earlier claiming that "apart from missed candidates no body should approach court" ( for reference go through the previous messages). Now your saying that mains written not qualified can also approach court.

Who in this blog has opposed your idea? Kindly do it, if you feel this path is right one.

"sea of change" aspect shall be decided by SC. Even if key is revised as per missed candidates, do you think that those all previous mains candidates including interviewed shall be out of list? Unless we have clear cut info on this number we both cant rely on this argument based on assumed numbers.

But i think that SC might be having data by APPSC on this numbers (in and out in case if key is revised) aspect.

who is benefited or lost from erroneous key shall be decided by SC, in my view we should not worry about this.

So let us not speculate things and wait for oct 7th.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

i think appsc might hav caluculated the changes in the list if they accept all the questions of aspirants. but they didnt show this to any court so far..

wht the other guy said is true.u cant judge a candidate just by his prelims marks. thr r many candidates who failed in upsc prelims became toppers..

in this interview list also , thr might be some candidates ,..who knows!! but we dont know the exact number.

if tht candidate entered the interview list , and later he is removed . shudnt a mains failed candidate jump in ?? its a big mess..

yeh coaching centres want to make money by advertising for new mains. already ther r all closed now.

Anonymous said...

Some body is saying that "u cant judge a candidate just by his prelims marks. thr r many candidates who failed in upsc prelims became toppers.."

Simultaneously you say " if tht candidate entered the interview list , and later he is removed . shudnt a mains failed candidate jump in ?? its a big mess.."

Your first statement nullifies the second one.

If any one of us are not party to this case, lets not bother about this case much. If any one of us is related, kindly wait till oct 7th. Hope SC shall take care of various issues related to this case.

Anonymous said...

who is this forensic analyst ? u tell wht u want to tell and leave. why u want to poke others ?

i said, if a candidate with less prelims marks entered the interview and after re-drawing the prelims key , he may be out. do u dispute tht ?

if such a person has to go out , dont u think another person shud get a chance ?

if u r not bothered abt the case , why do u take so much pain in analysing each and evry word of someone's comment. evryone who wrote mains and missed mains bcoz of wrong key has a stake in this. they can discuss here.

evryone of us is waiting for oct 7th.that doesnt mean being silent or not posting anything in this blog.

Anonymous said...

If any one of us are not party to this case, lets not bother about this case much. If any one of us is related, kindly wait till oct 7th 2013.
lets not waste our valuable Time.

Anonymous said...

Who is this guy who is doing things which make forensic analyst need to enter.

You told your point, i have told mine. if you dont like them, ignore them or dont see the blog.

I too have right to express my opinion. In what way my opinions are disturbing you.

kindly make your self clear about what you need before commenting others.

If you want to hear comments which you like, i suggest you to create your own blog with condition that every body who posts comments in that blog need to accept your views only.

no where it is said any body, to not post till oct 7th or beyond. if you understand so, thats your problem.

Anonymous said...

i dont hav any problem with ur opinion.but i didnt like the way u r quoting my statements . it looks like u just want to prove me wrong. we r here to discuss and air our one is right or wrong. why do u want to prove someone wrong ?

dont act like u r the only one who knows law. if u r so emotional in countering others views , why dont u actively participate in the case ? u wont do tht. u just sit infront of computer and counter evryone's arguments .show this enthusiasm in participating in the case. looks like u r the person with highest stake in the case. then act like that. go to court and fight rather than sitting idle.

u can express ur opinion without demeaning others.thr r so many ways to express a view like tht.plz learn tht first rather than quoting and countering . raise a new point if u can rather than just criticising others.

plz stop lecturing abt waiting until oct 7th. and plz dont cut and quote this comments again . tired of this.

Anonymous said...

Basically i started posting my opinions. You and your friend/s stated commenting on my opinions sitting infront of computers blah blah......In addition you have started using words"forensic expert". The above few examples them selves show who is demeaning who.

So you too stop lecturing about what demeaning is?!

You too better stop acting like one as if you are the only one who know law. If you are so, kindly show that in courts. If you are the party of the case, go and present your case, rather than fighting with others, claiming/branding them as ones having high stake.

What else you are also doing apart from sitting infront of computer and fighting with others by unnecessarily demeaning others views.So, kindly start doing things before you preach them to others.

Whats the problem for you if i air my opinion of waiting till oct 7th. Whats there's in this to get tired.

Anonymous said...

Why should I write mains as

I already cleared it?

Anonymous said...

I cleared mains which was conducted a year ago,

Anonymous said...

some one says that interviewed candidates have done nothing to know their marks,
some one says SLP on behalf of
I'ntwd candidates not accepted,
some one says I'ntwd candidates
cant become the party, as there
is no selection list, have any
one of the I'ntwd candidates
stopped declaration of selection
Regarding Remains ,
mains conducted successfully a year ago valuation completed,list
of the successful candidates
are sent call letters for interview
which were completed 6 months ago
with out any problems, do any one
thinks is it a Play/burra katha/
hari katha that some VIP arrived late to restart again from the beginning, or is it sivaraathiri
2 films on 1 ticket i.e .2 mains on 1 prelims

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I just heard that interviewed candidates who filed case in SC are trying to offer some huge amount to both judges in order to turn the case in their favour. Is it true? If it is so, then there is no justice, merit, competition etc. Then why should we all write such an examination?
Being Group1 aspirants, how can they do so? If they would be caught,then what would be their future? If they want to fight for their right, i think they should not opt for such corrupt practices.

kahinath said...

I too agree with u, boss. We all have struggled hard but cudn't get to the interview. But that doesn't mean that one should go for ill practices like this. If we also do such things to qualify in Mains, is it acceptable to all?

kahinath said...

I too agree with u, boss. We all have struggled hard but cudn't get to the interview. But that doesn't mean that one should go for ill practices like this. If we also do such things to qualify in Mains, is it acceptable to all?

Anonymous said...

plz stop this senseless rumours. thank god u didnt say tht they r bribing obama to pressurize manmohan on this gr-1 issue. even i am one among u , cudnt qualify mains. i too wish for re-mains , if sc orders. but such rumours r really disgusting. if they r pooling money for hiring gud lawyers nothing wrong with tht.let them do tht.

Anonymous said...

my friends also received messages of asking for funds to fight in favor of interviewed candidates.
I think filing a case won't need that huge amount. It is either being used for some activity discussed in earlier postings or misused by the collection agents/ which one is true?

Anonymous said...

achhcha, my friend, how much do u think a best lawyer can charge? one not more than two lakhs for SC case. Then collecting 10,000 from each and multiplied with 606, imagine what could be the total amount.
These are not baseless rumours. Just ask ur frnds who have attended the interview whether they hv rcvd messages or not.
Even if they hire a lawyer, he would have given them a receipt or bill. Have they shown it to all.
Without any evidence, why should others contribute?
think practically, my friend.

vijay said...

If you are so confident on them, then why didn't u ask them why are they filing the case at this juncture? how much have they paid to the lawyer? let them post on this blog so that every thing wud be transparent.

Anonymous said...

neeku burrakatha, harikathalaa kanipisthondaa? ee issue maaku life and death issue. neelaa saradaaki raayadaaniki kaadu.

Anonymous said...

obama daakaa enduku brother? manavaallu judges daaka vellagalaru. ippatidaaka anni cases lo ade kadaa jarigindi. lekapothe okkokkaru ten thousand endukivvaali?

Anonymous said...

thr might be some cheaters trying to make u think all 606 will pay money ?? how many attended the meeting at basheerbagh press club ?if they r asking for 10k from each aspirant , then they r surely cheating the candidates. but how do u conclude tht its for bribing the judges ?? thts not fair guys.

Anonymous said...

WTF...10k from each..?Every thing starts from a money trail. Are the 606 batch so naive to think that much amount will be pocketed by a leading lawyer....? I Freakin dont think so....Do they think that everybody else are dumbasses who will remain quiet when things like this happen?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The root cause for this issue is
un employment/under employment.
There are approx. 33738 posts
given clearance given by finance Dept in various cadres,depts.
lets all fix a date to meet the
recruitment agency i.e PSC as
well as Honourable CM, Governor.
for issue of notifications.

Anonymous said...

do u seriously think tht in this situation they release new notifications ?? think practical brother. forget new notifications and think abt other alternatives as many of us r doing :(

Anonymous said...

telugu lo goppa sametha undi.

aalu ledu ------
chachinodi pelliki -----

Anonymous said...

is the news true that 10k was collected from everyone. how sad.

Anonymous said...

Please stop accusing and spreading baseless rumours.
1.why will interview candidates collect money wen they knew that if Appsc wins their results will be out. will all the 606 people give money wen they knew only half of them will make it to selection list. can u declare that 10K was collected from everybody? Do u think 10k is a small amount and that will be given jus for the heck of it? can u treat the interview candidates as culprits as if they have done some serious crime? they are also suffering for no fault.
5.Finally how can u accuse that they are buying Judges?? does that mean u dont have respect for SC? Then wats the point in going to SC?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong in submitting representation on
behalf of un employees for
issue of notifications which
are pending with PSC for no
concrete reason , please
refer recent SC comment on the
case filed connected to
state bifurcation ,nothing official
declaration so far , even in case
of official bifurcation the process
takes years, then also we need not
wait for notifications for years
together there will be no objection
for non state level cadre posts,

Anonymous said...

Active participation is
need of the hour for
job seekers to represent
their case in the right
forums, we have to help
ourselves for issue of notifications,
sametha:Adagandaa amma aiyana
Annam pettadu

Anonymous said...

yeah right!!

Anonymous said...

Dear friends we spend years for
preparation , Cant we spend 1 or 2
days to represent our issue,
lets all of us come together
and ask for issue of notifications
which are pending,
Govt already given green signal
for filling of the posts 2 months
back by way of fin dept clearance,
(if there are no vacancies and
Govt don't want to fill the vacancies)then=samatha aalu suulu
will apply,
now samatha is adaganda amma aiyana
Annam pettadu kadha,
Anni vunna alludi notlo

Anonymous said...

come forward friends to gather
at a date so that notifications
can issued by PSC,

Anonymous said...

lets fix a date

Anonymous said...

niruudhyagalara Randi
kadali Randi mana badhalanu
mana samsyalanu prabuthvamu
drushtiloki theesukuvelladham,
andari kosam andaram , mana
prayathnam manam chaddam,
poraditha poidame vundi
niruudhyagamu thappa

Anonymous said...

Title :Nirudhyugula Garjana ?
Venue:APPSC, Secretariat,CM camp Office, Raj bhavan?
Time & Date: has to be fixed as per
convenience of majority of aspirants.

No one , No party can ignore our

plea as General elections are


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I too agree this idea.

iam sure there wont be objection of zonal post exams. As elections are fast approaching, govt shall seriously consider our plea, once it comes to their notice again and again.

Any day by our fellow bloggers is ok for me.

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