August 2, 2009

Caste system and its Influence based on ANdhra History Just for Information

They are Kamma/s. Etymology is:

: Kamatham = Leased Land. They leased lands from kings, brahmins and other landlords and cultivated for them. Hence they were kamathalu. Kamathalu became kammalu and kamma/s. Eventually they bought over the lands, when kingdoms dissolved and Brahmins moved on when industrialization and urbanization spread, and they could not adjust to the new economic realities.

: Till today, agriculture is their mainstay.

: Chowdary is similar. They used to lease the land for chowtha (1/4) yield. That is, they keep 1/4 and give 3/4 to the owner. They became chowdaries.

: Many are also solidiers and generals for kings. They are all known as "neni" in the lastname. E.g. Surapaneni, Tripuraneni. Neni = Nayakuni. Of a general. These used to maintain mini squadrons for their kings.

: Then there are Naidus = Nayakudu. These are also generals. Only Chittoor/Tamil Naidus are Kammas. Chandra babu Naidu is perhaps the most well known Kamma Naidu.

: It is argued that Kakatiyas are Kammas. However, there is no well founded proof for this. The generals of Kakatiya dynasty were definitely Kammas, but the rulers may not be. They never aspired to rule the country or establish the kingdoms. NTR is the only Kamma to wield ruling power, in the true sense.

: Kamma/s are about 5% of AP population, and one of the smallest communities. They control 50-60% of the economy, and by far the richest community based on per-capita income. The modern Kammas have excelled in just about everything from education to sports.


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