November 23, 2009

APPSC Group 2 promotions & terms of Working & Pressure in field

What are the Posts under APPSC Group 2 Cadre? Preference Order for Group 2 Cadre in TSPSC
For Group-II examination, 682 posts have been notified by the APPSC. Out of these posts, 479 are executive posts and 203 are non executive posts.

At the time of submission of on line application the candidates may be under confusion for giving their preferential serial order to the posts for which they have intended to apply.
Some of the candidates have intended to spend their life very peacefully and some people have desired to work among the people and for the people, and some other people have not interested for their transfers in the job. Therefore as per the individuals desire, the preferential order of selection of posts have to be made and the same is very important criteria for their future. If the selection has been made wrongly by the candidate, he has to suffer for his life long. Some candidate's have not known about their zonal allotment. In this matter also the candidates may got confused. If the candidates have got clear understanding on the preferential selection of posts, nature of job, and Zonal system rules, filling of the on line application and sending the same to the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) is very easy to the candidates.
PREFERENTIAL ORDER OF SEECTION OF POSTS As per the candidates desire and interest only, the preferential of selection of order of posts have to be under taken. The issues related to promotion, responsibilities, and social status will play very important key role and more important and should be taken into consideration by all the candidates. The following information on the order of preference and selection of the posts are made available for information to all the candidates who are interested to apply for the examinations of APPSC
DEPUTY TAHASILDAR /MUNICIAPL COMMISSIONER For the two posts of Deputy Tahasildar/ Municipal Commissioner for which post the candidates may given their priority. Basically the Deputy Tahasildar is a supervisor post and he has assist to the Tahasildar. The candidate who joined in this post may get his promotion to the post of Tahasildar within 6 to 10 years time. By the time of retirement the candidates who are in this line will reach to cadre of Deputy Collector.
Six yeas back the Deputy Tahasildar posts have been filled with direct quota candidates. In the Department d between the candidates of promotes and the direct quota candidates an administrative dispute is running i.e., on their promotions. In view of this dispute the candidates who are interested to join in this post may gain their promotion to their higher post by late.

MUNICIPAL COMMISSIONER (GRADE –III) In previous recruitment time also the number posts have not been filled. If compared to the pay scales with the posts of Deputy Tahasildar post scale, the scale of Municipal commissioner (Grade-III) is seems to higher. The candidates who have selected to this post have to work independently and work with people. The political pressure is heavy on this post. Ten years time will be taken to get their promotion to post of Municipal commissioner Grade II. However the candidates who are join in this post, they will reach to the Post of Municipal commissioner II, on their promotion. After examination on these two points, the candidates can select one post as first preference and they can give second preference to another post.
THIRD PREFERENCE TO THE POST OF A.C.T.O During the year 2003, the candidates have overlooked the post Deputy Tahasildar post and preference has given by them to the post of A.C.T.O. In view of the latest reforms undertaken in this department and on other issues the candidates have not shown any interest occupy this post. Due to latest changes also the preference of the post is reduced. However third preference can be accorded to this post. The next promotion is D.C.T. O. Minimum 8-10 years time will be taken to get this promotion. If compared to the posts of Deputy Tahasildar/Municipal commissioner grade – III the work presser on this post is very less. Without any disturbances to the common regular life the candidates can discharge their duties very easily.
FOURTH PREFERENCE – PROBATION AND EXCISE SUB-INSPECTOR This post is suitable to the youth people and they can work in this post with interest. To wear the Job Uni-form desire can be full filled in this post. More promotional chances are available in this line. . The candidates who are dynamic can prefer this post duly overlooking all the said three posts.
FIFTH PREFERENCE EXTENSION OFFER (PR&RD) Within 5 – 8 years the selected candidates can get their promotion to the post MPDO. Responsibilities of the post are very high side and lot of pressures will be there.

In the preferences mentioned as 6, 7, 8 if the candidates have desired the field experience they can prefer Senior Accountant. Promotional avenues are also available in the Department of Treasuries. The candidates have chance to get their postings very nearer to their native districts /or nearer districts.
If the candidates have been selected to the post of Assistant Section Officer, they got chance of settlement permanently in the Hyderabad. They have to work in the office timings i.e., from10 am to 5 p.m only. There is no worry about transfers in their posts. If the candidates have desire to settle in the Hyderabad they can give preference to this post.
NINTH PREFERENCE – JUNIOR ASSISTANT These issues can keep in the mind, and the candidates have to take their independent decision for giving preference to the said posts.



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