December 7, 2009

Some important Facts of Andhra Pradesh - Small Review

  • Andhra Pradesh has an area of 275.04 lakh ha, forming 8.37 percent of total geographical area of the country.
  • Andhra Pradesh is endowed with many major rivers, the most important being the Godavari, Krishna, Vamshadhara and Pennar. 
  • Apart from these, there are 37 tributaries and other minor rivers flowing through the state. 
  • The total surface water of entire river systems of the state is estimated to be of the order of 2746 Thousand Million Cubic Feet (TMC) at 75 percent dependability.
  • The state has tropical to sub-tropical climate. In the coastal area, humid to semihumid conditions prevail while in the interiors of the state; the climate is arid to semi-arid. 
  • The interior plateau areas have hot summers with relatively pleasant winters.
  • Andhra Pradesh falls under the 10th and 11th Agro-climatic zones as per 15 agroclimatic zones classified by the Planning Commission, Government of India. 
  • Fourteen districts of Rayalaseema and Telangana form part of the Southern Plateau and Hills zone (Zone 10) while the 9 coastal districts form part of the East-Coast plain and Hills Zone (Zone 11).
  • The state receives major portion of its rainfall from South – West Monsoon. 
  • During 2007-08 the state received 747 mm rainfall against the normal rainfall of 624 mm during South – West Monsoon and 163 mm of rainfall during North – East Monsoon as against the normal rainfall of 224 mm.
Topics To Be Read

  • The state also has the second longest coastline (974 kms) among all the littoral states in India.
  • A twenty two feet tall bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi, in a posture of meditation, was erected in front of the Old Assembly building on 15th August, 1998, 51st Independence day of our Country.
  • The Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Andhra Pradesh legislative Assembly have been organised for a period of one year from 3rd December, 2005.
  • Mir Alam Tank was constructed in just two years. 1804-1806. It was built under the supervision of H. Russell of Royal Engineers of the Madras Regiment.
  • APSRTC is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the Single Largest Corporation owing the largest fleet of buses in the world. It is also the world's largest public transport organization and the largest road transportation company in the world.
  • Golconda, near Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh, India), was India’s richest diamond mine, having produced renowned diamonds like: the Koh-i-Noor, the Darya-e-Nur, the Nur-Ul-Ain, the Hope diamond and the Regent diamond.
  • Telugu, the official language of Andhra Pradesh, is described by C.P. Brown as the " Italian of the East ". It has been influenced by Sanskrit. The prominent poets of Telugu include Nannaya, Tikkana,Sri Nathudu, Tenali Rama Krishna, Sri Krishna Devarayulu and a host of others.


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