January 3, 2010

Problems of Andhra Pradesh Industries - Institutional & Non - Institutional

Problems faced by Andhra Pradesh Industries: Institutional & Non- Institutional:

  • Problems in matters relating to industrial finance, financial institutions and capital markets as also policies towards sick industries, industrial restructuring and industrial relations policies.
  • Irregular industrial statistics and not  undertake special studies relating to industrial development and sickness.
  • Non-review of financial performance of the companies annually.
  • Not re-viewing the targets of capacity and production.
  • Not aware of study scientific and technical advances and technology transfer issues having bearing on the development in various industrial fields.
  • Not aware of factors inhibiting or accelerating growth in particular sectors for industries and analyze the causes of various problems being faced by individual industries and industry groups.
  • Not aware of Monitoring the programmes and progress of Centrally Sponsored Schemes relating to industrial sector export promotion and allied activities.


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