March 17, 2010

Molecular formulae of important chemical compounds and also their Scientific names.

Aluminium Hydroxide-Al(OH)3
Aluminium Sulphate-Al2(SO4)3
Ammonium Carbonate-(NH4)2CO3
Ammonium Hydroxide-NH4OH (Normally exists as NH3 + H2O in water rather
than NH4+ + OH- so it is better to call it aqueous ammonia)
Ammonium Perchlorate-NH4ClO4
Aniline Yellow-NH2N2
Antimony Pentachloride-SbCl5
Antimony Trichloride-SbCl3
Arsenic Disulphide-AsS2
Baking Powder (Sodium bicarbonate)-NaHCO3
Barium Chlorate-Ba(ClO3)2
Barium Hydroxide-Ba(OH)2
Barium Hypochlorite-Ba(OCl)2
Baryte (Barium Sulphate)-BaSO4
Beryllium Hydroxide-Be(OH)2
Bleaching powder (Calcium Hypochlorite)-Ca(OCl)2
Blue Vitriol (Calcium Sulphate pentahydrate)-CaSO4•5H2O
Boric Acid-H2BO3
Bromic Acid-HOBrO2
Calcium Aluminium Nitrate-CaAl(NO3)5
Calcium Bicarbonate-Ca(HCO3)2
Calcium Chloride-Ca(Cl)2
Calcium Phosphate-Ca3(PO4)2
Calcium sulphate-CaSO4
Calcium Tetrahydrozincate (II)-CaZn(OH)4
Calomel (Mercurous Chloride)-Hg2Cl2
Candy Fluid (Potassium Permanganate)-KMnO4
Carbonic Acid-H2CO3
Carborundum (Silicon Carbide)-SiC
Caro's Acid (Peroxy Sulphuric Acid)-H2SO5
Caustic Lotion (Silver Nitrate)-AgNO3
Caustic Soda (Sodium Carbonate)-NaOH
Cesium Hydroxide-CsOH
Chile Satpetre (Sodium Nitrate)-NaNO3
Chloric Acid-HOClO2
Chlorous Acid-HOClO
Common Salt (Sodium Chloride)-NaCl
Congo Red-NH2NaSO3N2NH3N2SO3Na
Copper Carbonate-CuCO3
Copper Glance-Cu2S
Copper Pyrites-CuFeS2
Copper Sulphate-CuSO4
Cyclotrimetaphosphoric Acid-(HPO3)3
Diphosphoric Acid-H4P2O7
Dithionic Acid-H2S2O6
Ferric Hydroxide-Fe(OH)3
Ferrous Hydroxide-Fe(OH)2
Francium Hydroxide (Strongest base)-FrOH
Green Vitriol (Ferrous Sulphate heptahydrate)-FeSO4•7H2O
Haemaetite –Fe2O3
Horn Silver (Silver Chloride)-AgCl
Hydrofluoric Acid-HF
Hypo Bromous Acid-HOBr
Hypo Chlorous Acid-HOCl
Hypo Fluorous Acid-HOF
Hypo Iodous Acid-HOI
Iodic Acid-HOIO2
Lead Carbonate-PbCO3
Lead Dichloride-PbCl2
Lead Nitrate-Pb(NO3)2
Lead Sulphide-PbS
Lead Tetrachloride-PbCl4
Lime Stone (Calcium Carbonate)-CaCO3
Lime Water (Calcium Hydroxide)-Ca(OH)2
Lithium Aluminium Hydride-LiAlH4
Lithium Hydroxide-LiOH
Magnesium chloride-MgCl2
Magnesium Hydroxide (Milk of Magnesia)-Mg(OH)2
Mecuric Sulphate-HgSO4
Micro-cosmic Salt-NaNH4HPO4
Monazite (Thorium Dioxide)-ThO2
Muriatic Acid (Hydrochloric Acid)-HCl
Nitric Acid-HNO3
Orthosilicic Acid (Silicic Acid)-H4SiO4
Pentaaquachromium (III) chloride-CrCl(H2O)5Cl2
Per Bromic Acid-HOBrO3
Per Chloric Acid (Strongest Acid)-HOClO3
Per Iodic Acid-HOIO3
Peroxodisulphuric Acid-H2S2O8
Phosphinic Acid-H3PO2
Phosphoric Acid-H3PO4
Phosphorus Pentachloride-PCl5
Phosphorus Trichloride-PCl3
Potassium bicarbonate-KHCO3
Potassium Bisulphate-KHSO4
Potassium Chlorate-KClO3
Potassium Chlorate-KClO3
Potassium Chloride-KCl
Potassium Chromate-K2CrO4
Potassium Dichromate-K2Cr2O7
Potassium Hydroxide-KOH
Potassium Manganate-KMnO3
Potassium Nitrate-KNO2
Potassium Sulphate-K2SO4
Potassium Sulphite-K2SO3
Radium Hydroxide-Ra(OH)2
Sal Ammoniac (Ammonium Chloride)-NH4Cl
Saltpetre (Nitre) (Potassium Nitrate)-KNO3
Silver Fluoride-AgF
Silver Sulphate-Ag2SO4
Siver Sulphide-AgS
Sodium Aluminate-NaAlO2•2H2O
Sodium Bisulphate-NaHSO4
Sodium Borohydride-NaBH4
Sodium Carbonate-Na2CO3
Sodium Chlorate-NaClO3
Sodium Chromate-Na2CrO4
Sodium Dichromate-Na2Cr2O7
Sodium Hypochlorite-NaOCl
Sodium Perchlorate-NaClO4
Sodium Phosphide-Na3P
Sodium Sulphite-Na2SO3
Stannic Chloride-SnCl4
Stannous Chloride-SnCl2
Sulphuric Acid-H2SO4
Sulphurous Acid-H2SO3
Thiosulphuric Acid-H2S2O3
Tin Sulphide-SnS
Titanium Tetrachloride-TiCl4
Uranium Hexafluoride-UF6
Uranium Tetrafluoride-UF4
White Vitriol(Zinc Sulphate heptahydrate)-ZnSO4·7H2O
Zinc Chloride-ZnCl2
Zinc Hydroxide-Zn(OH)2
Zinc Sulphate-ZnSO4


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