August 17, 2012

Major Recommendations of 13th Finance Commission - UPSC and APPSC Group 1 Mains - paper 3 - Indian Economy

  1. The share of states in the net proceeds of the shareable Central taxes should be 32%.This is 1.5% higher than the recommendation of 12th Finance Commission.
  2. Revenue deficit to be progressively reduced and eliminated, followed by revenue surplus by 2013-14.
  3. Fiscal deficit to be reduced to 3% of the GDP by 2014-15.
  4. A target of 68% of GDP for the combined debt of centre and states.
  5. The Medium Term Fiscal Plan(MTFP)should be reformed and made the statement of commitment rather than a statement of intent.
  6. FRBM Act need to be amended to mention the nature of shocks which shall require targets relaxation.
  7. Both centre and states should conclude 'Grand Bargain' to implement the model Goods and Services Act(GST).To incentivise the states, the commission recommended a sanction of the grant of Rs 50000 crore.
  8. Initiatives to reduce the number of Central Sponsored Schemes(CSS)and to restore the predominance of formula based plan grants.
  9. States need to address the problem of losses in the power sector in time bound manner.


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