June 29, 2013

Tax revenue of Andhra Pradesh in 2012-13

During the financial year 2012-13 (RE)
Tax Revenue of AP :

own tax revenue estimates at Rs.62,572 crore registered a growth of 17.43 per cent over previous year. 
Sales Tax continues to be the major source and highest source of revenue for the State. 
The revenue realized through Sales Tax during 2012-13 (RE) was Rs.42,041 Crore. State taxes and duties contribute to about 57 per cent (Rs 72,443 crore) of revenue.

Non Tax Revenue of AP:

Non-tax revenue estimates at Rs.12,864 crore registered a growth rate of 10 per cent over the previous year. Non-tax revenue 17 per cent (Rs 22,540 crore).

Interest receipts 7 per cent (Rs 8,656 crore) and share of central taxes of 19 per cent ( Rs 24,132 crore).


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