July 13, 2013

Horticulture sector of Andhra Pradesh

The area under Horticulture crops grew on an average annually at the rate of 6.0% from 2001-02 to 2012-13(A), with the production growth being more impressive at 9.8%.
A total area of 8.95 lakh hectares was covered with Micro irrigation system in 22 districts of Andhra Pradesh till 31-03-2012.
Horticulture Sector of Andhra Pradesh
Horticulture Mission of Andhra Pradesh launched in the year 2005
Government of Andhra Pradesh has been giving much needed emphasis to Horticulture development primarily targeted at
  • increasing the production
  • productivity of horticulture crops,
  • development of infrastructure for post harvest management and
  • providing access to domestic and export markets.

Andhra Pradesh Ranks
  •  1st in production of Spices and Fruits and
  •  3rd in production of flowers in the country.
  • 1st in production of Citrus, Papaya, Oil Palm and Tomato
  •  2nd in the production of Mango, Cashew,
  • 3rd in the production of loose flowers and
  • 4th in the production of Banana (NHB data base 2011).


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