August 19, 2013

Blood Relations - Solved Examples

Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it. [MBA, 1999]
At a party A, B, C, D and E are sitting in a circle. The group comprises a professor, an industrialist and a businessman. The businessman is sitting in between the industrialist and his wife D. A the professor is married to E, who is the sister of B. The industrialist is seated to the right of C. Both the ladies are unemployed.
1.Who among them must be graduate ?
(A)          B             (B)          A
(C)          C             (D)          None of these.
 2.What is A to B ?
(A)          Brother                (B)          Uncle
(C)          Brother-in-Law (D)          Cannot be determined.
3.A is sitting to the right of
(A)industrialist  (B)his wife.
(C)D.      (D)Cannot be determined.
4. Who is the industrialist ?
(A)          D             (B)          A
(C)          B             (D)          Cannot be determined.
5. Who in the group is unmarried ?
(A)Professor      (B)Industrialist
(C)Businessman (D)Cannot be determined.
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