August 5, 2013

State Division -Road ahead for APPSC Aspirants - Article by Prof. Kodali Bhavani Shankar

My Experience before continuing to the article: To all aspirants, I want to you to tell one thing, in 2008 i started preparing for appsc, there was turmoil in 2009(same as now in 2013), but didnt give up, waited patiently and focused on preparation, to ease the pressure was in contact with fellow aspirants, discussed strategy, situation started to favour us again, slowly notifications came up, achieved success. Met many outstanding aspirants when i went for DAO training, at Marri Chenna Reddy Institute, on interaction with them in 4 months training i felt there are many silent preparation students who give damn to the surrounding situation but only focus on the preparation with only motivation " Let the exam happen, I will be the winner". If u are on and off in preparation then you are no match to beat them.... Even divided into 3 states the notification are sure to come and competition only will be severe, no one will call u and give the job! Rather sidelining yourself question " What Next in the Syllabus???" 

Though APPSC planned to release a series of notifications in August 2013, due to murky politics and turmoil in state the APPSC Calender schedule was put up in hold. In view of this situation Prof Kodali B Shankar writes an interesting article urging students not to put up preparation on hold, he necessitates the continued preparation to achieve success in upcoming notifications. 
He reminds the aspirants that success in notification released by any State  will ultimately depend on the candidates performance as their will be stiff competition. Author also asks aspirants to utilize the time lag for preparation leaving alone the politics. 
appsc effect on state division telangana


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Very much inspiring sir..thanq