August 1, 2013

TimesofIndia Article explains the future status of recruitments, transfers, promotions of employees in state split

Blanket ban on recruitments, transfers, promotions likely
A blanket ban will be imposed on recruitments, promotions and transfers of the state government employees till the division of Andhra Pradesh is completed. The ban will come into effect as soon as the bill to create Telangana state is enacted and approved by the President. There will be total freeze on creation of new posts, conversion of temporary posts into permanent till the process of division is completed.
The guidelines to be followed to transfer nearly six lakh state government employees between two states are under preparation by the department of personnel and training under Ministry of Personnel. 
According to the communication conveyed by the Centre, the state government should constitute a reorganization committee headed by the chief secretary or equivalent rank officer to deal with all service matters. The reorganization division will look after the transfer policy to be implemented by the two states.
As per the guidelines prepared by the Centre, there will be a blanket ban on all new recruitments, transfers and even promotions of the employees till the sharing of the employees is completed.
The allocation of personnel should be done under the supervision of a state advisory committee which
will be notified by the central government. The composition of the committee would be like this. A senior retired civil servant of the rank of chief secretary or equivalent would be chairman of the committee and chief secretaries of two states or their nominees and an officer of additional secretary level in the central government should be the members of the committee. An officer not below the rank of secretary in the state government would coordinate the transfer of employees as member secretary of the committee.
The state advisory committee will go through the details of sanctioned posts category-wise, cadre-wise, grade-wise and finalize the distribution of the posts between two states keeping in view the administrative structure of the new state.
After the distribution of posts is finalized, the panel will make a tentative final allocation in respect of all employees who are to be allocated on a final basis to either of the states. While doing so, reservation policy as applicable will be kept in mind.
The state advisory committee would then circulate the tentative final allocation list to the respective state governments for information of their employees and for submission of representations, if any, by the employees.
After this, the committee would consider the representations made by the employees against the tentative final allocation list and would forward its recommendations to the central government for taking a final view. Based on the advice received by the Centre, the tentative allocation would be made final and the same would be passed on to the respective state governments for issuing of final allocation orders.
Allocation of posts
Posts related to a territory which includes areas like village, tehsil, district or region including projects and undertakings, where such territories have been transferred in their entirety to the particular state are deemed to be posts belong to the state. All other state-level posts which are not exclusively relatable to areas going to only one state like posts in Secretariat, state legislature, State Public Service Commission, state judiciary, state police, medical and other services may be provisionally allocated on the basis of the ratio of the districts between the successive states.
Distribution of personnel
Those employees serving in village, revenue, district or region are liable for transfer within such area and are part of such territorial cadres, are deemed to be employees of that area and the state. The lists of personnel for provisional allocation to successive state will be prepared by the reorganization committee keeping in view the preferences given by the employees and other relevant factors like maintaining the balance within each cadre, category of posts, domicile status, ethnic affinity etc.
Options to employees
All state government employees working in the state will be asked to give their option with regard to transfer of services. However, there is no guarantee that their preference will be taken into consideration in the final allocation as it would be done in line with guidelines laid down by the state advisory committee working under the direct supervision of the central government.

In case both husband and wife are government employees, both of them would be allocated to one state as far as possible. Those who are having two or less years of service will be exempted from transferring to different state. Physically challenged staff will be given special option to choose their choice of place. The entire process of transfer of services should complete in less than one year, positively.


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