August 6, 2013

Part8: Verbal Classification - APPSC and Bank PO Material

Classification is a process of grouping various objects on the basis of their common properties. Questions on classification are designed to test candidates ability to classify given objects and find one which does not share the common property.
Types of Classification:
(1)          Word classification
(2)          Alphabet classification
(3)          Number classification
(4)          Miscellaneous classification
In the following questions Four of the five options are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Find out which is the one that does not belong to that group?
1.            1) Single 2) One 3) Solitary
4)            Separate 5) Individual
Ans: 4, Except Separate, all other words mean one.
2Q          1) Bifocal 2) Biographical
3)            Bilateral 4) Bipolar
5)            Bilingual
 Ans: 2, Biographical is different from others. Except Biographical,, all other words mean two things.
3Q          1) BDHF 2) NF'TR 3) JLPN
4)            SUYW 5) EGJH
Ans: 5, Except in EGJH, one letter is skipped in between first and second, second and fourth and fourth and third letters in each of the remaining four options.
4Q          1) RSQN 2) NOMR 3) T1JSX
4)            EFDI 5) DHM
Ans: 1, Except in RSQN, in the remaining 4 options, the letters are arranged in a sequence i.e.
First letter in the third place, second letter in the first place,third letter in the second place and two letters are skipped between the second and fourth.

5Q            1) Computer     2) Microwave
3)            Telephone 4) Television
5)            Electronics
Ans: 5, Computer, Microwave, Telephone and Television are electronics items.
6Q          1) Street 2) Road 3) Path
4)            Car 5) Track
Ans: 4, Except car , all others represent the way. Car is a vehicle.
7Q          1) Hindi 2) Language
3)            Tamil 4) Urdu 5) Arabic
Ans: 2, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu and Arabic are different languages.
8Q          1) Violin 2) Harp 3) Guitar
4)            Flute 5) Sitar
Ans: 2, Except Flute, all others are stringed instruments.

9Q          1)13      2)43
3)            53          4) 73      5) 33
Ans: 5, Except 33, all others are Prime Numbers.
10Q        1) BD     2) MO 3) QS
4)            FI            5) TV
Ans: 4, Except in FI, only one letter is skipped in between the two given letters.
11Q        1) Violet 2) Blue                3)            Green
4)            Grey 5) Yellow
Ans: 4, Except Grey all others are parts of a Rainbow.

12Q        1) GKI    2) FJG
3)PTR    4) MQO                5)UYW
Ans: 2, Except in FJG one letter is skipped between first and third and between third and second.
13Q        1) CXBD 2) FUEG
3)            DWCE 4) EVGH
5)            HSGI
Ans: 4, Except in EVGH, the first letter (of the given letters in the alphabet) is in third place, second letter in first place and third letter in the fourth place. The letter in the second place is exactly the reverse of the letter in the first place

14Q        1) HTFE 2) VWTS 3) KLHE
4)            DEBA 5) NOLK
 Ans: 3, Except in KLHE, the first and second letters are placed in fourth and third places respectively. Skip one letter . Third and fourth letters are placed in first and second places respectively.

15.Q       1)341     2) 961    3) 121
4)            31           5) 221
Ans: 5, Except 221, remaining four are perfect squares.


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