January 24, 2014

The Rohilla War (A.D. 1774) - Indian History

The Rohilla War (A.D. 1774)

The Rohillas were Afghans and were frequently attacked by the Marathas. They sought the help of the Nawab Oudh to subdue the Marathas. The Nawab demanded Rs.40 lakhs and the Rohillas accepted the demand. When the Marathas appeared in Rohilkhand in 1773, they saw the forces of Nawab of Oudh behind the Rohillas, so the Marathas retreated without fighting Shuja-ud-daulah. The Nawab of Oudh demanded the promised 40 lakhs from the Rohillas. The Rohilla Chief refused to pay the money. The Nawab of Oudh approached the English for help. He even agreed to pay 40 lakhs to the British. So warren Hastings send an army against the Rohillas. Rohillas were defeated and their territory was annexed to Oudh.


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