February 27, 2014

Blood Groups for General Knowledge

Blood Groups : It is the grouping of people whose blood may be mixed without clumping of blood vessels. A, B, AB and O are the main four groups. The group AB can receive any blood and is called universal receiver. The group O can be given to any group (universal donor), group A can receive only A (besides O), B can receive only B (besides 0) and O can receive O. These groups were identified by Karl Ladsteiner.
Blood Groups, types donors and receptors, antigens & antibodies properties

Donors of Blood
  1. Group AB may give blood to AB.
  2. Group A may give blood to A and AB.
  3. Group B may give blood to B and AB.
  4. Group O is universal donor for all groups.

Recipients of Blood
  1. Group A B is universal recipient.
  2. Group A may receive blood from group A and 0
  3. Group B may receive blood from group B and O.
  4. Group O may receive blood from group O.

Majority of the people around the world have type O positive blood.
 Percentage of People
A +       34%
A -        6%
B +       8%
B -        1%
AB +     3%
AB -     1%
O +      40%

O -       7%


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