February 2, 2014

Harivillu - Indiramma Pacha Thoranam - by Andhra Pradesh Government

Harivillu - Indiramma Pacha Thoranam (HIPT):
Government, after careful consideration approve the proposal to allow plantation/horticulture on the public lands under MGNREGS and resolve to give heritable but inalienable usufruct rights on such trees to the job card holders. The programme is named "Indiramma Pachcha Toranam" and shall be implemented as a MGNREGS convergence project implemented along with other State  Government departments as per the following guidelines:          
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i. To provide productive shelf of works for wage seekers under MGNREGS.
ii. To provide sustainable and green assets for livelihood of the rural poor.
iii. To allow protection and productive use of public lands and promote  ecological balance by promoting soil/water conservation.


i. All Government lands lying free of occupation like: road margins, canal/drain bunds, tank foreshore areas beyond the maximum level, other unutilised lands with irrigation department and unused lands of education institutions – can be used for plantation under the programme, subject to public safety and convenience.
ii. The landless SC/ST households can be beneficiaries under the programme.
iii. The beneficiary should have worked for at least 20 days as unskilled worker in the preceding financial year under MGNREGS programme.

Species to be planted:
i. Drought resistant grafted fruit trees with shorter gestation period, and which have the approval of the beneficiary shall be selected. Selection can be made from species such as (indicative not exhaustive): Mango, Guava, Sapota, Jamun, Coconut, Sitaphalm Tamarind or pulpwood plantations.
ii. Usually, only one row on each side of the road shall be planted. However, multi-row plantations can be taken up where sufficient land is available.

iii. Plant material shall be mature: i.e. two year or older.


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