September 29, 2014

Quiz 11- Chemistry-General Science: General Knowledge Question & Answers

101 Q) In terms of magnetic properties oxygen belongs to

(a) magnetic material
(b) ferromagnetic materials
(c) paramagnetic materials
(d) diamagnetic materials

102 Q) "Consider the following statements 
I.Alums are the double salts of sulphates of monovalent and divalent cations. 
II.Alum is used in the purification of drinking water. 
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?"

(a) Only I
(b)Only II
(c) Both I and II
(d) Neither I nor II

103 Q) The pure form of carbon is

(a) diamond
(b) graphite
(c) charcoal
(d) fullerene

104 Q) Which one of the following reducing agents can also act as an oxidising agent?

(a)Hydrogen chloricd
(b)Hydrogen iodide
(c)Hydrogen sulphide
(d)Sulphur dioxide

105 Q) The polymeric fibre used as a substitute for wool in making synthetic blankets, sweater, etc., is

(a) nylon
(b) teflon
(c) orlon
(d) bakelite

106 Q) "A body is charged negatively. It implies that "

(a) it has lost some of its protons
(b) it has lost some of its electrons
(c) it has gained some electrons from outside
(d) None of the above

107 Q) Which one among the following polymers is used for making bullet-proof material?

(a) Polyvinyl chloride
(b) Polystyrene
(c) Polyethylene
(d) Polyamide

108 Q) Which one of the following is not responsible for the global warming?

(a) Carbon dioxide
(b) Methane
(c) CFCs
(d)Slacked lime

109 Q) The Fehlling's solution is used for the detection of

(a) glucose
(b) starch
(c) lipids
(d) proteins

110 Q) Shallow lake with rich organic products are called

(a) heterotrophic
(b) eutrophic
(c) mesotrophic
(d) oligotrophic


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108 ans is slakelime and cfc