September 24, 2014

Quiz 2- Chemistry-General Science: General Knowledge Question & Answers

11 Q) The charcoal use to decolourise raw sugar is

(a) animal charcoal
(b)sugar charcoal
(c) coconut charcoal
(d) wood charcoal

12 Q) The most abundant metal in the earth’s crust is

(a) zinc
(b) copper
(c) aluminium
(d) iron

13 Q) Production of chlorofiuorocarbons (CFC) gas which is proposed to be banned in India, is used in which of the following domestic products ?

(a) Television
(b) Tubelight
(c) Cooking gas
(d) Refrigerator

14 Q) The gas used to extinguish fire, is

(a) neon
(b) nitrogen
(c) carbon dioxide
(d) carbon monoxide

15 Q) In which of the following activities silicon carbide is used ?

(a)Making cement and glass
(b)Disinfecting water of ponds
(c)Making casts for statues
(d)Cutting very hard substances

16 Q) The element common to all acids is

(b) hydrogen
(c) oxygen
(d) sulphur

17 Q) Gobar gas contains mainly

(b)carbon dioxide
(c) butane
(d)carbon monoxide

18 Q) The most malleable metal is

(c) Aluminium

19 Q) Tetraethyl lead is used as

(a) mosquito repellent
(c) fire extinguisher
(d)petrol additive

20 Q) Which of the following is used in beauty parlours for hair setting?

(a) Chlorine
(c) Phosphorus


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