September 29, 2014

Quiz 4- Chemistry-General Science: General Knowledge Question & Answers

31 Q) Vermicompost is a/an

(a) inorganic fertilizer
(b) toxic substance
(c) organic bio fertilizer
(d) synthetic fertilizer

32 Q) Which one of the following is involved for desalination of sea water?

(a)Simple osmosis
(b)Reverse osmosis
(c)Use of sodium aluminium silicate as zeolite
(d)Use of ion selective electrode

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33 Q) "Soaps are important cleansing agent and this property is due to their emulsifying action. How does soap enhance the cleansing action? "

(a)It has a strong acidic character which can dissolve the dirt
(b)It rises the temperature of the reaction
(c)It breaks triple bond formed between dirt and cloth
(d)It has capacity to render more prolonged the mixing of oil and water

34 Q) The animal fats undergo 'auto-oxidation' under ordinary temperature which gives the fats a rancid taste and odour. Which one of the following causes the rancid taste and odour of the fats?

(a) Platinum
(b) Carbon monoxide
(cj Carbon dioxide
(d) Aldehydes

35 Q) "The pungent smell of garlic is due to "

(a)a phosphate compound
(b)a nitrate compound
(c)a sulphur compound
(d)a chlorine compound

36 Q) Which one among the following statement about an atom is not correct?

(a) Atoms always combine to form molecule
(b) Atoms are the basic units from which molecules and ions are formed
(c) Atoms are always neutral in nature
(d) Atoms aggregate in large numbers to from the matter that we can see, feel and touch

37 Q) "The light emitted by firefly is due to "

(a)a radioactive substance
(b)chemiluminiscence process
(c)a photoelectric process
(d)burning of phosphorus

38 Q) Which one among the following metals is used in fireworks to make a brilliant white light?

(a) Sodium
(b) Magnesium
(c) Aluminium
(d) Silver

39 Q) "Consider the following statements. 
I.In the titration between weak bases and strong acids, the indicator such as methyl orange is commonly used. 
II.In the titration between a weak acid and a strong base, the indicator such as phenolphthalein is commonly used. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?"

(a)Only I
(b) Only II
(c) Both I and II
(d) Neither I nor II

40 Q) Which one of the following reactions is responsible for the transformation of inexpensive liquid vegetable fats into commercially important solid fats (e.g. ghee)?

(a) Hydrogenation
(b) Oxidation
(c) Halogenation
(d) Saponification


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