December 8, 2015


Zooplankton play vital role in food web of the food chain, nutrient recycling, and in transfer of organic matter from primary producers to secondary consumers like fishes.

They are more abundant within mangrove water-ways than in adjacent coastal waters, and a large proportion of the juvenile fish of mangrove habitat are zooplanktivorous.

The zooplankton determine the quantum of fish stpck. Hence, zooplankton communities, based on their quality and species diversity, are used for assessing the productivity Vis-a- vis fishery resource, fertility and health status of the ecosystem.

Marine zooplankton comprises a large variety of different organisms, their sizes range from tiny flagellates (a few mm large) to giant jellyfish (2 m diameter) for the operational point of view arid for the sake of convenience, the planktons are generally categorized as nanoplankton (<20 pm) and net plankton (>50 pm).


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