July 21, 2016


  • Brihat means Vastness + Palayana means Moving
  • Ancient Indian Kingdom who were based in the modern state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Ruled Northern Andhra.
  • Ruled between A.D. 270-285.
  • Samanthas of Ikshvaku became independent after decline of Ikshvaku. The kings of Brihatpalayana gothra were the immediate successors of Ikshvakus. 
  • Kondamudi copper plate inscription (near Tenali) is the only source to know the history of Brihatpalayana dynasty.
  • Capital was Koduru near Ghantasala in Krishna District .
  • Kondamudi copper plate inscription, Issued by Jayavarma in around 280 AD- in Prakrit language.    
  • Jayavarma describes himself  as the devotee of Maheswara, calls him Raja and patronize of Brahmanism.
  • Gives information about raise of Brahmanism (shaivism) by pallavans and decline of Buddhism.
Jaya Varma:
  1. Was the only Brihatpalayana ruler known by  Kondamudi copper plate inscription.
  2. He gifted the village of Patur in Tenali Taluk to eight Brahmins.
  3. A princess of his family was married to the Andhra Ikshvaku king (Ehuvula). The grant is in the form of an order issued by Jayavarma from his victorious camp at Kudura(Guduru near Machilipatnam) to the governor of Kuduru ahara(district). It pertains to the grant of land in favour of a number of Brahmins.
  4. After his death the Ananda Gotrikas occupied his territory to the south of the Krishna river and the Salankayanas took his territory north of the river.


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